My Lead System Pro Scam Review – Does it Really Work?

Product Name: My Lead System Propage-curl-photo-effect (1)
Price: $49.97 per month to $149.97 per month +Upsells
Owner: Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, Brian Fanale
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100


MLSP was started by Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, Brian Fanale back in 2008. MLSP is an educational platform and community of people with different backgrounds like small time bloggers, beginners, experienced marketers, successful business owners. MLSP was designed for MLM network marketers to generate new leads online and earn money.

The foundation of this program is based on Attraction Marketing. It is a strategy to become attractive in the eyes of prospects so that they will follow you rather you have to follow them. You can see this attraction in top online earning marketers. MLSP claims that by becoming member you can acquire these skills and resolve problems faced by struggling home business owners. MLSP has over 100,000 members.

Training & Tools:


There are different training modules in member’s area which are:

Social Networking: If you wanted to become a successful internet marketer, then you need to focus a lot on social media marketing. My Lead System Pro provides 6 different modules in the form of Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Meet up groups, Google+ and Instagram marketing for all your marketing needs. These all trainings are step by step guides in which you will be explained clearly on how to setup your profile and how to use these platforms for your business.


Content Marketing: Here you will learn about Search engine optimization (SEO), Copywriting Mastery, Blogging, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Soundcloud Marketing and Keyword Research through dozens of video training which helps you generate leads with and without a blog.


Paid Marketing: In order to increase your earning potential paid methods help a lot to boost your business and most of the top internet marketers are using this system very effectively. In My Lead System Pro (MLSP) you will also learn numerous paid marketing training. The risk is definitely involved in paid marketing but here you will also learn that how to get the best return on investment (ROI) for the money spend on advertisements. Areas that cover under this trainings are: Make money hosting webinars, Pay per click marketing, YouTube pay per click, Facebook PPC, Pay per view (PPV), Banner advertising, Solo ads.

Other than above you will also learn that how to boost click through rates.


Prospecting: Main focus of MLSP is to generate leads and within a short period of time. Prospecting is relevant to this important concept. The above 3 training modules helps you a great deal to generate leads but in order to make sale you have to follow this training module.

In prospecting, you will learn what words to use, sales funnel, how to start, how to end the conversation to ensure your leads will translate into paying customers.

Training modules included in this trainings are Call your MLSP leads today, Get leads today, Prospecting strangers.


Additional strategies: Training is not end here as you will If you will learn additional strategies for smooth functioning of your business.

Training modules included in this trainings are Storytelling for profits, Forum marketing, Resume database advertising, List builders, Mindset mastery, Free classifieds.

All above strategies are great techniques to generate even more leads and opportunities for you. This program is constantly evolving by up updating its training to current marketing trends.

Apart from above, MLSP hold live webinars all throughout the week to make sure members get results. From continuing and updated lead generation & marketing strategies to mindset, prospecting, team building, leadership, sponsoring, and everything you need for your business.



Media hosting is provided with the program and there are more tools like a sales funnel that are meant to be used to drive traffic to your website and marketing schedule which is meant to keep members on track throughout their progress. FREE Auto responder for up to 500 Subscribers.


How to make money with My Lead System Pro?

You have to follow the training inside MLSP it will help you attract more people to you and get more leads through their capture pages. To be honest, the thing that I don’t like in MLSP is that this system is mostly revolving around its own promotion. Members will earn money through affiliate sales done directly. You have to be an active member in order to promote MLSP.

Your commission depends on your type of membership. Members at the University level earn 30% commission on any directly referred product purchases or membership payments. This may be slightly different depending on how many team members you have active in the system.

Commission for Mastery members differs only when they refer a prospect to sign up for a Mastery membership ($100 commission per 30 days, vs the usual 30%), and if someone purchases something via one of their Mastery-only Profit Campaigns (100% commission minus merchant processor fees).


Pros vs. Cons:


  • Lot of valuable training is provided in this system social media marketing, paid techniques for traffic, content marketing, video marketing etc.
  • 10 days risk guarantee account is provide for just $9.97.
  • Free weekly webinars on current topics that are evolving in this online marketing industry.
  • You will be able to interact other successful online marketers in the system.
  • Members are motivated using different contests.
  • Recognitions to top performers who have truly earned it through hard work and persistence efforts.


  • No free account is provided.
  • Very expensive to join. You can easily find better programs with less cost and more success stories.
  • Very difficult to earn from it because it is very hard to motivate others to purchase such costly products.
  • Much of their training focuses on strategies that cost a lot of money to implement
  • If you don’t own your product then you have only one way to earn money i.e. promoting MLSP to others.
  • Very difficult compensation plan to understand.
  • Lot of information with no step by step training which may be overwhelming for starters.

Other Things in Member’s Area:

There are other training and tools available for members like:

  • Custom Member Training Page
  • Education and training library
  • Customizable websites, marketing funnels, and Facebook fan pages
  • Supportive and interactive community
  • Free email auto responder for 500 subscribers.
  • Custom Member Welcome Video
  • Custom Member Resources Page
  • Custom Link Tracking
  • Proprietary split-testing feature for 2 funnels.
  • Support desk that respond with 24 hours.
  • Facebook FAN Page Templates for creating highly professional pages.
  • Marketing, system and product campaigns.
  • PDF guide for beginners.
  • PDF marketing schedule where you write your goals.
  • Webinars for Beginners.
  • LIVE webinars hosted by top income earners.
  • Different bonuses.



There are two types of membership MLSP Mastery and MLSP University.

  • Risk free trial will cost you $9.97 for 10 days.
  • MLSP Mastery will cost you $149.97 per month.
  • MLSP University will cost you $49.97 per month.

You can get discount about 2 months fee by paying yearly fee.


As a MLSP university member you will not take advantage of The MLSP “7-figure” Training Library (recorded training webinars held since 2008), Custom Member Options (Create your own training page inside members area and welcome video for new members), 100% Pure Profit Products (Rights to sell products created by top internet marketers to your prospects and earn up to 100% commission) , Collect $100 Per Member Per Month ($100 per month commission for each mastery member you refer), 100% of “One-Time-Offers (one time offers that your newly member see immediately after they purchase MLSP).


MLSP Training Library, Attraction Marketing Intensive & Sound Traffic Mojo

1). MLSP Training Library

It will cost you one-time $797. It is actually a training webinars that was recorded since 2008. By paying this you will access to this resource.

2). Attraction Marketing Intensive

8 weeks live intensive course on attraction marketing will cost you $297.

3). Sound Traffic Mojo

This course is for the purpose of bringing laser targeted traffic to your website. It will cost you $149.97.

Support & Help:

Generally support is good for members. You can send support ticket via help desk and it is usually responded within 24 hours by support team. Very interactive community there which can provide you instant support.

Other than this there are social media presence and different contests for members to keep motivated.


In my opinion, My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is a good product for people who are looking for building up their businesses. This system provides you lot of training material and strategies to find ideal clients. It’s also a good resource for people who want to learn more about Multi-level Marketing (MLM). However, I do have a problem with this product.

The price is very expensive for such type of course. People who are starting an online business don’t have $150 to hand over each month for training and advice. With this in mind you will not access to all resources with this amount and you have to pay for upsells.

So why paying so much for such type of training. If you are serious and wanted to make money online then see my #1 recommended training that is very cheap and far much better training than this. Excellent part of my #1 recommended program is you can join as a free member and if you like it then you can become premium member which is as per your liking.

I recommend affiliate marketing is the best and most popular way to earn money online. MLM programs is not working for most of the people.

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