My Traffic Shares Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

My MyTrafficShares Review is as follows;

Business Name: MyTrafficShares
Website Address:
Price: $24
Business Owner: Not Available
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

MyTrafficShares Scam Review – Introduction:

My Traffic Shares is an advertising and marketing platform where members can purchase advertising packages known as Ad coupons and join their revenue sharing platform.  In order to earn daily reward member will have to view 8 of advertiser’s ads daily.

To simplify this, you can purchase advertising credits through ad coupons that you can use for your site promotion and participate their revenue sharing platform. You can just earn money by investing in this site and surfing daily ads which are very easy but very risky. Please read my full review in order to know this system fully and its risk and rewards.

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How to Earn Money from My Traffic Shares?

Daily Revenue Share – In order to earn money members need to purchase advertising packages which are called “Ad Coupons”. Each ad coupon costs $12 and it provides 100 guaranteed visitors and 12,000 banner ad credits. As a member, you can purchase minimum 2 ad coupons and maximum limit is 1000 ad coupons.

You can join as a free member and earn money through purchasing their advertising packages. View daily 8 ads and you will be remunerated up to 8% daily for each ad pack. Total return on investment is 120% which means each $12 will return you $14.40.

Referral Income – In order to boost your earning in My Traffic Value you can make unlimited direct referrals that can pay you around 8% on the first level and 4% on the second level for every ad coupon purchased by them.

Advertising Packages

Traffic Exchange Credit – Purchases provides you the opportunity to buy more traffic exchange visitors without having to surf. All you need to do is select the number of visitors you want, make the payment and receive visitor’s credits to promote your sites legally.

My Traffic Shares – Apart from above, there are other banner advertising packages that you can use to promote a brand through one of these methods: cost per impression (Pay only when visitor sees your ad), CPC (cost per click) advertising (Only pay when visitor clicks on the ad and visits the advertiser’s website).

Things I Like about My Traffic Shares

Some Earning Potential

You can make some money as a member and you don’t need any technical skills. It all depends on the system life time because longer the system sustains, more money you can generate.

Moreover, you can boost your earning by getting more referrals. My Traffic Shares offers unlimited referral program for its members and 12% referral commission that goes 2 level deep. My Traffic Shares pay 8% 1st level referral commission and 4% indirect referral commission on all purchases of Ad Coupons by your referrals.

Things I Don’t Like about My Traffic Shares

Sustainability Issue

My traffic Shares is a new site and it is very similar to other revenue sharing sites that I have recently reviewed. They totally depend on the joining of new members and what those new people invest, admin distributes to the old members. If at some point inflows start to decline then such sites start to decline and it is better to withdraw your investment.

Generally such sites last for about 6 to 12 months and even less than this. Very few sites able to last for more than 12 months. Investing in such type of site is very risky because it can close anytime.

Useless Product

Though advertising is the lifeblood for an organization but this product is not up to the mark. The reason here is that most people join such site due to its earning potential and not because of this advertising platform. Advertising here will be accessible to other members of My Traffic Shares and it is very difficult to convert your product or link into sale or prospect.

Due to this, why not use other better platforms out there for advertising purposes in order to get good return on investment.

Huge Investment

In order to earn good money, you need to invest heavily and if you are lucky then you can return your investment and afterword’s profit. Suppose you invest $1000 then your daily earnings will be $80 and you will earn $200 after 15 days. Investing such a high sum in such a site is very risky and it can turn into scam anytime.

Is My Traffic Shares a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In my opinion, there should be a balance between risk and rewards and the benefits should outweigh the risk. In order to earn more money, this requires heavy investment and you’re risking losing more money than you can make. You need to reinvest your earnings regularly in order to earn and your earning level is totally dependent on reinvestment ratio. Once you are trapped in reinvestment and greed on higher return then you can lost your investment very easily.

If you are still looking for this opportunity, which is never recommended, then remember don’t put all eggs in one basket and diversify your investments in the form of diversified portfolios.

What Next?

I have been earning money through another business model known as affiliate marketing. This model requires hard work and it is very similar to your genuine business. If you want to learn A to Z about this online business then see my #1 recommended online platform.

I hope you like my “My Traffic Sharesreview and if you have any questions then do ask in the comment section as I am very happy to help you out.

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