MileUp App Review – App That Rewards You for Driving Scam?

MileUp App Review – App That Rewards You for Driving Scam?

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There are many such programs that provide you platform to earn money. I will share one such program with you in this article. And I am sure that you will be surprised that it’s so simple way to make money. That platform or you can say an app is called Mile Up App.

This app pays you only for driving your car. Now you will start thinking is this possible? So let me answer that Yes it is. Please read my complete review to understand how does Mile Up App work.

MileUp App Review

What is MileUp App?

It is a mobile phone app that records how many miles you cover, how many stops you crossed etc. while driving your car and then gives you points on each mile. And these points will then be given to you as gift cards. So basically it rewards you for driving your car. It’s quite simple, right?

Now the question is who the inventor of this app is and what is the purpose behind it?

There is a roadside assistance and driver Safety Company named as Agero, invented this app. It is not at all new company, most of the people will be well aware of it that uses Facebook. It has been working since 1972 and has clear record with major insurers and automakers like Toyota, Ford, and USAA etc.

Why Was This App Created?

According to, this app was created to collect reasonable data from drivers to find out the causes behind the routine crashes. Making money from apps is not a new concept, I have written many popular apps review in the past AppBounty, EarnHoney, and Jingit.

The company was of the view that by using this data it will be successful in developing an algorithmic program that will detect earlier the cause of the crash and will be helpful to notify personnel emergency in that area. And if they chased their target they can save more than 3000 lives per year.

According to US department of transportation national highway traffic safety administration, in 2014, there were about 32,675 crashes of which 29,989 were fatal. But the problem is for developing such formula the company needs a data of about three million miles. And once they got required data perhaps this app may be closed.

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How to Earn More Points?

There are many different ways to earn more points by fulfilling various tasks. Some of which are;

  1. Earn points as you drive

After signing up for this app now it’s time to show your location so that the app get access that how many miles you covered and points you earned. For driving two miles you will be rewarded with 2 points. The interesting thing is that you can exchange these points with sweepstake entries.

  1. Earn more with challenges

Challenges are the beauty of every task that gives you the inspiration to earn more and more. Same is the case with it. As explained earlier that for covering one mile you will be paid with 2 points but if you complete different tasks given to you, you will be given commission. The challenges are not sort of complicated and the good point is that two to three challenges are given at a time.

I explain it by a simple example that you have given a challenge of completing fifty miles within a week. And you will be presented a bonus of 100 to 500 points.

  1. Redeem points for sweepstake entries

There is a choice that you can exchange your points for sweepstakes entries. Commonly there are 3 sweepstakes for each month; one is for $100-$250, other for $1000-$5000 and another for a new vehicle. Entry cost varies from 75-1000 points depending on the type of prize.

If you win sweepstake entries you will be informed through email and you have to claim your prize within 3 days of receiving email.

  1. Report your accident to earn more points

If unfortunately, you faced an accident you can report it to mile Up. But it is necessary that while driving and accident time you should have this app in your mobile. And earn a gift card of $250 for sharing your accident detail with Mile Up. But here lies a problem that the company claims that you will receive your money within 2 weeks but actually not. It takes longer time.

Procedure for Reporting an Accident:

There is a proper scenario for reporting an accident. For earning $250 you have to send a proper application along with a picture of accident side and official police report.

This report and application will be justified by Agero and then you will be eligible for $250. Agero has the right to change the definition of eligible motor vehicle accident as well as points for gift cards.

But still in use definition of an eligible motor vehicle accident is (1) in the accident your motor vehicle is involved and you are driving at the time of the accident. (2) the application was preinstalled on your device and you signed into your mile Up account. (3) your device is working in your vehicle at the time of the collision. (4) the severity of an accident required a tow or involved airbag deployment. (5)” Agero” must be able to verify policy or insurance claim report.

The person will be eligible for Mile Up points only if all above requirements are fulfilled as explained above in the application. The whole process takes about 12 weeks to complete the formalities. Also, it depends on you that how much time you take to provide all essential information to Mile Up and the time is taken by “Agero” to confirm the justification of your application.

Mile Up App Referral Program:

Mile Up has offered a referral program. You can extend your work and can add your friends, relatives, and other people as a reference and earn 500 points upon signing up for each reference.

Also, earn 100 points for their first 10 miles drive each. As I told you before that the points you earn from driving can exchange with sweepstake entries, same is the case with it.

Mile Up App Complaints:

  1. Rewards left up to win

Mile Up only provides the opportunity to exchange your points with sweepstakes, not anything else. Sweepstakes cost is very high and one should be very lucky to win a large number of points and everybody is not so lucky. So I think there should be some change in it so that every single person can enjoy it.

  1. Drains your battery and uses a lot of data

Most of the people complain that this app drains all their battery and uses a lot of your data as it uses your mobile GPS system. In my point of view in mobile settings there is an option of cellular data, might be that remains on leading to battery drain.

And when you turn it off the app will track you’re driving only when you are connected to Wi-Fi. They also complain that when Wi-Fi connects the data upload is so high that nothing else can be run on Wi-Fi.

  1. Problems with accident report

Most of the people complain that they did not receive $250. But as explained by Mile Up, it is time taking the procedure to complete all formalities and take more than 2 weeks. So it’s up to you to decide whether to join this app or not.

  1. App is not accurate in its work

Some of its members complain that this app does not track driving properly. Sometimes it never counts their driving miles accurately and sometimes not count even a single mile. Obviously, it is discouraging for its members because the loss in miles means the loss in points.

  1. Points lost and reinstall app

There is also a complaint that while updating app there is a possibility that some of the points may be lost and app might be deleted so you have to reinstall the app. Many people found it difficult to reinstall the app from the new version. They had to call customer service for the verification code. The whole procedure is kind of irritating.

  1. The Referral program is not so effective

a man feels more and more encouraging when he refers his friends and thinks that he will make more points but there is a complaint that the result was not as good as company claims.

Is Mile Up Scam or a Legit?

As pointed earlier that this app is supported by road assistance companies like Agero that is well known throughout the world. This company is credible and trustworthy so it is not possible that it is a scam.

However, it is not possible that you ever win sweepstakes. For the People who don’t drive too much this app is not beneficial as much as for the people who drive much and can refer more and more friends.

As it is clear that it mile Up is a legitimate business and free from any kind of scam so you can adopt it as a full- time business by referring more and friends and relatives. Though at some points it is time taking (as in case of an accident) but still it will respond you later. People have so many complaints but not necessary that you may have to face same problems and issues. Now the choice is yours.