Mo Brabus review – An Outright Scam?

If you have had this program promoted to you either through emails from any your friends or have heard of it on social media, and you are looking for a good review to know if this program is really what it sells and also if it’s worth the investment and time, then you have just landed on the best place to get that and much more. I have been following the updates of this program for quite sometime now and I can tell you upfront, this program will need your avoidance, atleast for now.

I went through many sources and got to do some background check on it…

And what I came to find out was pretty interesting. So please be sure to take time and read my mobrabus review and get uncover the deep truth about it from its initial dealings all the way to the recent activities it has had. I am sure this unique review will serve you with the right and accurate information that you are going to need to make up your mind on whether to join and be part of this huge talk or just keep off and look for another program.
And without any delays, let’s get straight into things.

Business Name: Mo BrabusMo Brabus Review
Website Address:
Owner: Pearse Donnelly (Emmet Pearse)
Price: Free to join but many hidden catches
Rankings: 33 out of 100

Mo Brabus – Introduction:

Look before you take the big leap, the internet has proven to be a rewarding world to be in, and still at the same time, a world to be extremely careful with. With all the technological advances that are coming up every other day, it is now official that there are many people online, actually twice as much as you’d imagine are going online every second.

And this has attracted many scammers out there who are fishing for people’s hard earned money every single day. They’ve created programs that appear so real and reasonable that anyone, even an experienced on-liner’ who has been on the web for decades, would fall prey to.

Others have gone ahead to first create a program in their locality and have people know it well, and then have gone online to chase their money the wrong way. So you are going to want to be extra keen on what you choose to put your money into. Not all products out there are good, even those that are promoted on television and others streams of media.

People basically want money, and they know that to catch a big fish you’ve got to have a small fish as bait. They will invest few hundred dollars on infomercials to make them sound legit and there to stay, just to win people’s trust.

And soon after they’ve drawn enough attention and their reputation has been well painted, they’ll be even more good to have more and more people come on board. And once they’ve hit their milestone, they will start letting the poison off to the members little by little and sting them to ‘death’.

The online world is a democratic one, where you get to share what you want, set up a business and ran it under any terms you’d want (as far as it’s within the general worldwideweb guidelines). So if you are scammed, chances of you getting your money back are slim, if any.

So it would be better if you knew exactly what you are getting into prior to joining to avoid the messy scenarios that usually happen once the scam product’s true colors are revealed. And to get illustrative, get to learn more about Mo Brabus before you commit a dime to it. Be sure you’ve gotten whole gist of it so that you know what it is that you are investing in, because you never know what may happen.

And here is what you need to know about it.

What is Mo Brabus?

This is a program that is allegedly set to sell ad packs to small business owners who are into local marketing and other site owners that would wish to increase the traffic in their websites significantly and improve on their sales and conversions, and earn more revenue.

It was launched back in 21st February 2012 where almost everything had been put in private mode so that no one could get details about it. Later in January 2015, it was updated and things in the site were a bit styled up. Up until now, the company still runs on the “Irish network” servers and there is also a company that is called Mo Brabus Limited which is closely tied to this scheme.

The owner of this site is, Pearse Donnelly (which I think is a clown name) or rather Emmet Pearse (the real name) and below him is Trevor Fuggle along with the other workers. If you’ve been around for a good while, you must have had about Traffic Powerline. (You can read my Traffic Powerline review here.)

This is another program of his that currently looks exactly as Mo Brabus looked in its initial phase a few years ago. It is poorly made and hasn’t any significant value as of now. Pearse, in the About Us Page of the program says that he once worked on eBay as a power seller but soon got a thing for Internet marketing after a friend of his introduced it to him over some lunch.

He says that the reason he created this program was to eliminate the false promises and all sorts of dishonesty there was (and still is) on the web. The truth of that statement is highly questionable as you are going to see it yourself.

How Does it Work?

Well, Pearse claims to be selling adpacks which he previously called “Traffic packs” in his other program. So the main idea of the whole thing is to have clients who want to improve upon the quality and quantity of their traffic join the program and get solo ads among other targeted traffic ads made for them and taken public for them to pay off.

These ad packs come in different prices and packages which depend on the clients’ choice and financial ability. Although looking at the company well, you’ll find that there hasn’t happened any actual operations.

Also, the company hires and pays affiliates to help promote the program’s ad packs and have the potential clients directed there, get to join and purchase ad packs. Affiliates are also paid to recruit other affiliates into Mo Brabus. So this means apart from just selling “traffic” to companies, they get to have affiliates recruit both clients and affiliates in return for some commissions.

The problem is that affiliates are not paid via PayPal since there has been challenges in getting PayPal to consider Mo Brabus into their systems. This usually happens when PayPal sees that the applicants are not serious or committed to what they’re doing. (So you can guess the real credibility of the company)

Who is it For?

Going by the operations it claims to be working with, the program is best suited for affiliates and clients. The affiliates are needed to help with the marketing and recruitment of both affiliates and clients. The clients, on the other hand, are needed to help sustain the business.

