My Unique Divvee Social Review, Is it Another Blatant Scam?

My Unique Divvee Social Review, Is it Another Blatant Scam?

Business Name: Divvee SocialDivvee Social Review
Website Address:
Business Owner: Richard Smith (Foinder), Darren Olayan (CEO)
Product Price: $25
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Divvee Social Scam Review – Introduction:

With many companies having destroyed the reputation of MLM marketing, it is no longer possible to trust another program of such kind just by a quick glance. The continuous scams have instilled in people a sense of awareness and the urgent need to dig deep into every multi-level marketing program that springs up. I believe if this is what we had been doing from the start, we probably could have avoided the worst case scenarios we have had to experience in the past few decades.

So, did you see an advert on divvee or an affiliate referred you to that program or perhaps you even had a friend recommend it to you? And you are most likely wondering the real worth of joining it? That is the probable reason why you landed here.

My unique and very special review will help you realize the real value and benefits of joining this MLM program as well as the downside of it and then leave it to you to draw your own conclusions, although I will be giving my final verdict on it, as always.

So, I would suggest that you pay close attention to the details of this company and look into their way of operation and finally, determine whether it will help you achieve your goals.

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What is Divvee Social?

This company having been brought to life on December 8th, 2015. Originally it was felt that the Company may require people to sell products or services to other people, as there were very few information available at that time. Now it become evident that there is no need to sell anything. All you need is to:

  • Download an app
  • Rank this app from 1 to 5 and
  • Share it on social media networks. That’s it!.

You may be thinking how the Company will generate money. The thing is, people are developing thousands of apps daily and most of them go unnoticed. Those app developers then place their apps on advertising platforms similar to Divvee so that they get to know about public opinion as well as increase their presence via social media. They pay companies good amount of money and companies like Divvee shares some revenue to people like us who write reviews and share it on social media.

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You will get rewarded through the point system which will ultimately be converted into gift cards or money. The more apps you can write a review about, the more revenue you can generate. Moreover, being an MLM opportunity, if you create a team then it can increase your earnings manifold. The company is currently in per-launching stage and expectedly it will be launching soon in January 2017.

Who are Owners?

All the team has vast experience in MLM, network marketing and corporate matters. The attorney, as revealed by a certain marketing video on the company, is Allen Davis. This is the same Allen Davis that has headed quite some organizations as a Vice President and CEO including Unique which has been selling body wraps.

Among other companies that Allen has been mentioned in are ForeverGreen International (as the VP and Chief Operation Officer), Trivani (as the General Counsel and VP of operations), TruVision Health (as the General Counsel) and NewWays (as the Chief Compliance Officer and VP) among others.

Going by all this vast experience in his hands, Davis seems to be a very able man skilled enough to handle an operation like Divvee without any difficulties. Also, with a Utah Address left on the site, it is clearly evident that this program is currently based in the United States.

Divvee Social Scam

How Does Divvee Social Work?

It works with two strategies. First, it resells cell phone data plans for major service providing companies like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T. The offers it is saying it’s going to bring in the market are very amazing. Secondly, it has a multi-level marketing program that it gets and will be getting some extra money and customers from.

This program is meant to bring in more customers and affiliates on board to widen their scope of work and to add some extra income as well for the company and the members.

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Members are given great resources to help boost their marketing campaigns and increase conversions. Some of the resources provided are mobile applications, web platform and marketing materials that work well on any device and create a good visual impression as well.

Who Divvee is For?

This program is for everyone who buys products online and anyone else who is wishing to make money through referring people to the company as a buyer or a worker; that is am an affiliate. So, the idea is that Divvee social is the place for affiliate marketers and customers.

What is Included in the Product?

This program has some very deep engineering and resources at the disposal of the members. It is solely intended to make life easy for anyone who shops online, who wants to make commissions from doing so and sharing his experience with others as well as inviting them in to do the same. Here is what is included in this product:

• Mobile Application – This is an app that is designed for every smartphone, both Android, and the iPhone. It is very easy to work with as its layout and navigation are quite intuitive. It also highlights the main features you need to understand, and transacting with it is the same speed and efficiency as the web itself. The app also doesn’t take up 2016-05-18_16-05-54much of your cell phone’s memory for it is designed in a relatively simple way.

• Marketing Materials – If you want to become an affiliate, there are a variety of resources that you can leverage to make more conversions and boost your sales. From detailed walkthroughs, specialized social channels plugins to help you share with your friends with just a click of a button and Facebook tools that have been fully integrated to make your marketing experience even more better.

• Divvee Software – This is the software that will be helping customers buy products and get huge discounts, affiliates to refer people and get paid commissions and the owners as well to serve all of their clients in the best way possible. Darren, one of the stakeholders, claims that the software was invested into by NetSuite and DriectScale a sum of $45 million to make the software work brilliant.

Compensation Plan:

The company has laid out its compensation plan on how it will be paying the members after certain transactions. And this involves the commissions that will be paid to affiliates for referring customers to Divvee e-commerce platform to purchase the products there and for referring affiliates to their affiliate program. For even more insight, let’s take a peek at the specific method of operation that the compensation plan is working with:

NOTE: Before you start receiving your payments you will need to have referred at least five people who are either customers or affiliates into the platform for you to qualify for the compensation plan.


