Mr Rebates Review 2021 – Scam or Legit Cash Back App?

Welcome to my Mr Rebates Review 2021!

My target is to help you find out some credible sources of online cashback shopping in this post. There are many such opportunities in the present time, but everybody wants to have legal and benefitting means.

Because everybody likes to have such schemes in which they get some percentage of their money back after shopping at a discount. I have one such cashback shopping site that is Mr. Rebates.

I will try my level best to make it clear to you that what actually it is, how it works, how it can be profiting for you, and if it has any negative aspect, how can you avoid that.

What is Mr. Rebates?

Mr Rebates is an online cashback shopping program that Craig Cassata started in 2002. It pays its members for shopping from its site. 

It has more than 2500 online stores from where you can get almost everything of your choice. No one will be disappointed.

Mr Rebates Review

You can buy directly from Mr. Rebate’s website from the store of your choice, or you may also use any other reference link to get access to the store you want.

Whenever you buy something from Mr. Rebates, it will make a profit, and in return, it shares its profit with its members for online shopping.

Some of its most common and most liking stores are eBay, Disney store, Wal-Mart, Sephora, and Amazon. It is one of the legal business programs that has been working for 15 years and has made a lot of its members by extending its network.

The program is not something that can make you a full-time income from home. For that purpose, please see my #1 recommendation.

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How Does Mr. Rebates Work?

As I have explained earlier, it is straightforward to work on such sites. Your job is only to shop the item of your choice from the store of your interest.

When you click on the store, the company gets the commission, and finally, this commission is shared with its members for being its shoppers.

If I summarize that how does it work, then there are just four steps;

1. Get the sign-in bonus from Mr. Rebates.

It’s straightforward to understand that when you sign in for Mr. Rebates, at once, you receive a bonus of $5, and when you purchase from it, you can earn cashback from it.

2. Search out your favorite stores.

Mr. Rebates is basically linked with more than 2500 stores, and there is a great chance that there may be the store of your choice like Amazon, Sephora, etc., with many more.

3. Shopping time.

After selecting the shopping items from the store of your interest, now it’s time to put confirmation that you really desire to buy it. For that there will the option of buy, you just have to click that button.

Now there arises a question that how much cashback can you earn?

The answer is that it depends on the item and the store you have chosen for shopping. It is because every store has its own offers. For example, if we consider Amazon and have purchased an item that costs $70, you will get back $4. Quite interesting!

How Does Mr. Rebates Work

4. Get Paid.

Once you earn enough rebates ($10), it will be credited to your account within 1-35 business days.

After this, you can request a withdrawal which can be sent to you via PayPal.

Payments are made at the beginning of each month for the previous months’ pay request.

In Detail Mr Rebates Review:

Mr. Rebates is a legal and trustworthy site for online shoppers. I have already reviewed some good cashback sites, including MyPointsSwagbucks, and Perk TV.

The procedure to follow it is quite simple and not very lengthy.

You just need to make your account to be called its official member. Like many other cashback websites, membership is totally free, and you only have to provide your personal details like your name, address, location, login information, etc. there should be a password to get access to your personal account.

Now it is also possible to create an account on your mobile phone. After becoming a member of Mr. Rebates, you will get the bonus of $5, which you can get after your first purchase on Mr. Rebates.

The best part of the whole procedure is that now you have access to 2500 cashback shopping stores. WOW!

After selecting your favorite store now, it’s time to purchase. Keep in mind that you have to purchase at the same time you have selected the item to get the chance to cashback.

Otherwise, you will not be eligible for cashback offer. Your job has been finished now. Now it’s time for Mr. Rebates to work.

Mr. Rebates will send a special code to your desiring shopping store. The shopping store will then use this code to find out your purchased item and will then credit your account.

Remember that you can buy one item at a time. For putting another order, you have to click one more time and so on.

Cashback offers vary from store to store. For a purchase of $70, you may get a rebate of $10. You will get confirmation of payment in your account within three to five business days.

Mr. Rebates

However, you cannot withdraw this money until 90 days that is the pending time for rebates. It is because of different return policies, and cancellation of order also affects the remittance of commission.

Your cashback will be available to you after 35 days, and after that, you can withdraw not less than $10. You will receive money in your PayPal account or through check.

Getting the Best Out of Mr. Rebates?

If you are a regular purchaser of Mr. Rebates, then you can save a lot of money. The only requirement is that you should know few tricks to search out the best offers.

First of all, find out the best stores by using various search means and then compare prices looking for best-offered discounts before making a purchase.

The Comparison is possible if you don’t have planned to buy at the spot.

Tips and Tricks to Earn With Mr. Rebates:

Here are few tricks;

1. Play safe

After selecting the item, you want to buy, make sure that you have to purchase it as soon as you click on the button.

Avoid clicking other links. It is because there are sometimes problems in such sites for tracking orders, so play safe.

2. Refer your friends

An interesting and attractive feature of Mr. Rebates is its referral program. You can refer your friends, relatives, and other people to your blog. These people will have to register from your referral link.

After registration and first purchase, the referral friends will earn $5 each. Every time they make the purchase, you will earn 20% cashback.

This 20% profit to you will not affect their rebates. By extending it, you can start it as your online business and full-time earning source.

3. No Adblocker

If there is an ad blocker, remove it to prevent yourself from any hurdle.

Difference Between Mr. Rebates VS Ebates?

These both are almost similar cashback sites.

They have few differences that confuse the people they should choose and which one is better.

The main difference is that Mr. Rebates pay at the start of each month while Ebates pay after every three months. Another difference is that in Mr. Rebates, you can get cashback online only.

Still, in Ebates, you can get rebates online as well as offline if you are interested in buying an item from Ebates that is eligible for cashback but may not be in Mr. Rebates and vice versa.

People Complaints About Mr. Rebates:

Mr. Rebates offer only online cashback. But there are many other such sites that, along with online cashback also offer in-store cashback.

It’s not a big issue, but there should be some alternative means or app for in-store cashback.

  • Some people complain that they don’t get cashback.
  • Rebates are offered but only for few categories.
  • It takes more than 90 days to approve cashback, and then it is sent to your account.
  • This site is mobile-friendly but has no mobile app. Recently they have introduced the app as well which is available on Google Playstore.

Overview: Is Mr. Rebates A Scam?

Mr. Rebates is 100% credible. It has been working for many years affiliated with stores and is growing vast and vast. And its cashback offers are too good to consider.

It is a good program for the people who love shopping and also want to earn money. Its members can earn a lot of money through cashback rebates on purchasing items.

The plus point is that you can make money without shopping through your referral friends if they are routine purchasers. No doubt 35 days is a long period to get cashback, but if you are patient enough to wait for one month, it will benefit you.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in looking at how I am earning a decent income month after month, please see my link below.

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