Lotteryhub Review [2021]; Scam or Legit?

If you want to know more about the lotteryhub and the app and see if it is something that you are going to get much from, then this definitive review is for you.

After it had heard that, with the app, you can watch the drawings live on your smartphone, and that it offered tips and tricks on how you could get regular wins, I think I just had to check it out.

And after spending a fair amount of time looking into it, I was able to collect quite some amazing information that I am more than sure you are going want to listen to. So I ask that you, please take your time to understand my lotteryhub review to see the opportunity you have there.

And my final verdict on the program is down there at the bottom to help you get a more accurate perspective on the program and have an easy time making your decision on whether to spare some time from your busy schedule to participate.

And with that said, let’s jump deep into the system…

Product Name: Lottery HubLotteryhub Review
Website Address:
Owner: Shoutz Ltd.
Price: FREE
Rankings: 46 out of 100

Lotteryhub Review – Introduction:

With the high chances of becoming a multi-millionaire overnight, sweepstakes have become so common online. You are going to find at least 6 out of 10 ads made for the sweepstakes. The companies that create them have a burning desire to get them out there, so that many people take part in them, and possibly make some good money off of them.

And you will often find that out of these advertisements; you will get many “huge” words used to capture your attention soon after you have had your eyes on them. You will mostly get enticing words like “Make $3,535,000 in the next 20 minutes” or “Play and win $400, 000,000 in the next 1 hour” or even “You stand a chance of winning $900 million before dawn!”

And all these are written purposely like this to help them get many clicks the shortest time possible by enticing people in. And for sure they do bring many clicks some of which end up being beneficial to others, financially.

I want us to look at these companies that get people to play games and win, but still, have hidden financial benefits for themselves. These companies will get people to market the system online and get people to join and start playing.

After they have joined, for free, and have started playing, they will start accumulating rewards given by the program. But you will find many of these programs are not willing to pay or reward the players what is their rightful due.

You will see them delaying the payment or asking the winners to hand in their person information to get paid, but then you find that they just wanted something else, that is to scam the winners. And soon after you, the winner, give out your personal details, you get them withdrawing money in your account little by little without your consent. And before you come to know that they have been scamming you, you will have lost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

If you take a good look at this program, does it look like the kind that would do such a thing to you? Are there any hints of a scammy program in it? Do you think that you have high possibilities of getting scammed by it? Well, there is the only way to see if there are, and that is by closely examining it.

Tired of Scams?

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So let’s start the examination…

What is Lottery Hub?

This is an app that can be accessed by both Android and IOS smartphones that let you key in your lottery ticket numbers and help you determine if you have won (but you cannot scan the numbers in, you are not allowed to do that). It has partnered with Mega Millions and Us Powerball and is now known as their partner, officially. You also get what to watch the draws live.

The app also sends you email alerts to notify you of the winners and the exact figures of the jackpot they have won. If you also want to see the results of the state lotteries, you can comfortably do that, since they give you that provision. Something you can do to earn rewards easily is to try and have as many activities as possible within the app; you will see them adding up.

Shoutz Ltd owns the app. This is not a known sweepstake or entertainment company. But you can rest assured that the app does pay to play. As far as you make regular plays and get to do in wisely, you can win big. Read also reviews of very similar programs to this like PrizeGrab Review and Lucktastic.

How Does it Work?

Well, this is very simple. There are two ways in which you can earn rewards in this program. And these are by, touring around the app and using the app to play lotteries. For the touring, there is no information on how many rewards you get per activity, that is per click, but they have disclosed that the much you can make by doing this is 2500.

The rewards you get here are usually in the form of gift cards from various stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, AMC Theaters, TGI Friday’s, Redbox, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and 1-800 and many others. These rewards are given out by ranks. And this means that if you want to increase the chances of getting a reward that you so much desire to have, you need to make sure that you are ranked among the top positions for it.

But there is a problem; you can’t know where exactly you are ranked. They won’t disclose that to you. But if you are in a list of people who want to get a certain reward, and you want to know how possible it is going to be for you to get it, you should look at the status of that specific reward.

If you find it approved, you are definitely ranked well, if you get a status that is pending, you are close to those who are going to receive the reward and may get it, but if you find that your status doesn’t match the two, you have been poorly ranked, and your chances of getting the reward are minimal.

Who is it For?

If you are a huge fan of playing bets and sweepstakes, then this is your best bet! If you like the anxiety that comes with waiting for the draws to be announced, and if you are a risk taker who likes getting everything out there and awaiting the results, then you are best suited for this. But, there are certain conditions you have to meet before you are allowed in. Firstly you have to be a US resident.

