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Niche Flipper Review – A New Earning Model

Product Name: Niche Flipper
Website Address:
Product Price: $27 one-time fee
Owners: Rene Gonzalez
Ratings: 80 out of 100

Niche Flipper Scam Review – Introduction:

Rene Gonzalez launched niche Flipper in September 2013. Rene Gonzalez is a successful entrepreneur and he started his online career as an affiliate marketer and with the passage of time he realizes that it is even more profitable to become a vendor. When you have your own product online you can get affiliates selling for you and you don’t have to worry about;

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) costs
  • Advertisers Competition
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), rankings and all that stuff that takes time and other technical skills to implement.

In this course, Rene Gonzalez guides you that there are exactly hundreds even thousands of niches you can find that are free from super vendors. These markets are wide open for you to start making money today. In other niches where you find vendors, many of these niches have poor sales copy and marketing efforts, all you need is to do things slightly better to swipe all their affiliates and dominate the market.

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What is Included in Member’s Area?

Member’s area have different videos and Ebook which covers topic:

  • Selecting a profitable niche
  • Revealing Niche marketing
  • Million dollar outsourcing education
  • Avoiding super vendor niche markets
  • The magic of buying and rehabbing sites
  • Taking over niches for dummies
  • PPC Domination
  • How super vendors are made?
  • Affiliate are your cash flow

Training is usually revolved around the following topics;

1. Research profitable niche in ClickBank in which you have interest. Rene also shows you how to analyze competition, traffic, and market research and seeing what types of queries people are raising about the niche, what problems they have. In the end, you will learn how to compile all of this information to create a product that provides a solution to their problems.

2. How to build a product related to your niche by analyzing your competitors and market that product via a brand new website? You hire someone to create this or an already existing domain you do some rehab work.

3. How to make an excellent sale page and get different affiliates that promote your product? If you have an excellent product and sales page, then affiliates will naturally come to sell it. This will help you to generate autopilot income for years to come.

4. You can sell your running business to Flippa marketplace. It is optional because some people don’t want to sell their working business and some love too.

I have just brushed the surface. You can easily find more detail when you purchased the product.

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Pros vs. Cons:


  • A unique way of earning money model with very low cost to start.
  • Good training videos that cover.
    – How to be a successful affiliate marketer
    – Create a website and then create products to fit on this site
    – How to be a successful vendor
    – How to find affiliates to sell your product
    – Sell your site on Flippa for a lump sum
  • No upsells and hidden charges.
  • The website member’s area is easy to navigate, and there is clear and concise information. Videos have excellent picture quality and voice.


  • This product is not for those who don’t have basic knowledge related to the creation of a website, run a PPC campaign, create digital information products, write ad copy, or outsource work.
  • Many of the information are more advanced for you and you have to do some extra research.
  • To implement fully Rene strategies you will also need a budget. You’ll have to bear the following cost: outsourcing cost, paying for advertising, and may need to buy different affiliate tools.
  • There is no community support. Usually, I don’t rank products without community support so highly, but I felt that Niche Flipper did a good enough job with the actual content that it warranted such a high score. However, the lack of support from peers and mentors is a major downside.

Price & Support:

The niche flipper system cost you $27 one-time.

You can contact the owner through email, and usually, he replied within 24 hours. No community support is available to you.


Niche Flipper is an excellent program with some unusual training methods you will learn and ‘it is far more worth than its cost. But I don’t recommend this for newbies because most of the information will flow over the head.

If you are a newbie, then I recommend you first to start your career in Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the number 1 online training platform where you learn each and everything about how to build a successful business online. Benefits you will get by joining Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • It is best for all type of people whether you are new or professional. So, the barrier that comes in the case of niche flipper is no more.
  • You can join as a free member and check whether it is according to your taste or not. I guarantee you will love this.
  • Success stories are numerous.

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