My Thanda Travel Review, Is it the Usual MLM Scam?

Welcome to my review:Thanda Travel Review

Business Name: Thanda Travel
Website Address:
Business Owner: Daniella Le Roux and Sankie Buekes
Price: $34.95 a month
Overall ranking: 09 out of 100
Business Type: MLM

Thanda Travel Scam Review – Introduction:

It’s official! MLM programs are not the best to work with if you look forward to earning a good pay online legitimately. With the scammers taking the safest and most complex route to get people to dish out their money to them, MLM marketing has recently proven to be the best fit for scam artists.

Almost all scams are building up pyramid schemes that sound so wonderful and easy to earn with but behind them lies lots of catches that one couldn’t even imagine. But if you take time and think about it, you are going to see that, although scams use these schemes to rip people off, some programs truly work and pay their members.

And could Thanda Travel possibly be one of them? Does it really deliver what it promises to people before joining? There is the only way to know the truth, going deep into its engineering and doing a background check of the owners.

And this amazingly accurate review is dedicated to helping you realize the real truth about this program that was made just recently. So, you will want to have your reasoning cap on to evaluate the truth and determine how worth it’s going to be to make an investment in Thanda Travel. So here is what you should know about the MLM program, whether it’s just a scam or truly legit.

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What is Thanda Travel?

This is a website that is built upon the multi-level marketing strategy that is aimed at helping travelers get good deals, huge discounts and make money from their travels. The company claims that it will be giving the members great offers that will help them have a great experience at their destination and make money as well through referring people into the system.

All this is thanks to the founders of the program, Daniella Le Roux, and Sankie Buekes. These names seem quite familiar in the industry going by the previous systems that they have built.

Daniella Le RouxSankie Buekes

The same people were the founders of United Kingdom of Africa, which had claimed to have purchased the Nelson Mandela coins from South Africa that were worth a fortune. The system said that 5 and 10 South African Rand coins were very hard to find, and their conversions in the USD market was favorably high.

People were to buy the coins each at $300 and then wait for a week to sell them twice the price they bought them. The truth is, this was not what was happening. It was a scheme that robbed many members who had put their solid trust in it. After a few complications, delays, cheats and lies and finally disappearance, this has never been heard of again, in the sense of making genuine money.

How Does Thanda Travel Work?

This program is meant to help people who travel to get low rates for their travels and still supplement their income through having them refer other people who travel like them into the game. More of that, they do give out amazing deals, as they put it, on things like car hire, boat trips, hotels and flights.

This means that if you want to enjoy as much as someone who flies first class and still add more income to your purse or wallet, this is the best way to go.

But from experience, there are all the reasons in the world to doubt this program. If they cheated about the South African Rand, there must be a trap somewhere. And here it is, the stuff about the “amazing” deals on tours, trips and car hire doesn’t actually exist.

They know that they don’t have the capability and capacity to do that, but they present themselves as influential people who have lots of connections only as a way to gain trust from their members.

Who is Thanda Travel For?

With the impression they are creating for us, the system is for people who like traveling, affiliate marketers, merchants and those who regularly hire boats and cars in their tours. But the truth of the matter is that they want many people who want to make money to join.

The people who are thirsty for earning quick money and from the internet also can be reeled into it. This is so because they just want to people to join and start paying up the monthly fees for they know that the money adds up to something great every month.

What is Included in the Product?

The company provides a provision that can also help marketers and producers make money. And what Sankie and her friend have included in the product are:

• Online Store – They say that they will help people who are looking to sell their products online do it easily. What one is required to do it to benefit from this, is just to pay a once off payment of $70 and then upload the products to start the job.

If there people who own things related to tours and travel like flights, hotels, guesthouses, shows, car rentals, travel packages, cruises, sports tours and outings, restaurants, leisure, and camping gear, holiday clothing and products, they can be one of the company’s service providers and get a salary too.

• Vouchers – The company also says that it will be giving out vouchers every week to their members to enjoy different offers from them. This is to portray the act of kindness while it’s, in fact, a method to reel people into their system.

