Next Big Niche Scam Review

Next Big Niche Scam Review

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Price: $47
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Overall Rank: 68 out of 100 points

Next Big Niche Scam Review – Introduction:

Next Big Niche is a new release in 2015. It guides you about niche marketing and how to earn money build niche sites. Next Big Niche consists of 58 plus High Definition videos with 18 plus hours of Training.

There are lot of products available in the market that guide you about the same niche marketing but most of them are useless products. Though Affiliate Marketing model is my favorite model to earn money as a starter and medium internet marketer but I recommend most Wealthy Affiliate because it is a complete package for everyone.

What is Included in Next Big Niche?

Training is divided into different training modules like:

Find Profitable Niches – To find a niche is easy but if it is profitable or not is very difficult. You can use Goode trend to see what people are searching more. This module is related to uncover the secrets of finding profitable niches using Google trends and Adwards.

Big Niche Marketing – A guide that was implemented by owner and that can drive thousands of visitors to your site.

Make a Niche Website – This module guides you how to setup of website and customize theme and add plugins. It requires technical skills but here you will learn easy to learn format about this technical knowledge.

Monetizing Your Website – It means how to earn money from your site. This module guides you about how to find best affiliate marketing platforms and add links to your site.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Layout – This module guides you how to best place ads in order to convert well. This can be determined by click through rate.  Moreover, you will learn here how to apply for Google AdSense program and placed there ads on your site.

Backlinking Techniques – Back links worked well in the past but now most of their techniques are no more fruitful. One thing should remember, promote your site in a natural way. This module guides you about how to create external links to your site. I recommend to avoid such type of techniques because of recent Google algorithm updates.

Using Google Analytics – Monitoring your site is important because it can help you to analyze your data. There are two free tools available Google analytics and Google webmaster tool. These tools can help you to track traffic, website indexing and crawling, errors, ranking etc. In this module you will learn how both these tools can help you to track your progress and analyze your data.

Website Performance – Google rank well those sites that have high speed compared to low ones. You will learn here how to use web performance services to monitor your website speed.

Maintenance & Support – You just cannot let yourself free by just starting a website. Good site needs time regularly similar to any other business. This is the module that guides you how to maintain your site once you have established it.

Next Big Niche Pros vs. Cons:


  • Business model adopted by Next Big Niche is one of best and it is legitimate way to earn money from your site. Moreover, once you start earning from niche site then this can reward you in long term. I like this model because niche sites rank well in Google and within short span of time you can see your results.
  • Area’s that included in the trainings are well detailed and it covers most important topics that you need for your niche site.
  • Fee is reasonable for such type of training and it is also one time for accessing the Next Big Niche.
  • Member’s area is very easy to use form where one can navigate very easily.


  • Biggest issue I have seen with this product is that there are some key areas are not included in trainings. It includes advanced SEO techniques, content marketing, PPC advertising and some other topics that I think is very important to learn.
  • Back links can hurt your site if it is against Google policies and care must be taken to avoid such techniques and focus on your site content rather than links. I also avoid back links because at certain stage, if not now, they may harm your site.

Is Next Big Niche a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Next Big Niche is a new site but the model this site is promoting is very legit and it is great for beginners. Instead of wasting time and money on other models like cyclers, PTC, GPT and revenue sharing, if you are beginner then focus on affiliate or niche marketing.

Next Big Niche is a great site for such type of training as it is very detailed and in very easy to understand format. Price is also very reasonable of $47, though it started with $197, then $97 and now it is $47. At the price of $47 this product has great value but greater than this I don’t recommend this product.

Moreover, if you learn niche or affiliate marketing then there is best option available in the form of Wealthy Affiliate which is far better than this Next Big Niche. It has all the things you need as a beginner and it is even good for advanced and professional workers as I have seen lot of professional internet marketers that have further learnt something new and excel their business. If I compare the both two then the major differences are:

  1. Next Big Niche offers training on selective topics but Wealthy Affiliate has trainings on all the key aspects of affiliate marketing.
  2. Wealthy Affiliate focus more on content creation and avoid back linking techniques but Next Big Niche don’t talk much about on content creation and focus more of link building. In today’s SEO link building is a risky strategy because Google algorithm can hit your site if you make in unnatural way.
  3. There is lot of tools included in Wealthy Affiliate like website builder, keyword research tool, website security tools, hosting etc. but there is no such thing in Next Big Niche.
  4. Wealthy Affiliate support is incomparable with any other product in the market.

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