My Top 10 Ptc Review – Legit or Scam?

PTC stands for pay to click. These are the sites that are running for two decades. This industry is notorious for scams. Nearly 99% are operating under this industry usually don’t run for more than 3 months.

But I have also seen some sites operating for more than ten years, and they are going strong even today. Neobux, Clixsense and GPT Planet are the most legit ones.

With time, few sites have introduced new concepts in this industry with the names of JSS Tripler and Paidverts.

People who are working in this industry know that tn order to get success you must recruit direct referrals. Once you have thousands of referrals this is where you can start making some decent income from these PTC sites. Making such referrals are not an easy task, especially for the beginners.

Today I’m reviewing a new platform designed for people who wanted to promote their legit PTC sites and wanted to get referrals. The name of this site is  mytop10ptc.

Even if you are working on a PTC site and want to promote your referral link in front of a broad audience, you can use My Top 10 Ptc site.

The domain was registered on Mach 2020. Currently, it has over 700 members.

What Is Included In The Member’s Area?

There are two types of services that are offered by mytop10ptc.

1. First Service: 

In this service, you can create a free landing page to promote affiliate links of PTC sites, bitcoin, and other related websites to earn money.

There are two types of options under this category, i.e., free and premium.

  • Free – Under the free option, your page will have ads, and at a maximum, you can display six banner ads.
  • Premium – In this category, your created page is a hosted page that is without ads. You can add unlimited banners on that page.

2. Second Service: 

This service is for people who wanted to take benefit of cheap banner advertising. These banners are promoted on their home page with an equal chance of exposure for each banner.

You will get 30,000 views for $2, 90,000 views for $5 and 200,000 for $10. This is great exposure for your business, and let’s supposes if you only get 1% conversion, then your benefit will far outweigh the cost.

How Does This System Work?

Your first step is creating your account with the site. This is free, and you can be part of this site by just providing your email id. 

After that, you can create a landing page for free. On that landing page, you can add your banners by adding your affiliate links. 

This is a centralized place to manage your affiliate links. You can promote that page by taking that link and use different platforms for promotions.

Please remember that only legit sites will be added to your page, and it will be approved manually (if there is no name already existed in the panel) by the admin .

You can make your page beautiful to make it more attractive and even add multiple languages as well. 

Final Verdict:

All in all, it is a legit site, and you can test this by promoting your PTC site or your referral link. These are very cheap pricing options and really targeted for the PTC industry.

The site is currently new, but it looks promising. The intent of adding only legit sites in the admin area means that you can trust these guys. Also, they are using PayPal as a payment processor for this site, which makes this system more trusted for people.