How to Make Money from Amazon in 2020?

Everyone has heard about Amazon as it is one of the world’s top 10 websites in the world. What type of product do you want to buy, Amazon has all this under one roof?

And the best part is you don’t need to visit physically on their outlets. Just visit their site and browse categories that you would like to buy.

Select the product, pay via credit and debit cards and they will send that products directly to your home. Don’t over think about their quality as they are working with world’s leading brands and even somehow you don’t like that product, you can refund that product to Amazon.

But what if you want to make money from Amazon? Amazon has been offering its associate program from decades to all around the world to participate in its revenue sharing model.

Don’t worry! I will cover all this in this short article.

1). What is Amazon Associate Program?

Amazon Associate program is a program by which you can promote any amazon products for commission. In simple terms it is called Affiliate Marketing.

Amazon has a lot of product categories and it is offering different rates for different categories.

So, what you can do; start promoting Amazon products using different methods like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Bing and start making money from their affiliate program.

Let’s suppose you have created a YouTube channel and start promoting Amazon products, then you can earn 3% to 8% commission of product price.

The beauty of Amazon affiliate program is that if you send a visitor to the site using your affiliate link but the visitor ends up buying some other product, you will still earn affiliate commission.

So, despite the commission structure may not sound like very attractive compare to Clickbank and CPA networks but due to this policy, your commission would add up pretty quickly.

2). Listing Your Own Products on Amazon

If you don’t want to run that affiliate business, the other method you may opt is by listing your own product on Amazon. But first you need to create that product or you can source that product from different countries (especially China).

After listing your product, you next task is to promote your products to people. There are a lot of strategies that people are using like running PPC ads, listing optimizations, and using different tools.

Currently, there is a new tool in the market that is getting really popular in this category is known as Zonkeywords. You can visit Internet Bankroll for detailed Zonkeywords review.

3). Amazon Sister Company Mechanical Turk

Few years ago, Amazon started a new platform know as Mechanical Turk. The beauty of this platform is that if you have any skills, you can sell your services on this platform. 

There are a lot of buyers who want to hire workers for:

  • data entry 
  • transcription
  • categorizing
  • image recognition
  • etc...

So, you can fill that gap by providing better service than your competitors and start making money for free. 

Keep remember that the first two methods have a fulltime potential and once you may get successful you don't need to go for 9 to 5 job. But for third method, I suggest to take it just a part time earning opportunity. 


Whether you are becoming an associate, listing  your products or joining MTurk, people are using Amazon for more than just purchasing products.

It’s a great resource to make extra income, or turn your side hustle into your main hustle.

Whatever you go for more income side, be sure to research and search out as much possible as you can.

Are you already making money on Amazon with some method that is not listed in this article? Do share your comment below and share it with the community!


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