5 Great New iMessage Features in iOS 11 for iPhone

Apple offers a grand makeover to its messaging app of iOS 10. The company provides a bunch of options which made messaging a lot fun.

Well, that is not very comprehensive, but iOS 11 has been succeeded and made the messaging much inclusive and user-friendly.

It brought a lot of amazing features which will push the messages much closer to be the best messaging app and provides users significant incentives in daily use.

Thus, be sure to update your iOS 11, and check out the following messaging enhancements. 

Brand new screen effects on iMessage

Although, iMessage doesn’t have the bubbling effects for iOS 11, but there are two great additions done in the update for messaging app. For users who don’t know about screen effects of iMessage, there is a lot of know.

They are animated and fun background which add the touching flair for the texts. As you Buy YouTube Subscribers , you can keep your count high by using these effects on your feed too.

Firstly, there is the Echo option which is new. It hits the user with more than one message bubbles that contain the text.

This is the amazing screen effect setting for the times when user need to send out text to the absentminded friends when you need to repeat things again and again.

The Drawer of iMessage App has become More Intuitive

With launch of iOS 10, there existed an in-built messaging app in the app store with the named of iMessages. This gave users an unprecedented ability for accessing the content to enhance their messaging experience.

However, it was a little clunky to go to the app store for viewing the messaging app which is already downloaded in phone.

Now, in iOS 11, there is a re-designed drawer for app which makes it easier and gives you more integrated sense.

As you write A in the search bar of Best Place to Buy YouTube Subscribers, you can see a prompt pop ups for checking out in App store. Before that, the area showed the recent iMessage app only.

Now, you are able to do Apple pau check to contacts

You can make online transactions in iOS 11. It is now very easier to integrate the pau cash with messaging. By this new combination, you can receive and send the pau cash of Apple to and from the contacts you have in your phone.

This works like Venmo and Square Cash. Funds which you receive are deposited on the cash Card in the Wallet app, that is then used anywhere this Pau check is accepted. This can even acceptable for the bank accounts.

Well, this feature has not been finalized yet, the company is presently working for it in iOS 11, thus it won’t take long.

Along with feature, users will be able to get notified by someone and send cash via messages. All these benefits of Apple messaging app are obvious, when compared with the features of a dedicated app, Venmo.

You can chat with the businesses now (upcoming)

At the last day of the WWDC in 2017, which held back in the June, Apple introduced a new platform which was aimed at bringing the individuals as well as business more close while using the features of iOS 11.

Business chat was introduced as the extension of the iMessage which gave businesses an ability of interacting with the customers up to an exceptional level of intimacy.

This feature aims to offer a much seamless ways of communication amid individual customers and businesses, and it is able to handle any kind of the service, from making transactions to answering the questions of customers and tracking of shipment.

Eventually, users will be able to use this feature from the link given in Safari, Siri, Spotlight search and Maps.

Similar to pau cash buy Apple, this feature has not been finalized yet, and may roll out in parallel. Thus, you will also get an opportunity to do payments using pau cash in business chat.

You can synchronization messages with iCloud (upcoming)

In iOS 11, there will be a complete synchronization. This feature will get implemented soon on all devices of Apple you log into.

Getting rid of the sketchy messages on the iPhone, for instance, this feature will delete them automatically from the iPad or other devices.

Users will have additional bonuses for consuming low storage space of iPhone, as this feature will work better for putting all the data to the cloud and will keep the recent messages on device only.

The feature isn’t live yet; however, it will get released in the future updates of iOS 11. As macOS High Sierra got released recently for users as the free upgrade on the devices, it will not take very long now, as users require both iOS 11 and High Sierra for working of these features. 


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