Microworkers Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: MicroworkersMicroworkers Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address: www.microworkers.com
Price: Free to Join for Everyone
Business Owner: Weblabcenter, Inc.
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100 points

Microworkers Review – Introduction:

Micro workers was launched by Weblabcenter, Inc and is a platform where Employers and Workers meet together and workers complete the work of employers for a certain fee that is determine by employers.

Employer can be any person who want to complete his task like need traffic for website, comments on videos and blogs, review for your product or service, download applications, creating backlinks etc. A worker can be any person (student, stay at home mom, retirees etc) who want to earn money and can complete those specified tasks. Your earnings depends on how much time you are willing to spend to complete tasks.

Tasks in the member’s area are very simple and you can complete good number of those tasks. Microworkers is free to sign up and available in every country. You can also earn money if you haven’t any skills but can more if you have more skills.

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How to Earn Money from Microworkers?

After creating account and verifying your number then go to Jobs tab. There you find different tabs which contains jobs. All jobs tab contain all the available jobs while other tabs have jobs related to tab name. There are different types of jobs available like:

Sign up – When you click on sign up tab then you will find jobs that require sign up. Open one by one job and follow instructions very carefully. Generally employer required you to use your valid email address and create account and confirm your email.

YouTube – Generally employers required you to comment on their videos or like videos. It is very simple task and you can earn easily $0.10 to $0.20.

Facebook – This is also similar to above as employer require you to post comment or like his page. He may also add additional guidelines and restrictions.

Bookmark – Employer may require from you either favorite your Gig on fiverr or do other simple bookmarking tasks.

Click, Search – You have to find keywords in Google and click on employer mentioned site.

Other than this there are other methods you can use to earn money like surveys, mobile applications, twitter, promotions, download-install, comments etc.


Important Terms Explanation:

Success Rate

It means how much percent you are completing the tasks as per employer requirements. You must keep your success rate above than 75% otherwise you are not allowed to complete tasks in this site.

You must make sure that choose job that you are capable of and avoid if you are not. This system will ensure employers of high quality work. If your rate below 75% then you must wait for 30 days before you start another task. If you think employer treated unfairly to you then you can complain to microworkers.

TTR (Time-to-Rate)

It is number of days that Employer takes to approve tasks. It is usually set around 1-7 days but if you wish to set your TTR more than seven days then you must provide a valid reason for such.

TTF (Time-to-Finish)

It means how much minutes this task will take. Generally most of the tasks will take your about less than 10 minutes.

Done: It means how many times tasks have done already. 990/1200 means the task has been done 990 times, and need 210 more times before the job is completed.

Microworkers Pros vs. Cons:


  • Free to join and all countries accepted.
  • You can earn some money here. If you look at PTC sites then there you earn monthly $1 to $5. But here if you work hard then you can earn $10 to $25 per month. This is still not much but something is better than nothing and you can utilize these earning to pay for better project and build online business.
  • You can filter jobs based on most paying, latest, best rating, time to rate (TTR). Moreover you can find jobs within different tabs like “Signup” tab contains jobs related to only this category. This will help workers to find jobs in which they have interest and it saves lot of time.
  • You can complain to admin for unfair misrated by employer. Your account will be credited if you are right otherwise not.


  • Definitely you can earn better than PTC and other sites but earning $10 a month will not relieve you from job headache and provide you financial freedom. You will have to find other ways and the best way in my opinion is Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Some tasks are very long and are not rewarded accordingly. Some time you get stuck in the middle and it waste your lot of time. There should be a balance between time and money and it is always advisable to avoid long tasks.
  • Some of the tasks are geo targeted and if you are not from that particular country then you cannot complete that.
  • Sometimes you find most of the tabs empty because there are no available tasks. The truth is there are so many sites like microworkers on the internet that now each site receives some tasks and you have to look for other sites as well.
  • Microworkers does not have a referral program which is very strange.


  • Read instructions very carefully before starting any task.


  • Don’t try to complete tasks that take very long unless you have a confidence and it pays very well.
  • Always choose tasks that are your strength as this will able you to complete faster, maximize your earnings and keep success rate high.
  • Avoid tasks that have very low success rates. It may be a difficult or there may some other reason why it is so low.
  • Once you sign up for particular task then remember to finish the tasks and also make sure you done the job appropriately otherwise your success rate will drop.

Is Microworkers a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short Microworkers is a totally legit site and a good platform where you can earn some extra money in the form of completing some micro tasks online.

If you want to earn some free bucks then this is good place to start with. You can earn money if you have no technical skills at all and all you need to follow instructions very carefully while completing jobs. This site is also available wordwide.

If you are looking for full time income then this is not a site for you. I always recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate which is the best platform to learn how to earn money online and this is my #1 recommended product.

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