Music Xray App Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

If you are looking to see how good music Xray is at earning you some extra money on the side, then this is the music Xray review you should read.

The company seems great when you hear about, getting paid to rate bands. You get to listen to their music for free and then give them a verdict, whether you love them or not. And this opinion gets to make something for you.

There are also other features in the program that are meant to improve your overall experience. But looking at it keenly, is it something you can rely on totally to help you become stable financially?

This is what I will help you discover.

Product Name: Music XrayMusic Xray App Review
Website Address:
Author: Mike McCready
Price: Free to work
Rankings: 74 out of 100

Music Xray App Review – Introduction:

Technology keeps advancing and more employment opportunities keep increasing. This means there is hope for future generation.

And the best part of all this is, while the jobs are being created, they are getting based on what people love. They are centered around people’s passions.

Some of the major opportunities are in beauty, music, fitness and so many others. And these are things folks love getting into.

So this means people are doing the work effectively as though they will not be getting paid. This is because they are in their comfort zone and are having fun working every minute.

But as this happens, scams are also getting better in their sector too. Having noticed that the new systems are made for people who love certain things, they also create scam products that look very similar to the legit ones.

And with this strategy, they get to trap a lot of people who want to develop their passion and see if they can make a few bucks out of it.

This is what made me look into music xray to see if it was made by scams or by people who want to help others out. Let us see what I got.

What is Music Xray?

This is a music rating website that allows you to listen to songs made by budding bands and solo artists and help them get feedback on their work.

The main idea behind the system is to help the individual singers and bands know how their song would do in the market and get ways they can use to grow the quality of their music.

It also helps people who are rating it know which artists are most likely to become famous in the near future and start following them as early as possible.

More to that, it seeks to increase your playlists for your favorite genre as you get to rate the music you love.

If you heard of Slice the Pie, then you should know that Music Xray is just like it with only a few exceptions and some extra features.

While Slice the Pie is more on writing the review and going into details in terms of pitch, rhythm and all that, this is more of making your ratings brief, either you loved it or not, plus showing your approval with gifts and money.


How Does it Work?

The whole idea here is you as the person listening help the singer or the band making the songs know how good they are.

You also get to earn in the process.

As a worker looking to make money with Music Xray, there are certain procedures you need to follow.

Firstly, when you go to the website, you need to have an account registration with them. And here, there are 3 accounts which you get to choose from.

There is a music fan account, which is what you should go for if you want to listen and rate songs. There is also the music artist account, which you get to use if you are the one making the songs and submitting them to people to listen to.

Finally, there is a music industry professional account. This is for someone who has deep insight into the music industry and knows how things get along.

Since we are on the money side of things, we will work with the music fan account.

All you will have to do is to click on the “I am a Music Fan” button.

After you have done this, you will be taken to another page which will require you to join their Fan Match. This is the place you are matched with your favorite songs.

You will give a list of genres of music you are into, and they will match you with the bands that play the exact kind of music you like listening to.

You will get so many questions that will be driving towards narrowing the music down to what you really love.

After that, they will be sending you 3 songs every week to hear and decide if they are as great as you like them to be. But you should note that you are not the only one.

There are other 19 people on the other side who will also be rating it and give their opinions about it. This will then be sent to the band or the actual singer together with an average rating.

If you are wondering how much the Music Xray take money system pays you, then do know that to each song you listen and rate, you get 30 cents.

So in a week, you earn 90 cents which are pretty low as they will be sending only 3 songs each week. This is very little money for someone serious about making money online.

Things You Should Know About Music Xray:

These are some of the crucial things I see people wanting to know about Music Xray. So be keen on them if you feel you want to try it out.

• As previously discussed, you will be getting $0.30 per song.

• You have to reach a threshold of $20 to make your withdrawals. If you make your calculations, you will see that it takes about 70 songs to get there.

And based on the rule that you get 3 songs every week, it only means that you if you start working now, you will get your first earnings after almost 6 months.

• They pay with PayPal. So you need to have a Paypal account to receive your payments.

• You can tip a singer you love. If you listen to music from a band or a singer you find very talented, you get the opportunity to appreciate the talent by tipping them with real money. This can be as much as you like.

• For the 20 ratings, each song gets from the fans, the people who compose have to pay $20 for the actual ratings and reviews.

• You can also gift the singers with other virtual gifts. This can be burgers or other gifts. But the issue is, they don’t turn into real burgers anywhere in the process. This is just to encourage them.

• You can follow a specific person or band if you love them so much. This will help you get their latest songs and keep up with their latest news.

• You will get paid if you refer music artists into the system. This will get you paid 15% of all the money they spend in the system.

Complaints Against Music Xray:

• The pay is very little compared to what the owner of the songs pay for you to review. They pay a whole $20 but you get $0.30.

20 reviews are needed, which cost them a total cost of $6. So the creators take $14 as profit while 20 music fans share $6. Pretty unfair if you ask me.

• 3 songs every week is very little work, so to speak. They should be sending at least 5 songs per day if they want you to make money and withdraw as soon as in a week. This automatically tells you that you cannot hope to make your living off of this site.

• They have set such a high withdrawal limit knowing very well how much they are paying you per song. And this is what has made people give up on it even before they get to withdraw.

• Sometimes, there are people who have rated a song and were not paid. And the worst part is, nothing was done about it. So you have been very careful as you work there. You may or may not make money despite your effort.

Who is it for?

Going by the way system works, this is not for someone who has their eyes set on the money. It wants people who are more into music and helping young artists grow.

$0.30 is not something substantial. Even I have reviewed many other apps like ibotta and insta cart job but which can earn you pennies but if you are looking for full-time income, then this is not for you.

So if you want to have fun here, drop the money thing and focus on the music and the artists.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• It is a good place to get your music known and get you exposed to people out there.

• It helps you make money as you help other artists know how they should compose their songs to make constant hits.

• You are paid with PayPal which is commonly available in many countries.

• You only get to review the songs you love. It adds to the comfort of working.

• It takes 30 seconds to get with one song. You listen to it and then rate it without any difficult procedures.

• There are many ways of appreciating the music you listen to, virtual burgers, tips and many others.

The Cons

• You only get 3 songs in a whole week. This is not enough to bulk money up.

• You are paid peanuts, 30 cents, yet they charge $20 for each song that has to be reviewed.

• You have to add the cents to $20 to withdraw. And going by the terms and conditions, it will take you more than 5 months to get your first fruits.

• You can stay for months without getting a song to review which will only cripple your earning abilities.

• They will send you the song in your email but you might not find it in the account by the time you get to their site. It is usually taken by others in seconds.

Final Verdict:

To me, this website is great but it has huge disadvantages. Many people would typically go to the site to make money. But they are getting peanuts per song which is very discouraging for someone wanting to make a sizable amount of income.

So if you are looking for something paying a substantial amount of pay, you may want to look elsewhere.

Final Verdict – Legit but not reliable

Product Name: Music Xray
Website Address:
Author: Mike McCready
Price: Free to work
Rankings: 74 out of 100

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