MoneyBot Review 2021 – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my MoneyBot Review 2021!

​Moneybot is a software that claims to provide you instant profits and you do not need any special and technical knowledge to operate this.

If you are working in Forex market then this isn’t the claim that you have heard it first. Every now and then there is platform launching and doing such big claims.

So, we decided to look into this platform and share our honest o​pinion on whether MoneyBot is legit or not?

Let’s ​look at the summary first.

​MoneyBot Review Summary!

Business Name: MoneyBotWebsite Address: www.moneybot.netPrice: $300Business Owner: Not AvailableOverall Rank: 35 out of 100 points

MoneyBot Review

  What is MoneyBot?

​MoneyBot is a software that is used by people who are working in Forex market.

​It is based on complex algorithm ​that ​has an eye on more than 200 ​platforms. The system then access the most suitable option for traders to trade and earn money from it.

All you need to sign up with MoneyBot and this signup ​will also provide you access to the broker account known as uTrader. 

uTrader is the place that you will use for trading purpose. These two accounts will be linked automatically.

Just like any other Forex software, MoneyBot is also making false claims for earning money. It isn’t as easy as you might think after visiting these places.

I’m making money online from 2014 and it is all because of hard work and methods that I have learned over time.

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  How to Earn Money from MoneyBot?

​After creating your account you must deposit money in the uTrader account. This money is must for trading otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do this.

Once you deposit money, then your money bot will be activated. When the bot get activated then it starts monitoring the market.

There are three options available for you to choose;

1. Conservative

As the name suggests it is best for conservative traders that are not risking their investments. Usually people those are newbie are opt for this trade.

With this strategy you get 3-4 trades four times a day. With little risk you are also getting minimum return.

2. Optimal

It is best for most of the people as the strategy implies average risk that statistically increases the chances to get bigger profits.

With this strategy you get 3-4 trades six times a day.

3. Aggressive

In finance you often read a concept that for higher risks you would get higher returns and vice versa.

A sensible person cannot risk too much for minimum return. This strategy is best for aggressive traders who are looking for higher returns but they will have to face higher risks.

With this strategy you get 3-4 trades 11 times a day.

As soon as you deposit money in the account the bot starts functioning and sends out a signal to the traders to open a position at a certain point.

As per owner, bot follow more than 200 assets and it is highly effective in the times of market volatility due to precise calculations of market mood and timely signals.

Not only this, it also shows stable positive results when the market is quiet.

  Things I Like About MoneyBot:

​a). Disclaimer at the Bottom of the Page

When you look at the bottom of the page then you will see that a message that tells you the risks in the binary option trading. It discloses clearly that you may lose some money or even your full budget. There is no guarantee to the profitability of the trade.

Though this looks really opposite to the other hype and it also mentioned at the bottom of the page where very few people look at buy nevertheless an honest message from the admin. They exactly know that how much risks are there in forex trading.

I regard further if it is somewhere upfront to the screen and let everyone person sees before joining such a platform.

  Things I Didn’t Like About MoneyBot:

​a). Website Lacks an Impression

When I land on the website then I feel very ordinary looking site.

There is no videos and images to portray a better picture about the site but you are only able to find some text information that is written in a very unprofessional manner.

I have seen lot of binary option sites that has very professionally created with proper videos and some training stuff but there is nothing here and it seems very disappointed.

b). Broker is Not the Best

Moneybot is linked to broker that is very unpopular so there is risk that you may lose your deposit at the end of the day.

It would be better and more trusted if this bot is connected with popular and trusted brokers.

Moreover, it also requires high investment as compared to other platforms so it may not be easy especially for newcomers to pay $300 at start.

c). Owner Information Hidden

I tried a lot of things to find the owner of this software but couldn’t able to do this.

Why someone is hiding and keeping people in the dark because they may be some hidden agenda.

I have seen lot of software creators who have proudly talked about them but this may raise serious suspicions on the owner’s creditability.

d). Binary Option a Risky Business Model

Everyone will talk about how much money you can make by investing in binary options but no one will disclose you how much you can lose if the market goes other way.

I think this is the scariest thing about this business model. 

No software has developed till to date that can guaranteed you that you will have more winning trades than your losing trades.

e). No Live Support

When it comes live support then you have to rely on your own skills.

So if you suck somewhere then you have no other option other than either Google it or close this site and start something else.

 Is MoneyBot Legit Or a Scam?

​In short, MoneyBot is not the best tool to start connecting with your brokers account if you are using uTrade.

Binary options are not something to rely on some software rather it is based on future market trends and information that is changing every now and then.

Moreover, after reading my above cons you will get an idea that there are too much risks involved with this.

I really suggest you to leave this business model and start internet marketing that are free from such risks. It takes more time to earn but it offers tangible results that depends on the effort you put on your business.

If you are really looking for such an opportunity then see my #1 recommendation.

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