Master Writing Jobs Review – Does it Work or a Scam?

Welcome to my Master Writing Jobs Review;

This Master Writing jobs is a program that let you earn money online by connecting you with other sources. 

Now checking out its review details, readers will get the opportunity to know about the facts that whether this program is a legit one or is a scam.

There are many online earning programs, some of them are worthy, and some of them are a scam.

In this review, readers will get the answers to their important queries that how can they work on this program, what are its pros and cons and we will tell you the verdict too.

Master Writing Jobs Review Summary

Product Name: Master Writing Jobs

Founder: Unknown

Website Address:

Product Type: Connect to Many Freelancing Sites

Price: $34

Best For: Good for Starters

Summary: It is a platform where you find a database of writing jobs along with tutorials and tools to guide you in your freelance career.

Ratings: 65 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

What is Master Writing jobs?

This Master Writing jobs is a workable platform, and it gives its members the opportunity to get connected with other freelancing business sites.

This platform will only give you a database, and it will only offer you with a suitable number of tutorials and videos to know about the freelancing career. 

On this platform, you will find many writing jobs. So those people who are interesting in these jobs linked with writing, they can become the member of this Master Writing jobs platform.

You have to note that this platform is not an employer. In only connects and link you with the freelancing jobs.

Through this platform, you will get in touch with those businesses which offer these varied freelancing jobs. You can apply for these advertised freelancing jobs.

This source will not give you a guarantee that all links and advertised jobs over here are workable.

It will not assure you that its offered links are valid. The only user has to decide that whether he is approaching the right client or not. This source has a multiple and a gigantic number of freelancing job sites for you.

You have to grab and hit on the right client. In the beginning, it will be a tricky part to do but later on, a user will become experienced, and he will become professional that which job link will work for him.

This platform has been much over-hyped. You must have heard about these platforms like My home Job Search, Mommy Jobs online, in the same way, this platform also has received an extreme hype.

They claim that as soon as you will get access and reach to their high paying jobs database, then golden freelancing job options will come to you but it is not true.

It is not easy to find clients on this platform, and it will not happen overnight that you will make instant money by using this platform. Most of the claims made by this platform are not true.

How To Make Money With Master Writing jobs?

This system makes you believe that you can make thousands of dollars in a year, but you should not instantly believe on this claim.

Signing up is not free over here. You have to pay $34 in order to join this Master Writing jobs platform and this is a good amount for starters. 

When you will be logged in, and access your dashboard then over there, you will find many articles writing jobs and also proofreading jobs.

If you have the potential then you can make 125 dollars on the per article basis, it is true, but it all depends on your potential.

If you work for a single hour, then you can make about $25 to $30 but it requires lot of effort and time to develop your profile.

You need to build a strong and reliable connection with these companies so that they can offer you more rewarding and long-term projects.

This platform will give you links (job links) after you will sign up and when you click on these links, then members will be taken to respective freelancing job sites. But you should not think that with the click, your job will be confirmed.

Thousands of other members have also applied to this job as well. So it is up to that freelancing job employer that with whom he wants to work.

In this freelancing industry, there is a lot of competition, and this platform will teach you this one aspect.

Master Writing jobs Complaints:

1). Fake Testimonials

It is their fake testimonials that make this platform not so workable and trustworthy. It is one of the shocking discoveries which are made by the users of this platform. 

Mostly with the help of reviews and feedback as well as with the help of testimonials that we can decide that which platform is right for us.

But this platform is hugely packed with these fake testimonials. If you read any testimonial and feedback over there on the platform, then you should not obviously rely on it.

2). Refund Issues

This platform will make it a lot difficult for you to get the refund from there. For this membership fees, they hardly make a refund of it. 

As you will pay this membership fees by using credit card medium or by using PayPal, but getting refund is difficult. So, it is better to forget that amount as well.

If you get back this membership and sign up fees, then you are the lucky one.

3). Customer Support

Their customer support is not of that much higher standard. No matter you call them up, or will do email to them, they will not either respond to you or their response came after a considerable amount of time. 

This is such a discouraging element which makes users not to work over here.

4). Over Hyped Product

So much of hype is heard about this platform, but when you explore it, then you fail to see any attractive elements and things in it. 

It is only this hype that has made this platform a popular one.

But if you will get feedback from its registered users, then you will come to know that they are not happy with this platform.

Good Things About the Company:

Connect to Many Popular Freelancing Sites

We have not heard many good things about this company. The only possible and appreciated thing about this platform is that it connects you with a possible number of freelancing business sites. But its offered plus points are quite limited in the numbers. This platform has not many good things to give to its users.

In the initial times, it will give you many job links and freelancing site links, but it will depend on you that how you are going to work on them.

Yes, You Can Make Money!

I can honestly say that you can earn money from this site. I have seen people are earning few hundred dollars per month but they are very rare.

The thing is, similar to other freelancing sites, you need to develop a strong profile so that big companies have trust on you in order to give you big orders. That’s where the money is! 

Is it Worth Your Time?

So whether to work on the platform of Master Writing jobs or not, here is the feedback from our side. You should not get please from this platform that how much strong and exciting claims they make!

You have to carry the research on your own self-basis that whether this platform can give you any benefits or not. You have to use your own thought process and also yours decision-making skills.

As this platform is available with the fake number of testimonials, that is why it is of no use if you will trust on these testimonials.

Experts and some of the professionals, they have suggested not to use this platform because its membership fees are high and you will not get it back too even if you want to leave this platform.

You can look and easily search for other sites that can connect with freelancing jobs. You should search for the sites that offer free membership fees. You can yourself think that what is the point of giving this huge membership fees if you will not get the desired work.

You can try out other platforms.

Other sources like Upwork and Fiverr, then we have Elance and People per hour, simply hired platform and freelancer platform – all of these platforms have gained a repute in a suitable time after their launching. 

But unfortunately, this platform Master Writing jobs have not got a satisfactory repute.

If you ask that whether this Master Writing jobs platform is an ideal platform, then i will not say ideal but you can try your destiny there if you can afford there fee.

This platform still needs a lot of time to develop and polish its categories.

It needs time to get the trust of its users. It has to develop the repute and come up with a sort of platform that only offers valid job links. Many users have this issue that they could not find reliable freelancing jobs over here.

Is Master Writing jobs A Legitimate or Scam?

In honest terms, it is a legit site but the thing is why pay $34 when there are tremendous free sources available now which offer these freelancing job choices. If you still feel like using Master Writing, you can join it.

There is no harm if you get the experience of these platforms. Only learning from mistakes will make you more professional.

So you can try to work on this source, and after few months if you think that this platform is not giving you even a tiny benefit, then you can leave it.

Just stay tuned, and we will explain and share more of the review sections about this platform Master Writing jobs. We have explained enough to our readers all pros and points, negative aspects of this platform.

The decision is entirely yours on your side. We have mentioned review details to you.

If previous platforms have not worked for you, then you can work over here. You might have a good experience too. If on this platform any addition or revision will be made, then users will be notified over here.

If you are ready to submit their membership fees, then we wish you best of luck.