• An affiliate program / brokers /agents – It is allegedly said that people can market the company’s products and get a good commission from it. You can help them sell their car hire, boat trips and hotel services among other services and get paid for it. Although, you should note that the profit that will be realized from the sales will be shared out communally. So be aware of what this really means.

Compensation Plan:

As it is with all multi-level marketing companies, there must be a compensation plan for the members to give directions as to how the earnings, commissions, and profits will be paid to be out to all the members of the pyramid scheme.

The main idea of this is chain payment, where depending on the level you are at, the payout will vary. Let’s catch a clear glimpse of it:


They will be giving 30% of the profits gotten by the company to the members. What you need to know is that they won’t be paying everyone the same amount. They will take the 30% profit and divide accordingly going by the kind of referral you made and the level you are in.

Residual Income

This is 2x matrix system slightly different from, that is created for everybody to receive spill over. It does not mean that they guarantee that you will receive spillover. The best way for you to make sure that you will receive income is referring new people.

Matching Bonuses on Travel Memberships Fees

Every new member that you bring in, increase your pay check through their matching bonuses system. Every month you will earn on your sponsored member a percentage from their matrix income.


Once-off Income on Sales on our travel Products

Every product you sell or book yourself, you will receive a commission. When you reserve a flight or a hotel, you will earn a commission on it.


Once-off Bonuses on New Merchants

Earn instant income by signing up any person to the company that is in the travel industry. Make once off commissions on each successful sign-ups.



Commission will be given on all successful and completed bookings on your individually signed-up merchants.

A 1% commission will be rewarded to you as soon as they have received the relevant commission payment from the merchant (which can take up to three months).

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The layout and design of the website are appealing to the visitors. The theme they used is the best match for the kind of services they are selling, so to speak. If the level of professionalism were just the same as their way of doing things, it would be just great.

The Cons

• The fact that the two owners were involved in fraudulent activities in the recent past, it is very hard to believe that they have turned the tide and have positive intentions with this new program.

• The website has lots of errors in their writing. The theme and the layout are great but they misspell some words and omit others. This is not how professionals do their work if they intend to make conversions and sales shortly.

• They don’t reveal exactly how you will be making the money from promoting their products. They just highlight that they pay people to do it but they don’t give the provision for it. It’s just put there for show.

• This Program is for travelers, not for all people. And as we all know, it is very hard to get travelers to join such a program when all they want is to tour the world. When will the get the time to refer members to Thanda?

• Paying for the membership and still paying for the travel, although at a lower cost, is just unrealistic. The discount given for the travel is taken up by the monthly membership fees, so one doesn’t really feel the effect of being getting the discount.

• The fact that the owners have been previously involved in scamming people through United Kingdom of Africa with the “magic” coins, it is going to be very hard for people to trust that this program doesn’t have a catch too.

• It will be very difficult for potential merchants to use Thanda knowing that ten%of their profits are taken by the company, and they still have to pay the membership fees. On the same breath, a once off payment of $70 is needed to set up the business, keeping in mind that they don’t say that they will help you do it.

• Mixing up business with pleasure can’t really work. It is very hard to get people to believe that they will make any significant amount of money while traveling now and then. If it’s traveling, it is a complete holiday to relax and forget about work, and when it’s work, it’s work.

Final Verdict:

Are Thanda Travel scam signs noticeable? Is it right to declare it a scam or legit?

Well, considering the fateful experience of their past opportunity, their fake promises and half-baked information on how to go about receiving certain services, I can officially declare this program nothing but a scam! A total waste of time and effort.

People who want a serious opportunity to make extra income or even full-time income online should not even consider this program able to help him, or she achieve that. You should go and look elsewhere.

Final Verdict – Scam!
Name: Thanda Travel
Overall ranking: 09 out of 100
Owner: Daniella Le Roux and Sankie Buekes
Price: $34.95 a month
Recommendation: Avoid at all costs!

If you have had any encounter with any of the two scam artists’ products, we would love it if you shared your experience with us. Leave your experience or thoughts below and it will be of great help to the other readers.

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