If the clients aren’t buying the ad packs then there is no business, which could potentially lead to the company’s collapse. The real truth about this program, from my extensive research, is that it would best suit someone who’s willing to take the risk of dishing out money into a company that barely has any credibility.

The fact that PayPal refuses to work with them openly shows they aren’t credible. Also, keeping in mind that the company was launched in 2012 and started operating in 2015, and still, the fact that most people haven’t joined should stir something in your mind. But if you really feel that it will help you achieve what you are looking for, please by all means join, and then be sure to let the world know of your experience with it by commenting on this page.

What is Included in the Product?

Well, there’s pretty much no sign of any products being sold other than ad packs. Everything in the site revolves around selling ad packs to clients, who have to be members to buy. Also, to a certain extent, selling membership (ad credits) to affiliates adds up.

There are no other tangible products or services that are included in the product. And you will want to be aware that, for the affiliates to help with the sales, they have to pay a monthly fee of $15 for them to be certified specifically for that.

The Compensation Plan:

For the compensation plan to work, each affiliate, after joining, has two options of investments, the $5 ad pack investment and the 5 to 1280 positions in the cycler matrix. To understand that much better, let’s catch a good glimpse of Mo Brabus compensation plan.

ROI on Ad Packs

To start with, each position for the ad packs will pay 20% commissions, which is typically $6. Although you will have to note that the commissions don’t have a specified time period within which they should be paid as this depends on the affiliate’s speed of buying the ad packs. From these commissions, 25% is also cut and reinvested back into the company for future payments.

The maximum amount of investments you can make as an affiliate is $49,950 which when converted comes to 9,990 positions in the matrix.

Referral Commission Bonuses

The money to fund the bonus here comes from the investments made the new affiliates who join the company. And for:

• Direct referrals (people you personally recruit) – You are paid 20% bonuses
• Indirect referrals (People who have been personally recruited by your direct referrals) – You are paid 10% bonuses

Matrix Cycler Commissions

Here, the commissions are paid when you, as an affiliate gets to refer people. Once they’ve joined, you are put on top of the pyramid like scheme, and the two people you’ve personally recruited are placed in level one, below you. Now if they get to refer two other people each, the newly referred members will be placed in level two.

And if they (level 2 members) refer two people each, the recruits will go to level three and then four. Then this makes it viable for the commissions to be paid once each member in the matrix pays the $5 investment fees.

The person receiving the commissions may decide to give up the commissions and wait for the matrix to get to the fourth tier where he will get $5120.

Not that these commissions are only paid to the one at the top of the matrix.

Pearse also said that there is another matrix commission plan called “Compounding matrix which will come to work when the company has hit 20, 000 members.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The compensation plan has good payments if they would actually work.

The Con’s

• The company, since it was launched, did not operate until after three years. This shows that either the company has no money to operate, which may mean it fully depends on the investments you’ll make, or, the owner is not serious about it.

• Pearse Donnelly hasn’t been received quite warmly on the web since he started off at the wrong end. He actually commented on another site, behindmlm, which he tries to issue threats that can’t work and thus was put off.

• It is very hard to find people who want ad packs. Most people nowadays rely on social media advertising and organic traffic to boost their businesses, so getting recruits can prove to be a huge task to perform.

• The fact that he’s operating two programs, Mo Brabus and Traffic Powerline, which one is a duplicate of the other, it is hard to tell what he is planning next. You don’t have an assurance of this company’s existence in the next 10 months.

• With over 5 years of operation, this program hasn’t really gotten any amount of success to be praised, and the members have no success stories to tell. This means that the income level there is not worth the investment.

• The fact that they only get to pay commissions once people have paid their investments shows a lot of unfairness. This is because it means that your payments, even though you are still paying the expected monthly fees, is limited to your recruit’s abilities and determination.

• Holding back 25% of your ROI to reinvest into the program shows a lot of injustice as it wants to keep the members tied to it so that it’s able to keep running. People ought to be paid ask that they’ve worked for and let them choose what they will invest back to the program going by what the find fit.

Final verdict:

So with all the tables turned for you on Mo Brabus, do you find it a worthwhile investment? Can you make it a long term project to earn with few years to come? Personally, I wouldn’t dare spend until I’ve seen people with proofs that it actually pays and also PayPal has also accepted to work with them.

This way, it will be at least safe to test he waters. If you look at the company’s method of operation, you’ll see a lot of fails and incompetence which you don’t want to be part of, if you are a quality minded guy.

Is this a scam? Yes, it has been confirmed! This is a good company but not the kind you’d want to place your hopes on. It is very unstable. My verdict is that is that it’s a cheat based on were it is headed.

Final Verdict – Scam!

Name: Mo Brabus
Owner: Pearse Donnelly (Emmet Pearse)
Price: Free to join but many hidden catches
Rankings: 33 out of 100

What do you think have you had an opportunity to work on this program or any of Donnelly’s? How did you find the experience? Let us know what it is like to be part of the program. Leave your thoughts and experiences down at the comments section.

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