Niche Profit Course Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

Business Name: Niche Profit Course
Website Address:
Price: $10
Business Owner: Chris Guthrie’s
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100 points

Niche Profit Course Scam Review – Introduction:

Earning online through niche sites is one of best model and if you do it rightly then you have more chances to earn online than any other business model. Based on this model “Niche Profit Course” was launched by Chris Guthrie’s some years back.

Niche Profit Course is a course that guides you how to earn online by building niche websites and promoting Amazon products using your affiliate links. Chris in members area tell people that he has made over 6 figures income by using Amazon affiliate program and also earn another 6 figure income by selling Amazon niche website.

What is Included in Niche Profit Course?
It is basically a 10 modular course that comprises:

Module 1: Basics

It guides you about the whole affiliate marketing process and what is included in the course. It lays down the whole map of the structure.

Module 2: How to Find a Good Niche

Selecting a right niche is important because it is your starting point and if you start from wrong point then the whole system will collapse.

Module 3: How to Setup an Income Generating Blog

This module is more related to technical aspect of website like how to use wordpress and use it to build a website. If you are beginner then this is great to know the technical aspect of website creation.

You will also get free Azon theme as a bonus and you will learn how to customize this theme.

Module 4: How to Write Content for Your Blog

Content is the king for your site and it is your marketing material that you can use to show visitors what you are offering. You will learn different tips and techniques on how to get content ideas and write this.

Module 5: How to Make Money

Earning money from your site is a dream for everyone. In this module Chris shows different tips that he has learned as an Amazon affiliate for the past several years and gives you the best tactics to maximize your revenue.

Module 6: How to Build Links and Get Traffic

Though this is not much relevant in current period but if you do it naturally then it can work for you. Chris shows you different tips that he has used in the past to leverage his site and also give you advice on how to try your own link building strategies in the future.

Module 7: Live Mini Site Case Studies

Most people work well if they see the actual case study that are successful and apply this strategy in its own way. This is the module where you see this actual case study and gain different successful guidelines. But this site is mini site that is generating only few dollars per month.

Module 8: Live Authority Site Case Studies

Looking some authority site that is generating thousands of dollars can guide you a pot of things and this is the module where you will see this authority site. Chris managed to sell this authority site in a deal worth 6 figures.

Module 9: More Live Website Case Studies

More case studies you will see in this module.

Module 10: Niche Profit Course Wrap Up

Chris Conclude this course in this module and even he provides some more case studies.

Niche Profit Course Pros vs. Cons:


  • Niche Profit Course uses the right model to build business because affiliate marketing is one of the best model you can use to earn money.
  • Training is up to the mark as it break down into different modules that contains all the things you need in order to build niched sites.
  • Price is very reasonable that can afford by everyone.
  • Chris show us the real case studies that you can see to get some useful ideas.
  • Member’s area are very easy to navigate as all the modules are laid on the sidebar.
  • With this product you will also get 2 bonuses.


  • Niche Profit Course also guides about link building which I think is an old strategy. You may risk your business if you are not using this rightly.
  • No support from the owner. I think support is very important if you are a beginner.
  • Training is basic and you may have to find other advanced techniques in order to scale up your business.

Price and Bonuses:

There are two options you can use to purchase this product:

Free – In order to get free you have two options, one buy Hostgator hosting using their affiliate link or buy Bluehost hosting if you have already Hostgator hosting.

Paid – Next option is purchase this product for $10.

Bonuses – There are two bonuses you get e.g. how to outsource your Amazon website’s in order to expand your business and buying high-quality domain names. You will also get WordPress Azon 2.0 theme in your bonus.

Is Niche Profit Course a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short Niche Profit Course is not a scam but a completely legit product that guides you how to build niche websites and earn money from website using Amazon affiliate program.

As this product only cost for $10 so one can invest this in order to see what is inside. If you are looking for some basic information and want to see some real case studies then I think it is your worth investment.

Chris is also a successful online marketer and learning from successful person can help you a lot if you are just a beginner. There may be some things that I don’t like about this product but it is inevitable as all products have certain merits and demerits.

This product is not a complete guide that you require for your online business career and also it lacks community and support that a beginner require.

What’s Next:

If you are looking for a site that is complete package for beginners as well as for professionals then see my #1 recommended business. It has all the training and tools that a beginner require. Moreover with the help of community and owners you cannot feel alone in your way.