My Personal Webcopycat Review – Legit or Another Blatant Scam?

If you want to know the deep truth about the now popular affiliate marketing system, Webcopycat by Devon Brown, then you gotta read this. I’ve delved into the program and gotten to understand the real gist of it and how things actually work as opposed to what many may perceive. I have even gone to the extent of dishing out my own money to get to the bottom of it.

So rest assured that this unique webcopycat review will sound more like a testimonial from an insider than anything else.

I have dug deep into it and have done ‘behind the curtains ‘ research to know what it actually is, and the truth is, I’ve gotten to know more than what you’d imagine. So, pay keen attention if you want to get to understand the program’s ideal opportunity and see if it’s the best fit for you. I’d suggest you read the whole article, and then get my final verdict to help you through your decision making phase for better results.

So let’s dive into the program…

Business Name: WebcopycatWebcopycat review
Website Address:
Owner: Devon Brown
Price: $1 for 10days trial, then $34.95 a month
Rankings: 78 out of 100

Recommendation: Pretty amazing but still very limited

Webcopycat Review – Introduction:

Nowadays, making money online has been the wish of everyone since people started realizing that other people actually make online. And with the benefits that this fun filled job comes with, who wouldn’t? But let’s face it. Most people who claim to make money online don’t make as much as they actually bring it across lots of people. Most of them will bring in some gimmicks to manipulate many folks out there into thinking that the guy doing this online thing must really be a guru!

So what what will follow is a huge crowd following the guy to get the “online money making magic potion” to help them generate more revenue. The true fact is, scams, lots of them, are out there throwing their baited hooks every single day. They’ll set up what would seem as a real opportunity to get people to the hook and then lift them up and cook them! So you are going want to be open minded with any program you choose to be your perfect take as it may turn out to become your perfect chase.

From the vast experience I’ve gathered online I’ve come to note one thing, there are lots of ways, thousands of them, you could make money online but the best for anyone at any level to start with is affiliate marketing. And this path too has become populated with many scams in the form of trainers and personal coaches through the learning period. They will promise you quick success, easy strategies and show you how easy making money can be. But woe unto you who fall into their trap! This is the place you’ve got to be picky, and much more considerate of your final choice.

And with that said, should you be extra considerate with Devon Brown’s Webcopycat? Should you classify it among the scams or the legit? There’s only way to know that, the review.

So without any further delays, here we go…

What is Webcopycat?

This is an affiliate marketing program made to help people who have got the knack for online stuff find their way through a favorably good and consistent commission. Here, most of the business building burden is lifted off your shoulder and all what you need to act on is a few basics and fairly easy tasks to contribute to the success of the business. The technical aspects of building and ranking an affiliate website is done for you together with creating the sales funnels, opt-in pages and building the mailing list.

The main man behind the affiliate system is Devon Brown! Apparently, Devon has had quite an experience in the online world and have mastered the full art of successfully building a business from scratch to a consistent income. Based on the research I did, there are no specific brands that Devon is acquainted with or has worked on the past that are well known. But one thing is for sure, this guy knows what he is doing! I’ve looked through the program and what he is doing for the members is pretty much what should happen to start making money.

How Does it Work?

In order to benefit from it, you will have to join and become a member. And to make sure you are in full comfort as you join, they give you an opportunity to test drive the program for a little fee of $1 for a whole 10 days, after which you are going to be charged $34.95 afterwards for the paid membership. What really happens during the ‘test drive’? So there’s a couple of niches you can pick and work with. And for this, if you want help, you will get someone to help you build the business, write the content for you and then optimize all the pages as well as set an automated email response for your subscribers.

If you’ve been around for quite a while on the web, especially in the make money online niche, then you must have heard of a common phrase, “The money is in the list!” The idea is that getting subscribers for your business who get regular updates on their mails about your business development is easier to make conversions as the target audience is already there with you. And Devon has volunteered to direct some of the traffic he gets to your business and help you make subscribers out of them as well. Also, his policy is that for every sales your business makes, you are paid 50% of the commissions instantly to your PayPal account, which is a real big deal. This is good money.

Who is it For?

