MCA Motor Club of America Review – Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Motor Club of America
Website Address:
Price: 9.95/month – $39.99/month
Business Owner: Mr. William W. Green
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

Motor Club of America Scam Review – Introduction:

Motor Club of America was launched in 1926 and since this date it has been providing emergency road assistance service in USA and Canada. These services includes vehicle repairs, travelling discounts, insurance and other emergency services.

I know you may be thinking about some club as the domain suggest but in reality it is not a club. It is, what I have described in previous paragraph. Moreover, it also offers an affiliate program that one can use and earn money by referring other people. This is the main reason most of the people join to exploit this opportunity.

MCOA provides good services to the customers that are one topic but I am just digging in its affiliate program to disclose people what is its pros and cons.

What is Inside the Motor Club of America?

Motor Club of America offers three types of membership;

Security – This is most basic package offered by MCA and its cost is $9.95 but in order to access this you must pay two month membership fee of $19.90. Once you paid this fee you would be protected with their MCA security package.

Security Plus – Second membership is called Security Plus and it is much advance than the previous one. Its cost is $14.95 per month but need to pay for two months of $29.90. Same as previous one, you get protected from security plus once you paid this fee.

Total Security – This is the most advanced package and the last one. It is offering at $19.95 per month and $39.90 bimonthly. Some of the benefits you would get includes;

Almost all membership levels includes following features:

  • Vehicle, boat trailer, RV motorcycle, livestock emergency roadside assistance
  • Up to $500 travel assistance reimbursement
  • Trip planning and travel discount
  • Up to $2500 bail bond to release you
  • Fee to defend lawsuit and protection
  • Vehicle stolen reimbursement
  • Credit card loss insurance
  • Doctor’s discount card
  • Hospital benefits
  • Many more….

Things I Like about Motor Club of America (MCA):

You can Make Money

First of all MCA is a real company that is offering legitimate services to its members from last many years. One can join its affiliate program and promote this to other people. Your earning totally depends on the number of people you refer to this site.

Believe me, this is not going to be easy because it requires lot of effort and time to convince people to join this site. That’s how you can make money. If you have marketing skills then you may opt for this.

Things I Don’t Like about Motor Club of America (MCA):

Lot of Effort Required to Earn Money

I have worked on lot of MLM programs but believe me they are most difficult to promote on. You need to be very active and told lot of people about product and convince them. Now people heard something MLM then they associated with SCAM and they need to clarified about its product and training. This takes a lot of time and very few success rate with only a few marketers that are acting this very successfully.

People generally also wait their membership after a few months when they find new option at a cheaper rate. This really demotivates the recruiters who have spent lot of time for recruiting him/her.

No Marketing Material Available

In most other companies you are able to find lot of relevant marketing material but here you need to spend from your pocket to access to this. The alone website will cost you $79.90 and this excludes other items like posters, associate page, posters and flyers.

This can really add up once you are looking for promoting this site professionally. You cannot move door to door to ask people about this product. Now internet has provided a great opportunity in the form of websites. But if you want to learn how to promote this then you have to reside on your own skill or invest money to acquire those skills.

Only Available in USA and Canada

You must consider this before joining this site because it is only available in USA and Canada and you can also only promote in those countries.

Multiple Websites

Its look really suspicious because there are few people claiming this product. What I understand is they have official site in the name of and rest of all other are created by members that look more professional than the original site.

I think management should devised a guideline so no one create a site that looks actual site because it looks very consuming. With their legit services I think this don’t look suitable at all.

Competitors Offers Much Better Rate

If you look at some more companies then they have much lower rate with the same services. One of company name is AAA. It’s also very reputable and trustworthy and so why people opt for MCA when they have much better alternative.

That is the reason people writ their membership after few months when they come to know much better alternatives. This also make tough foe members to promote to other people if they have some knowledge of other companies.

Is Motor Club of America (MOA) a Scam or Legit? Final Words:

In short, Motor Club of America is a legit opportunity but why not join some other best and promote to people that offer much more value to the customers. It is better to avoid MLM models because people associate this into scam. They however do false claims about commission and market but tin reality it is not a perfect product to promote on.

I have been in online business from some years and I have working very hard to promoting best legit model online so how you can promote programs that has tens of deficiencies. It is true some people are still making full time income with model but they are very few and if you want to check your luck then go for it but…..

My sincere advice is if you are looking for some serious online earning opportunity then see my #1 recommendation. You may be thinking why my #1 recommendation not MCA, because I love affiliate marketing rather than MLM business model.

If you are not heard about affiliate marketing then click here but if you move to my recommendation they will guide you from scratch and guides you on how to build online business.