The game is only accessible to the citizens of the United States, in its entirety. And this basically means that if you want to play and collect the rewards, this is the first hurdle you need to overcome. The next is that you have to be 18 years of age or have been allowed by your parents to take part in the lottery.

And don’t think they don’t have a way of confirming that, they most surely do! You are going to have to run through a series of confirmation procedures to prove that. And lastly, you will have to own an email address as this is where you will be getting alerts for the draws.

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And while these are the formal conditions that need to be met to play, you will want to know that this program is not going to favor everyone who is eligible. To get a little more specific, here are the people who won’t see any rewarding results from the LottertHub:

• Those whose want to sleep through rewards – If you are not ready to spare a few minutes to key in your numbers, or even try to show some activity in the account you hold, then your chances of reaping any benefits of this are nil. You should be prepared to put in the effort to consider the numbers you want to place for a certain jackpot, key in and then wait. You also need to play as many opportunities, and you can increase the chances of your winning a lottery which may be worth millions.

• Those who think they can cheat to a reward – If you believe that there must be a loophole you can take advantage of and make millions, then you are wrong. This program has been tested and tried several times to make sure that it is as secure as it gets.

So if you are a black hat hacker who thinks they can hack their way into cracking the secret code that helps generate the winning numbers, then you will be in great shock once you get there. And I can assure you that any suspicious activity you carry out, will be recognized and tracked immediately.

What is Included in the Program?

Well, there are no specific features or resources that have been given in the programs that will help you get a win always, but there are some few things you get to increase your chances of winning. And these few things include:

  • lottery winning tips and tricks
  • Videos
  • Frequent Numbers
  • Updates

More to that, here is something else I know will pique your interest:


The support the app offers is amazing. You are going to get emails and phone numbers that let you get access to help with different things. More specific, you get two good emails that are reliable to help you with advertising and personal support you may need with your account and rewards.

There is a telephone number too, that goes directly to a specialist. You are also going to get a few other ways you can get in touch with the support team like Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook. (Their Facebook page is actually very active). You are here to get help in time with anything, as their response time is among the quickest on the web.


You can get this app from the Google play store, Apple app store and the Amazon store. And checking what folks had to say about it, there were some really interesting reviews. A few people praised it, but the rest, the biggest percentage of the reviewers claimed to have different problems with it.

Some said they had issues with installing and reinstalling the app, others with doubling the numbers in the system, registering, not getting the notifications and scanning the numbers in.

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Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You get the chance to watch the draws live on your smartphone. This means that you don’t have to worry about going out for a drink with your friends and missing the results.

• The support system of the app is great. You get numerous ways you can get hold of a support expert like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, two emails and phone numbers.

• You have two ways you can earn rewards. First, through playing the lottery and doing a lot of activities within the app. You get to choose between the two.

• It is available for people who have Apple devices as well as the Android phones. So you don’t have to have a specific brand to play.

• You get the app from the 3 different places, Apple app store, Google play store and Amazon app store. You should just pick your favorite store, depending on the phone you have and download it.

The Cons

• It is only limited to the US residents especially from Columbia and Puerto Rico. Only these have full access to the lottery and the rewards.

• There are quite some complaints about various issues, which have not been addressed yet.

Final Verdict:

The program has quite some features. Personally, I love a program that has got good support. This is one of the things that will tell you whether the owners are really dedicated to making it work and helps you also discover if they are truly concerned about the user experience, which matters a lot.

And as for this program, the support shows that the owners are indeed concerned about the people who use the app. To tell you the truth, this is one of the programs I have seen with multiple support streams that are all active. And this is great.

Something that other also struck me is the fact you don’t have to give up any fun moments with your friends and family to wait for the results. They make it possible for you to view them from your smartphone with all the convenience possible.

As with all online programs, you get to have the good things about a program as well as the downsides. And the downsides of this particular program are intriguing. Something that was a bit of concern to me was the idea of having the program only available to US citizens.

It holds back many other people from other countries from playing, but this is understandable because it gets very tricky when working with them, especially regarding security and resources to be spent towards that. The complaints about it are also to be put into consideration. Most of them, as I saw, are from people who try to use the app from different countries and had issues, as promised. Very few US residents are having problems with it. So this is positive.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: Lottery Hub
Owner: Shoutz Ltd.
Price: FREE
Rankings: 46 out of 100

What do you have to say about the program? Is it a program you are going to try out? What do you think about the complaints? Are they going to stop you from trying your luck and see how things go for you? We appreciate feedback from our readers. Please leave yours below, and we will be grateful.

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