My Nova Coinage Scam Review – Does it Really Work?

My Nova Coinage Scam Review – Does it Really Work?

Here is my unique review of Nova Coinage based on the extensive research I’ve done on it. If you want to know whether it’s worth your time and effort or not, if it’s legit or another blatant scam, then you are in the right place. I melt things down for you for your clear understanding. So without further ado, let’s get rolling!

Business Name: Nova CoinageNova Coinage Review
Website Address:
Business Owner: Mysterious
Price: Free + endless upsells down the road
Overall ranking: 18 out of 100

Nova Coinage Scam Review – Introduction:

Bitcoins, the new scam norm, has started becoming popular in these times. You’ll find at least two people out of seven on the web openly promoting cryptocurrency systems. You’ll get emails from your friends and other marketers hitting your mail every other day trying to reel you in this industry. So, looking at it honestly, is it possible to earn with bitcoins? Are they even real? And is there anyone who has proof that Nova Coinage pays for the bitcoins?

Well, with so much to wonder about bitcoins, it is very hard to tell whether they actually work. Personally, I’ve never heard of someone who has made stable income with them. One thing I do know about Bitcoins is that they can pay well, but they still can be the cause of your misery depending on the current market situation when you are trading with them.

So you will want to be careful about how you handle this industry. Even if the cryptocurrency company you are working is legit, there are still a lot of huge risks lying in wait for you.

And talking of legit, is Nova Coinage legit? Does it pay to work there? Do their systems work? Well after having many people ask for truth about this program, I was compelled to dig in and collect some information on it and help people know whether it’s okay to go on with the investments. And here is what I found out.

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What is Nova Coinage?

This is a website that promises to pay people for their trade with bitcoins. Bitcoins are basically digital currencies used in transferring funds and regulating the frequency generation of currency units among other functions. A few companies have been ran along these lines and nothing much has come of it.

And Nova Coinage should get the same measure of skepticism that the others have gotten since it’s way of doing things are pretty much the same as the others including those who have turned out to be mere scams.

To start with, this website’s owner is not mentioned. They leave the people in the dark. And this is not a good sign as it shows that the owner is not proud of his creation. Nova Coinage website was built earlier in January this year, to be precise 27th January 2016.

And according to the content on their website, it is located somewhere in Michigan, in the United States. They claim to have started back in 2015 as an open joint stock company but in the first few weeks of this year, they decided to venture into the stock market and crypto-currency.

Who is Nova Coinage For?

Going by the strategies they are supposed to be working with; it is for everyone out there who wants to make wonderful Returns On Investments (ROI). But come to think of it, this site can only favor affiliate marketers and multi-level marketers only. This is because the company needs affiliates to market the company and bring more people on board to work. And as the site uses the multi-level marketing strategy to pay out, it makes the best fit for those two categories.

The fact that they claim it is for everyone is because they want the general public to have the impression that bitcoins are what they work with when it’s really not the case. Their main aim is to make money and for this to happen, money has to come in through affiliates and use a half-baked strategy crowned as crypto-currency to keep people busy.

What is included in the Product?

This program has no tangible products or services that they are working with. The affiliate marketing provision is all that is needed to keep it going.

Nova Coinage Compensation Plan:

The compensation plan for this website is broken down into 5 categories based on what the affiliate chooses to put in as investments. And all these categories work with the NC value packages. Let’s have a deep look into them:

  • • For NC Value Pack 1, you invest $199 and get a Return on investment of 1% to 1.25% for 12 months
  • • For NC Value Pack 2, you invest $499 and get a Return on Investment of 1.25% to 1.5% for 12 months.
  • • For NC Value Pack 3, you invest $999 and get a Return on Investment of 1.5% to 1.75% for 18 months.
  • • For NC Value Pack 4, you invest $4999 and get a Return on Investment of 2% to 2.4% for 24 months.
  • • For NC Value Pack 5, you invest $9999 and get a Return on Investment of 2.5% to 3% for 24 months.

One thing you need to note is that of all the ROI paid out, 30% has to be reinvested back into the company and this is part of the terms and conditions.

Commissions From Referrals

This is the commissions gained from referring people into Nova Coinage. If you are an affiliate and constantly promote this site, you might probably be seeing some changes in your account, just probably. And here is how they are divided:

• For people you refer directly, you get 7% commission.
• For people referred by people you referred directly, you get 3% commission.
• For people referred by your direct referrals’ referrals, you get 1% commission.

Paying Out Commissions

• The commissions that are recurrent are usually paid using a compensation plan that is of a binary structure. Here, the affiliate is placed at the top and from him, it goes to his referrals, one on his right and the other on his left and all the way downwards.

From there, calculations are made on the total value on each side and 10% is given to you on the side with the lower volume. Any volume that remains behind is carried off to the following week.

The Global Bonus Pool

The global bonus pool is a kind of a circle that acts as an incentive for the affiliates who manage to hit a milestone of $100,000 worth of commissions meaning at least $50,000 in the volume of the binary investment from each side. Once you get to that as an affiliate, you are given a non-disclosed bonus from the global pool for two months.


Basic affiliate membership is given for free, but for you to participate in the Multi Level Marketing payment plan, you need to invest an amount of $199 to $9999 for the NC Value Packs.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Their payment on Investments seems wonderful if they delivered what they promise. You don’t get up to a daily of 3% ROI for 24 months that often, do you?

The Cons

• They brand the company as a crypto-currency site, but their main area of operation is in the marketing department, the Affiliate, and the Multi-Level. This is not how you gain trust.

• Their compensation plan seems too good to be true. Giving out 3% ROI on a daily basis to just a few people may literally just cripple the company. Even the richest people didn’t get that high return for still such a long period.

• They use the free affiliate membership strategy to lure people in and then have them pay a minimum of $199 to become viable for making money through it. If it were really free, they should have created a way people could earn without having to commit their credit cards.

• The fact that they require people to reinvest 30% of their commissions back into the company is somewhat unfair. Someone won’t feel the full effect of his hard earned money. They ought to let people choose what they are going to reinvest.

• The method of operation may seem quite difficult to understand to a layman who hasn’t much knowledge in affiliate and multi-level marketing. It may be very confusing to a person who wants to know more about cryptocurrency as well.

Final Verdict:

With all what has been revealed about Nova Coinage, is it fair to give them the title of “Nova Coinage Scam”? Well, most of what they promise to deliver are not delivered and what they lead people to believe they are working with is not what they really are. Still, they have a wonderful behind the scenes plan which from a greater point of view is also limited. So calling them a scam is well worth it.

Final Verdict – Scam!

Name: Nova Coinage
Overall ranking: 18 out of 100
Owner: Mysterious
Price: Free + endless upsells down the road

Have you had an experience with this program? Share your experience with us. Leave your comments below and you’ll be very helpful.

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