This program is best suited for online rookies, intermediate affiliate marketers and all affiliates. If you have had no experience with making websites, writing content, doing marketing campaigns for your business, then this is the best solution for you. I say this because you are going to get almost the hard work done, building a niche site, getting the business ready, ranking it, getting traffic and then making subscribers out of the traffic and much more tough work that will require a nerve of steel to get through.

So pretty much all what you are afraid is of is covered for you here.

Also, other affiliates will benefit from this as they will be paid to work for the company by helping to recruit new members at a good pay of $20 after a trial version has been checked out and the aspirant has joined the paid version.

What is Included in the Product?

So let’s take a quick peek at what the program drags along with it to the members. Basically it is an affiliate marketing training and development program, so most of what would be included is to help with enhancing the affiliate marketing experience. And to cover that, here is what is entailed in the Webcopycat program:

• Video Walkthroughs – There are lots of videos showing how well to approach the affiliate marketing niche and make a good deal of money. Devon had dedicated his time and great effort into the videos to make sure that any willing affiliate marketing aspirant gets it right. All these videos cover basic but profound aspects to help you keep your business on the right track.

• Quick Traffic – Getting the right traffic coming to your website is perhaps the hardest task you can ever perform especially if you don’t know anything about traffic. And Devon helps you with that by getting traffic from his very own works and directing it to you through solo ads. This is a good tactic to get your business ranked fast by various popular search engines.

• Subscribers’ Mailing List – You also get to have Devon help you build a mailing list of subscribers who are interested in the products your business sells. Also, if you decide to leave the program you still get to keep your list as the program has no power over your subscribers. Doing this shows a lot of honesty and integrity in this product.

• Training – If you are interested in learning the technical aspects of building your business, there is a provision that takes you through the entire process but at an extra fee. So you will not have to depend on the program your entire life to build the foundation of your future business projects.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The program is not at all overpriced. Devon has valued his product at its real worth and found the perfect deal for everyone. This value of it is great and the price is easily affordable for people from all walks of life.

• I do like the honesty portrayed by Devon in his homepage, he says upfront that the program is not for people who want to sell their products by making their businesses with Webcopycat. Neither is it for an extremely experienced marketers who want to make more investments except for that marketer who wants to be paid to get recruites.

• The video presentations offer a lot of insight into approaching various areas of affiliate marketing wisely. The techniques are super amazing and their results too are outstanding.

• He gets quality traffic that can be easily converted to bring quick commissions. Tier 1 traffic is hard to find but easy to have it convert, and Devon gives this kind of quality traffic to his program’s members in order to make their success an easy task.

• Their support system is great. When one joins, a representative calls the new member to understand his desires and expectations well so that they can deliver the best match of services for that.

• Their trial version is only $1 for a whole week and three extra days. I mean, I have seen low and poorly designed programs ask for more than that with very little value to offer. To me this price is fair and reasonable.

The Con’s

• The program is only limited to newbie marketers. Advanced marketers can’t learn much from it. There are lots of things that the program could have included to help the expert marketers improve their skills but didn’t. So I feel the program is very limited and not exploiting its fullest potential.

• The program works with fairly good strategies but there are strategies it has left out that could be leveraged and bring in even more sales and conversions like PPC (Pay per Click), social media marketing and other free traffic giving methods. This is yet another limitation.

Final Verdict:

Now looking closely at the program and examining the value in terms of the training and services offered for the newbies, there is more to praise the program of. But still throwing eyes on the great limitations of Webcopycat, you’ll also see there is more to loose. So which is it? Should be it crowned as the “Webcopycat Scam” or the “Webcopycat best deal!” I wouldn’t chose either of those.

Ideally, this program is good to work with only if your aspirations are not filled with the desire to get the most of the online businesses. If you want an extra way to earn some little income to supplement your monthly income, then this is the best for you. But if you want a long term business that will give a full time income, you will want to choose another program. (And I will show you where to find that a few minutes from now)

Final verdict – LEGIT but limited!

Name: Webcopycat
Owner: Devon Brown
Price: $1 for 10days trial, then $34.95 a month
Rankings: 78 out of 100

Recommendation: Pretty amazing but still very limited

Have you had an experience with this program? What’s it like to work with Devon? Share your opinion with us. Leave your comments below and the thorough you are with the personal review, the better.

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