LoTraffic Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

My LoTraffic Review is as follows;

Business Name: Lo TrafficLoTraffic Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address: www.lotraffic.com
Price: $5
Business Owner: Andy Zeng
Overall Rank: 32 out of 100 points

LoTraffic Scam Review – Introduction:

Lo Traffic was launched on October 01, 2015 and its owner name is Andy Zeng. It has over 15000 members and is very similar to famous companies like Traffic Monsoon and PV Traffic. Lo Traffic is a sister site of PV Traffic because both are owned by Andy Zeng. Lo Traffic is an advertising site that can provide traffic to your business along with revenue sharing service.

LoTraffic also offers a revenue sharing opportunity to the members along with advertising packages. It is free to join for everyone and available to worldwide members. It accepts PayPal, Payza, Payeer and Perfect Money as payment processors. You can withdraw as minimum as $4 and as much as $5000 per day.

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How to Earn Money from LoTraffic?

Revenue Sharing – As I said earlier, Lo Traffic provides revenue sharing opportunity with the advertising services. In order to earn money, you need to purchase an advertising package and it will cost you $5. Each ad pack matures at $5.75, which means total return on investment of 115%.

Please remember that daily earning rate is not fixed because it all depends on company’s sale of ad packs to overall members. If there is no sale then there is no revenue share to members. This helps the system to run in the long run but at the same time risk for the members to unaware of how long it will take to get back their original investment and profit.

Cash Links – Another earning method you can use in LoTraffic is cash links. These are ads and can earn you $0.05 to $0.08 every day after watching for few seconds. It is very similar to PTC sites and can earn well if you have a big downline. If we look at PTC site then they pay the fraction of a cent for each ad but Lo Traffic pay much more than PTC sites.

Referral Commission – Lo Traffic offers much higher commission than its competitors and sister site. You will get 11% referral commission from any purchase of your direct referrals made. This referral commission is not limited to first purchase by your referrals but also includes any subsequent purchase as well.


Things I Liked about Lo Traffic:

Some Earning Potential

Each ad pack of $5 earns you $5.75 and your net profit will be $0.75. Total ROI is 115% and it is a good return on investment if this ad pack matures quickly. It means this system can reward you well if this will run for the long term. In order to boost earning potential, you can use compounding. It can be done by purchasing ad pack as soon as your balance reach $5. After few months, due to this compounding your number of ad packs will increase tremendously. The only thing to care about is its sustainability.

If we compare Lo Traffic with other similar sites like Traffic Monsoon and PV Traffic then Lo Traffic offers a higher return. TM offers 110%, PVT offers 113% and this one offers 115%.

Good Site Layout

Similar to other competitive sites, Lo Traffic also has very attractive site layout and easy to use member’s area. It uses different colors and its structure is really attractive. It has also a sidebar that displays daily news which is great to inform investors about inside information.

Things I Don’t Liked about Lo Traffic:

Problem with PayPal

This has been a regular issue with PayPal because its sister site is suffering from this. On a couple of occasions, they have resolved with the PayPal but eventually their funds were freeze by PayPal. Andy has been continuously working with PayPal in order to resolve issues but not sure how long this will take to resolve permanently.

PayPal is the most used online processor in the world and moreover, its acceptance is nearly a symbol of legitimacy of the system. If an admin wants to grow this system then it must resolve the issue with PayPal.

Delay in Payments

I have heard a lot of complaints about late withdrawals, especially from its sister site. As this site is new it is difficult to tell whether this is due to some technical fault or the program is not generating enough profits.

Currently, this site is based on a model that is unsustainable and similar to Ponzi scheme. Because it is merely a shuffling of investment from one people to another. It is better Andy must find some other revenue sources to make this system sustainable.

LoTraffic Launched after PVTraffic

Andy has launched PVTraffic on 29 July 2015 and after 2 months he launched this site and both are premised on the same business model. It is very difficult to know the intentions of admin about this strategy. They are still facing a lot of problems with the old site and launching this one is definitely raising doubts over the admin.

It is better for admin to stay focus on one site, but they have some other intentions, which will be revealed after some time.

Is Lo Traffic a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Lo Traffic is a new site and it is growing fast just like other similar sites like Traffic Monsoon (TM) and PVTraffic. Traffic Monsoon is growing well due to the regular inflow of new members and has more revenue source than this one. But the truth is these sites are based on a business model which is very similar to Ponzi scheme and very unsustainable. I cannot recommend such sites to invest money and it is better to join as a free member and use their cash links.

Suppose you have invested $1000 and this site turns into scam then your whole investment will be stuck in the system. It is better to take a wise step and join only those sites that are legitimate and join for the right reasons.

If you are still looking for this opportunity then invest only what you can afford to lose because it is your hard earned money.

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I hope you will like my Lo Traffic review and if you have any question about this then please let me know.