1. Customer Acquisition Plan

This plan will be paying affiliates $1 for every referral made either of an affiliate or a customer. And the payouts will only be given out if the customer or the affiliate, depending on whom you have referred to the site, continues to pay their monthly membership fees. If they default, your payments may be delayed or canceled, to the extreme.

2. Matrix Compensation Plan

This involves a 3-factor structure that has the top affiliate benefiting the most. It starts with three affiliates at the top of the matrix. If each affiliate refers three people into the program, they add up to 9 people at the second level and then if each of the 9 refers three other affiliates in the platform, they rise to 27 in the third level. And the referral process continues until it forms a large pyramid scheme that will expand the scope thus increasing the amount of income generally.

The payment budget working here is $4. For every direct referral, you earn $1 and for indirect referrals, that is by having someone you referred getting another referral, you earn $.10 if you have reached the minimum threshold of earning commissions.

The problem with this plan is that if you refer people less than what is expected of you, you don’t get any commissions even if someone you had referred has reached the threshold and has started earning money.

3. Product Commission

The concept of payments is the same as the affiliate commission. If a product is bought by one of the affiliates, there is a given percentage commission that is gotten from the purchase. The commission gotten is divided throughout the pyramid in the column of referrals that you have made.

Let’s an example for better understanding.

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If you have referred a person and that person has referred another person, you form 3 distinct levels in the chain. You are on the first level, the person you referred is on the 2nd level and the other one on the 3rd. Now if everyone from all levels refer other five people, and one of the referred people purchases a product, there is a certain percent commission that will be gained from that. And that commission will be shared out to all of the people in your chain.

But you need to note that if you don’t have made the expected number of referrals by the time the purchase is made, you won’t be paid. You will be skipped, and the next person will be considered until you hit the threshold.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You get commissions easily without having to work directly for it. If you have made five referrals, you can expect to earn money for a good deal of time to come without much work because the referrals you made will do most of the work.

• The idea of dividing the commissions paid favors everyone in the chain meaning you can expect wonderful surprises at any time as everyone’s effort will reward everyone.

• The Price of people purchasing Divvee Social platform($25) and the monthly payments ($9.95) as well are fair. You don’t have to make huge initial investments to participate in the program. This price can be easily afforded by anyone from any walk of life.

• Their strategy targets to benefit the members as a whole community.

The Cons

• If one affiliate works harder than the rest, the effort won’t the noticed and properly rewarded. This is very disappointing and can make many people reluctant to work hard knowing that their rewards will get to the bank and PayPal accounts of everyone in his chain.

• Their method of operation is very complex to get at the first hearing. You will need to learn it and memorize the principles right to work well. And the more the chain grows, the more complex it gets. The rates of payment for each referral and each sale made vary in the chain which means you will always be required to have prior knowledge of where you are in the chain so that you don’t get confused when payments are made.

• The fact that you won’t be paid if you haven’t gotten to the minimum amount of referrals needed to be qualified for the affiliate payments is somewhat unfair. It means that the heart of this whole program is the affiliates and referrals. If you don’t work hard on that, there is nothing you are going to get.

• It is very hard to get many referrals as there are quite some catches in the platform. From the price which compensates the discount, you are given to the complex working environment not to mention that people will share your hard earned profits. No one is willing to join a program that does all this, that fast.

• Paying a monthly fee for using Divvee’s services and still buying the products isn’t economical. Even if they say that the products are at a 40% discount, the whole discount is sucked by the membership fees, and this means that it is no different to buying products from Amazon, in fact, Amazon is way easier.

• You only get to earn if the affiliates pay their monthly fees. This means that if they don’t or decided to leave, you will be in for a rude surprise when you see what your next paycheck will be like.

• There is no free trial to give a taste of what’s happening in there. When you join, you have to pay the $25 there and then before you get access to any of their provisions. It is clear that whether you get satisfied or not, the required price has already been paid.

• It’s hard to earn a full-time income with this job. If you are going to be paid $1 for every referral, it means you have to get 100 direct referrals to be able to be making $100 a month. And remember that the fruits of your effort will be shared with those that aren’t that serious and active as you probably would be.

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Final Verdict:

From what we have seen, is it fair if we gave Divvee the title “divvee.Social scam?” Or should we call it legit and good to work with?

Well, since the MLM platform is just starting out, it should be given the benefit of the doubt. And considering what they promise to offer and how much they are claiming to invest into the program, it’s an average MLM company (might be better than others). Although, this should be done with the mindset of a person looking for pocket money, not a 4 to 5 figure income. To make anything close to a 3 figure income will need a year worth of constant struggle or even more.

Name: Divvee Social
Overall ranking: Legit
Owner: Richard Smith (Foinder), Darren Olayan (CEO)
Price: $25

How do you see this product? Will it help you achieve anything? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Leave them below to get the discussion going.

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