My Traffic Value Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

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Business Name: My Traffic ValueMy Traffic Value Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: Depends on Investment Plan (See Below)
Business Owner: Joel William Cook
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

My Traffic Value Scam Review – Introduction:

My traffic Value was launched by Joel William Cook back in 2011. Joel is also the founder of another famous site Paidverts. After sometimes Joe sold this site to Marc De Koning and Carlos Garcia. It has over 1.5 million users and has shared more than $14 million to investors.

My Traffic Value is based on crowd funding system. MTV gathers investment from people and adds products, games, services and websites to its portfolio. These products are then developed and implemented in the website and deliver it to customers. Then 100% revenue is shared between the investors who are in the queue. Once investor receives its return then it gets removed from the queue.

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How to Earn Money from My Traffic Value?

There are different investment plans offered by MTV;

170.2 % Power Plan

It can be accessible to every member and starts at $ 1. Once you invested then you can only invest further after 24 2015-11-29_21-35-11Hours. This plan offers return on investment of 170.2%, which means for every $1 you invest in you would get $1.702. You will be paid entire amount after it reaches its maturity level.

Your investment will be applied as follows:

  • $0.74 = Building of new portfolio products.
  • $0.01 = Referral commission.
  • $0.25 = Royalty position holders.

200% & 240% Fast Track

It can be accessible to premium members only and it requires a minimum investment of $1. It cost you $1000 fee to 2015-11-29_21-37-23access the 200% Plan and $500,000 to access the 240% Plan. Each $1 you invest will return you $2 or $2.40. It also rewards your entire amount after it reaches its desired level.

Your investment will be applied as follows:

  • $0.74 = Building of new portfolio products.
  • $0.01 = Referral commission.
  • $0.25 = Royalty position holders.

Royalty Positions

There are 500,000,000 Royalty Positions are currently in circulation that constitute 100% of the profitability of this business. You can simply consider royalty position as share. By purchasing those positions, you can become a shareholder of the company. Shareholders are owners of the company and represent interest based on the ownership units they acquire.

Each royalty position earns $0.0000000005 per dollar invested into company main investment plans. You see above that $1 invested into the plan will be split in $0.25 royalty position and each shareholder will get $0.0000000005 of their share.

You can purchase those royalty positions from the company marketplace. If they are currently unavailable, or you think the sale price is too high then you can place your own bid stating you demand and price. MTV will then hold your funds in an escrow account until a seller accepts your bid, or you cancel it.

Well, I think now you have clearly understand this process but to move there where I was initially. By holding those shares, you will earn the dividend for each dollar invested and also you can utilize MTV marketplace to sell those shares for a higher value than you buy and earn a capital gain.


Things I Like about My Traffic Value:

Maintaining Portfolios

It is good to see that My Traffic Value invest funds in different projects and it is great to diversify your investment because if one project gets close you may lose all your investment. Most of the people have heard that don’t put all eggs in one basket. This is true and one should maintain portfolios of investments so that you are safe.

Moreover, MTV invests only in those projects that offer at least 3.6x return on investment. This is a good return and if actual results are equal or near to this then you would not lose your investment.

Earning Potential

This site has been around from years and growing fast. People are earning money with this system. Though the return may not be quick but nevertheless something for investors. If we look at other similar sites then most of them have been closed but MTV is going strong due to a regular inflow of new members.

There are multiple earning opportunities offered by this system and you can choose as per your likings. I prefer to go for shares because it gives long term divided and you can also exploit from marketing gain.

Things I Don’t Like about My Traffic Value:

Ponzi Nature

Well, hearing a lot about investment portfolios and getting regular information from admin may minimize this aspect but I tend to suspect that how to believe that whether such assets in reality exists. This is hard to believe and there is a risk that site is using old Ponzi model and shuffling its investment from one member to others.

There is definitely a risk involved with this site and especially need to be very careful for high earning plans as I have mentioned above because of their hefty fee. I think this fee is self-explanatory for people to not to take such a risk.

Requires Heavy Investment

Despite all earning opportunities, I still believe that in order to earn some good money you need a large investment. Earning $50 and like amounts may not be helpful to achieve your dreams and investing such a large sum like $500 or more would never be advisable for such site.

The dividend may return you good but only when and when you have a good number of shares and it is also a hefty investment.

Is My Traffic Value a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, My Traffic Value is an ok product but I do suggest that there is definitely risk involved if you investing a large sum of money. Always invest that amount which you can afford to lose. But the truth is such investment would not help you to leave 9 to 5 job and fulfill your and your family dreams.

Though this site is going well and I have checked all its stats including Alexa rank that all supports this site, but I am little skeptical about Ponzi nature.

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