My Millionaire Mentor Review – Is MMM a Scam?

My Millionaire Mentor Review – Is MMM a Scam?

Here is a complete review of this newly created “opportunity” called My Millionaire Mentor (MMM).

Business Name: My Millionaire Mentor (MMM)My Millionaire Mentor review
Website Address:
Business Owner: Ryan Mathews
Price: $49 a month + Endless hidden upsells
Overall ranking: 23 out of 100

My Millionaire Mentor Scam Review – Introduction:

Scams can never get enough! You’ll find them everywhere, in MLM, paid surveys, affiliate marketing, email marketing, selling fake gold coins and endless amounts of other techniques. The main purpose of scams is to make a worthless opportunity sound good and convincing enough to reel people in and then rip them off.

In current times, there are numerous ways you could make money online doing various things, but you are going to need to be extra cautious with the kind of chances that are being presented to you everyday and the specific ones that you choose to work with.

And speaking of chances and opportunities, is My Millionaire Mentor (MMM) one of the good ones or one from among the usual cheats? If you have been planning to be part of this new program and see if you could produce some revenue with it, you just might want to think again. Why? This review will provide you the best gist of this scheme and get across your eyes clearly how unworthy it is to commit yourself to its system and strategies.

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What is My Millionaire Mentor?

This is a system that is titled to make millionaires out of truly determined people. It is said that it would mentor people on how they could make money in a short time, money that will last long enough to have your grandchildren’s needs satisfied.

Through this program, as said by its promoters, you’ll be able to buy your own private jets, yachts, luxury cars and any other luxury stuff you can think of. With the supposedly valuable information strategy, you will get you’ll earn more $10,000 in just a month. Yeah right!

Ryan Mathews, the engineer behind this program, has never been heard in the online world to start with. When legit programs are being promoted, you’ll find that the owner has some marketing or online technical knowledge and history that is renown.

This guy on another hand is just starting out and yet he claims to help others make thousands of dollars in a short while. What you are highly recommended to do before you join the site, is to watch a video that explains how the process runs. And there is a bonus for watching that video, a whopping $500! The truth of this? None!

You don’t get a dime of it!

How Does It Work?

Well, so far so off! This program doesn’t seem to be much of what someone would expect. And if the bonus is just a smooth way to get you to watch the video, then think of how much more lies are waiting on you down the road. And to uncover a few of those, let’s catch a good glimpse of how this program works, as it is made to appear as opposed to how it really should.

Ryan claims that he will lay down for you the plan you will need to follow to make as much he made, which he claims to be $11 million. So which plan is this?

There is none.

What happens is that in the video, which I’ve asked you not to watch, he fires up the excitement and anticipation you need to join by showing desirable stuff and other things that are in no way related to the purpose of it. And if you watch closely, he doesn’t mention or even give any insights into how you will be going to the program.

What really happens is that Ryan, or which his real name is, is working for another company that is looking for referrals. And through this website whose name has been used by a thousand of other scams, he’ll do his best to get you to join.

And after joining, he will direct you to that site unknowingly and earn $0.5 from that. Might sound small but looking at it from a greater point of view, he can make millions of the many innocent people who will buy into the hype.

What is Included in the Product?

There is nothing in specific that is included in this program except for promises. It’s not an MLM program, so there is no compensation plan, neither is it directly an affiliate marketing site as there are hints of that. The secrecy of the strategy adds to the evidence that it’s not worth working with.

The Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Their voice sounds convincing and gets people easily fooled.

The Cons

• The front end price is not genuine as they don’t show or hint people of what they are paying for. If they gave a clear system that they will give mentorship to aspirants on, it would pose to be a great opportunity.

• Ryan Mathews has no influence online, so probably the method that he’ll be teaching will not be that helpful. The idea is that he wants to make money online as you want to, only that he is playing the teacher here.

• No clear strategy is outlined in the site. The owner doesn’t tell if he will be using the bitcoins strategy like Avalon life, or if he will be using affiliate marketing as in wealthy affiliate or other such programs or even multi-level marketing. He just says he has the recipe for online success, yet he doesn’t give the ingredients, not the recipe itself.

• The promotional video has its authenticity to be doubted. Nowadays it is easy to have a video created within minutes on the Fiverr. With just $5 in your account, you’ll have lots of actors lining up to do it for you. This seems to be the case with this program because the video doesn’t quite compliment the site’s theme nor does it mention the ideal opportunity that lies there.

• Other videos that you will find on YouTube about this system are created either by their affiliates or the members who have purchased into the scam and have lost money already. The videos are a way to making people join so that they can be given commissions to cover the losses.

• They claim to give you a $500 bonus for watching the video have you watch it and get motivated to join. Also after the video, they tell you to join and claim your bonus. All this is to have you pay the registration fee and get you into the chain of endless upsells that you will drive you nuts. And finally, you don’t get the $500 anywhere.

• They assure you that you will be making thousands of dollars everyday in their promotional content, which is a sales funnel. But if you look through their terms and conditions, you will find somewhere stated that the money you are going to make on the website would be entirely out of your own efforts. So this means that you pretty much on your own.

• This website is purely a “get rich quick scheme ” as the others. The fact that from start it talks about purchasing private jets and luxuries. We all aware, there is no thing in the world that can make a fortune overnight anywhere including online. Legit ways clearly state that you have to put in your effort and time into it to get closer to earning a full-time income.

Final Verdict:

This doesn’t appear to be that hard to give a final verdict on. Looking at its artful means and missing information not to mention the lack of transparency, it is evident that this is something any serious goal oriented person would not even want to come close to. It should be avoided by all possible means. And it is more than okay to give it the title “My Millionaire Mentor scam” because it is purely one.

Final Verdict – Scam!

Name: My Millionaire Mentor
Overall ranking: 23 out of 100
Owner: Ryan Mathews
Price: $49 a month + endless hidden upsells

Recommendation: Don’t join. Don’t watch that promotional video either. It’s not worth your money or effort. Please avoid at all costs!

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