My Advertising Pays Review – Is MAP a Scam or Legit?

Product Name: My Advertising Pays
Website Address:
Price: Free + Premium
Owner: Mike Deese
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 points

My Advertising Pays (MAP) Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

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My Advertising Pays Review – Introduction:

My advertising pays was launched by Mike Deese in June 2013. Currently MAP has over 175,000 plus members and it is growing very fast. Its office is located in Anguilla. It seems that it is Mike first site so difficult to decide the Mike background.

My advertising pays (MAP) is basically a revenue distribution program that shares its revenue after every twenty (20) minutes to its members who have purchased a advertising packs and have viewed 10 ads per day.

How to Earn Money from My Advertising Pays (MAP)?

Revenue Sharing – In order to earn revenue from this program you must but credit packs. Each credit pack will cost you $49.99 and it will entitle you company revenue after every 20 minutes. Each ad pack will return you $60. It means you will be earning after every 20 minutes until you reach $60 from each credit pack. If you buy 5 credit packs then you will earn 5 shares in profit after every 20 minutes. All you need to view ten ads daily in order to qualify for their revenue share program daily.

When you buy advertising pack this will give you to opportunity to sell your product or service to other MAP members. But truth is that most other MAP members joined due to their earning revenue (Each $49.99 ad returns you $60) feature and they have no other intention at all so most of your advertising packs will able to promote your service or product to other people. Nevertheless, you are earning revenue sharing from this site.

Important question in your mind is how long it take credit packs to mature at $60? Well there is not time limits and it all depends on the sales of company. It may take days, months or years, who knows.

Referral Earnings – You can make unlimited referrals in MAP in order to boost your earnings. Each referral purchase will entitle you from 4% to 10% commission and it all depends on your type of membership. By making referrals you can earn repeated commission from your referral purchases. If you have good number of large investors in your down-line then imagine where your earnings can reach but investing in this site is very risky. Please see cons below for further understanding.

MAP Pros vs. Cons:


  • My Advertising Pays (MAP) is free to join for everyone and is also available to worldwide members. They offer every member free 30 days trial membership. Membership is $30 after first month so it is better for newbies to gain benefits of first month free membership.
  • MAP has been paying to its members for more than 2 years without any problems and you can actually make using this system but there is a risk involved.


  • Though Mike worked hard on MAP in order to develop a business model that is sustainable but still I think in the long term this business model is difficult to sustain. We have seen other similar business models as well and they were closed after some time. So MAP must find other ways in order to earn revenue so that this site becomes sustainable in the long term.
  • MAP has a high membership cost after 30 days. It is even difficult for members to purchase ad packs and after that they have to pay membership fee. If you have some real cash then this is a system for you otherwise people who are looking for free business opportunities or systems that require less investment then this is not for them.
  • What is the actual product of MAP? Well you get traffic exchange credits in order to advertise your site for the purpose of selling products and services to other MAP members. The reality is most other MAP members joined due to earning feature of this site. So purchasing of $50 credit packs will not return you the actual worthy product. If you are here to promote your product or services then definitely this is not a site for you.
  • You cannot estimate the daily revenue sharing amount. Though this is good for stability but at the same time investors are uncertain about the return on their investments. Currently they are paying around $0.50 per day but it is not clear how much they are distributing to members. It all depends on the sale of the company which means if company is receiving new members who are purchasing ads and also old members are purchasing ads then company can earn good and share revenue with members.

MAP Membership Levels:

There are different membership levels in MAP like:

Free – MAP offers trial period for 30 days to worldwide members. In first 30 days you are allowed 10% referral commission. After 30 days if you still want to be free then you can earn 4% referral commission.

Basic – This membership will cost you $24.99 annually and it will give you 6% referral commission and maximum you are allowed to purchase 150 credit packs.

Professional – This membership will cost you $ 49.99 semiannually and it will give you 8% referral commission. Other than this you are allowed 500 credit packs to purchase.

Primetime – Most advanced membership in MAP and it will cost you $99.99 semiannually. This will allowed you 10% referral commission and maximum credit packs you can purchase is 1200.

Is My Advertising Pays a Scam or Legit?

To be honest it is not a scam and has been around more than 2 years and are paying to its members. But this site is new and it will need to prove more in order to trust this site. Currently in my opinion there is a lot of risk involved using this site for investment because we have seen other lot of similar sites in the past that have scammed many people. Though they removed flaws in the old systems but still I think it takes time to check whether this system will work or not.

Currently new members are joining the MAP and they are investing but what will happen when this flow will reduce. If you still want to invest this site then only invest what you can afford to lose and don’t put all eggs in your one basket. Please diversify your investments in the form of portfolios.

If you are serious about making money online then see my #1 recommendation. It takes time and require hard work but it will build your genuine and legitimate business online.

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