How to Make Money Online Without a Website?

When you see other person’s earning proofs, then the first thing that came to your mind is a “website.” While on the other hand, a website also makes most of the beginners not to start internet marketing venture as they believe that it requires hard coding, programming, and huge upfront investment.

Believe me; there are many other means you can use to earn a decent income without creating a website. Though an authority website is incomparable, still I have seen people are making six figures income without a website.

I will give you some useful methods that you can use at home and earn a decent income. If you are scared of above things, then this doesn’t require any technical skills at all.

Now let’s look at few methods you may use on how to make money online without a website;

Making money from surveys sites are one of the most common methods that people are using to earn a $500 to $1000 per month. All you need is to fill out the questionnaires in the form of honest opinion and earn money.

Each survey will last for, few minutes and earn you $0.50 to $100, depending upon many factors. There are many prominent survey sites, and I have also written a review on them e.g.

The thing is, you should join as much legit survey sites as possible and complete surveys in your spare time. The negative side of this earning method is that it is mostly restricted to USA, UK, and Canada.

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2). Earn Money from Money Making Apps

This method has gained great popularity over the years. I have seen many apps that can earn you money when you shop, walk, give opinions, and even lose weight. All you need is to find the right apps and install it on your smartphones.

Your next step is to follow the instructions and start making money. I am giving you some top money making apps names that you can join today and start making money.

Even if you want to get more details about this topic, then please visit my post “Best Money Making Apps That Pay $1000+ Per Month.”

3). Earn Money from Pay to Click Sites

This is a very simple way to earn $50 to $500 per month. In Pay to Click (PTC) sites all you need to view ads for few seconds and get rewarded. The reward may not be a significant amount, but it will add up if you refer other people in your downline.

Most of the PTC sites are a scam, and even if you reach payout limit, then they mostly not pay you. So, always start with the most legit ones. Don’t worry; I will share you with all my legit PTC sites list that you can join and start earning money today.

The difficult process is to start referring people to your link. I have written a great guideline here about how you recruit people for PTC sites.

4). Earn Money to Test Products at Home

This is also an exciting method that doesn’t require any website. Those sites pay you to test electronics like Ipads, cameras, video games and other electronics products.

Some of the companies offered this testing of the products as free of cost while other charged you money.

Some of the sites will be making you pay for the testing of the products as well as electronics too. All the websites which I am about to show right here are not just popular, but they are legit as well.

5). Earn Money from Getting Paid To (GPT) Sites

GPT sites are those where you get paid for doing small tasks. These include signups, free downloads, watching videos, and many more. These are small tasks and usually, take 3 to 10 minutes. There are many GPT sites out there, but I will show you my top list.

All you need is to join as much as possible and start completing those tasks.

6). Earn Money from Freelancing Platforms

If you have any skill, then you can use many popular freelancing platforms out there and start earning money.

Even if you are a layman, then there are many skill development courses on YouTube where you can learn free skills in the form of logo designing, SEO, content writing, social media marketing and many more.

You can offer these services on Fiverr, UpWork and People per Hour to earn a decent income online.

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7). Earn Money Playing Video Games

People are making money just by playing video games nowadays. The first name that comes to my mind is Twitch. It is the world’s top streaming platform for gamers today.

As it is live streaming platoform for these people providing them opportunity to live stream their game and earn money in the process. The site has millions of daily traffic and broadcasters are making decent income from this plaform.

Here’s a look at each of his Twitch-related income streams:

  • Subscriptions
  • YouTube
  • Paid sponsorships
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ad revenue
  • Donations
  • YouTube

Say for an example, you can promote your favorite gaming laptop as an affiliate and share a coupon voucher given to you by the laptop manufacturer with your followers. Higher followers you have, the better would be your income potential. If you need, you can buy twitch followers from SMM World.

I hope you will like my post “How to Make Money Online Without a Website?” If you have any queries related to this post please share it in the comment section below.