Mentoring Millionaires Review – Are They Legit or Scam Mentors?

Mentoring Millionaires Review – Are They Legit or Scam Mentors?

Here is a complete review of this newly created “opportunity” called Mentoring Millionaires. All you the questions that you have about this product are answered here and new insights are given as well. Hope you enjoy.

Business Name: Mentoring MillionairesMentoring Millionaires Review
Website Address:
Owner: Val Smyth
Price: $147 a month
Overall ranking: 30 out of 100

Mentoring Millionaires Review Scam – Introduction:

Scams can never get enough! You’ll find them everywhere, in Multi-level Marketing, paid surveys, affiliate marketing, selling fake gold coins and endless amounts of other techniques. The main purpose of scams is to make a worthless opportunity sound good and convincing enough to reel people in and then rip them off.

In current times, there are countless ways you could earn money online doing different things, but you are going to want to be extra careful with the kind of chances that are being presented to you every day and the specific ones that you chose to work with.

And speaking of chances and opportunities, is Mentoring Millionaires one of the good ones or one from among the usual cheats? If you have been planning to join this new program and see if you could generate some revenue with it, you just might want to think again. Why?

This review will give you the ideal gist of this scheme and get across your eyes clearly how unworthy it is of you to commit yourself to its system and strategies.

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What is Mentoring Millionaire?

This is a program that is titled to create millionaires out of truly determined people. It is said that it will mentor people on how they could create wealth in a short time, wealth that will last long enough to have your grandchildren’s needs satisfied.

Val Smyth, the person behind this program, is a World Famous Network Marketer.  He has earned millions of dollars in Network Marketing and is now launching a new program.

Back in 2001 Val launched Motion and Mentors that ran for over 5 years. Val earned over  $70 Million due to the popularity of this program.  Many members earned over $1 Million. One member earned $3.9 Million.  He is now launching Mentoring Millionaires that is using the same Compensation Plan.  A lot of big leaders will be joining Mentoring Millionaires.

What is Included in the Product?

There are numerous products included in MM. Most of them are essential tools for internet marketers. Let’s look at few of them:

  • Personal video templates2016-06-25_10-10-57
  • 20 plus background image templates
  • Aweber integration
  • Responsive design
  • Campaign tracking and stats
  • HTML website form code
  • Replicated website
  • Access to live video training
  • Personal branding
  • Green screen training
  • Suggest a capture page (they will build it)

Plus Val will do a live Google Hangout every Sunday to show you what he has done to become a successful Network Marketer.

Compensation Plan:

Mentoring Millionaires uses a 1-Up Plan compensation plan. You earn $100 Commissions from people that are placed in your Power line. These Power lines will go viral.

You pas sup your first signup to your up line and keep all the rest. Everyone in your Power line pays you a $100 commission. Each of them will be sending you their 1st signup creating you additional Power lines. Your power lines and $100 commissions continue to Infinity. This is real Network Marketing!


Your power lines will just multiply your earnings. Let’s say for example that you make one sale per week and the same pattern occurs on each of your sales. After 15 weeks you will have made $12,000. The earnings will continue to improve rapidly as the weeks follow.


The cost to get started is only $147. You will need to submit two payments. $47 will be sent to the admin and $100 will be sent to a member you are assigned to pay.  

The Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Good internet marketing tools are available for internet marketers.

The Cons

• The cost is on the higher side. Paying $147 is not going to be an easy task for most of the people. Moreover, such tools can easily be available at a far cheaper price than this. Joining just for the sake of MLM opportunity is never going to be a rational decision.

• Other videos that you will find on YouTube about this product are made either by their affiliates or the members who have bought into the scam and have lost money already. The videos are a way to making people join so that they can be given commissions to cover the losses.

• They assure you that you will be making thousands of dollars every day in their promotional content, which is a sales funnel. But if you look through their terms and conditions, you will find somewhere stated that the money you are going to make on the website will be entirely out of your own efforts. So this means that you pretty much on your own.

• This website is merely a “get rich quick scheme ” like the others. The fact that it starts to talk about buying private jets and luxuries give them away. And as we all know, there is no way you can make a fortune overnight anywhere including online. Legit ways clearly state that you have to put in your effort into it to get closer to earning a full-time income.

Final Verdict:

This doesn’t seem to be that hard to give a final verdict on. Looking at its crafty means and missing information not to mention the lack of transparency, it is evident that this is something any serious goal oriented person would not even want to come close to. It should be avoided by all possible means. And it is more than okay to give it the title “Mentoring Millionaires scam” because it is purely one.

Name: Mentoring Millionaires
Overall ranking: 30 out of 100
Owner: Val Smyth
Price: $147 a month

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