Long Tail Pro Review – Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool?

Product Name: Long Tail Pro
Website Address: www.longtailpro.com
Product Owner: Spencer Haws
Cost: Free + Premium (Click Here for Free Signup)
My Unique Rating: 95 out of 100


Long tail pro was launched by Spencer Haws. It is basically a keyword research tool that can find long tail keywords for you. Long tail keywords are keywords that are greater than 3 words and you can rank very easily because of less competition. Considering this fact long tail pro was designed and it is doing that task very effectively.

Long tail keywords are not only easy to rank but also have very high conversion rate. Because these keywords are more specific to solving a problem like “how to lose belly fats” are more specific than “lose fats”.

There are many competitors of long tail pro but most of the bloggers and internet marketers are using this tool and it has a pretty decent market share. 

Features of Long Tail Pro (LTP):

1). Keyword Research: Primary function of this tool is to do keywords research. LTP gathers this data from Google keyword planner and show us in the form of list of keywords, search estimates, Cost per Click (CPC) and Advertiser competition. There are different options available in this feature you can use like Include and Exclude Keywords, Domain Availability, Google and Bing Title Competition and other additional filters.

2). Competitor Analysis: Another great feature of this tool is competitor analysis. This feature will show you details of top ten sites in Google based on specific keywords. Details shown by this tool includes:

Site URL, Post Title, Page authority, Page links, Juice page links, Domain authority, Moz rank, Page rank, Site age.

3). Keyword Rank Checker: This is another important elements in SEO to keep track your site rank. Just enter your site and keyword them it will show your where your site is in Google, Bing and Yahoo. It can do so up to 50 pages and if your site is not there in 50 pages of search engines then it will show you +500. 

4). Domain Availability: When you are using this feature then you will see domain availability with your keyword research result. You can choose any of the two options

  • Check Exact Match Domain (EMD)
  • Check Hyphenated Domains.

In each category you can select .com, .net, .org, .co and others as per your desire.

Pros vs. Cons:


  1. Very easy to find long tail keywords that are easy to rank in search engines. Though Short keywords are receiving large traffic but they are very competitive and when you write content on it then it is very difficult to receive even very less traffic because there are so many competitive pages are there in search engines.
  2. You can use this tool free for 10 days with limited features. It helps you to look at this tool before purchasing.
  3. It also shows data from Moz in the form of Page authority, Page links, Domain authority, Moz rank. One can easily analyze competitor’s information and know that whether it is difficult to beat top search engine sites. Because it is very difficult to bear sites that have high page authority, Domain authority and page rank. So we can easily put our efforts on other keywords.
  4. There are customizable features in tool that you can easily use for desired results like Include and Exclude Keywords and additional filters.


  1. Cost is high to my liking especially when you are new to blogging. You also have to pay major upfront cost and monthly subscriptions.
  2. It is not a web based tool but a software and need to be downloaded. If you are using multiple devices then you need to install on all devices.

How Much Does it Cost You?

Free trial

It is available to everyone and you can download this software and use its free trial for 10 days. Though this trial will not access you whole features but still it is a good tool.

Pro $97 one time

After 10 days if you want to use this tool then you need to pay $97 one time and it will not allow you extra features.

Platinum $97 upfront + $17 per month

Platinum will allow access to its full features. The best feature in this tool is Average keyword competitiveness (KC) which is allowed to use in this membership.

What I Like Most About This Tool?

It has different features that are very helpful to us but I like most Average keyword competitiveness (KC). This is a score based on lot of number of factors and are in the range of 1 to 100. It tells us how much it is difficult to beat the other site on particular keyword.

Less the number the better it is to beat other site. If it is less than 30 than you have a very good chance to rank on keyword because competing sites are not very authoritative. But above than 60 is very tough to rank and it is better to find other keyword for your site.

Data from Moz:

Lot of data shown by LTP are actually coming from Moz. When you install software then you have to create Moz account. Following are the numbers that are taken from Moz.

  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • mozRank

It is also great to see data from Moz because Moz membership is also very expensive. It really helps us to see the keywords results and dig further into specific site to see its Page Authority, Domain Authority and mozRank.

Is LTP the Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool? My Final Words:

In my opinion it is one of the best keyword research tool available to find long tail profitable keywords. Some of its features like average keyword competitiveness and competitor analysis are really incomparable with the competitors.

You can easily see how difficult it is to get top rank in search engine. Because if we want to beat high authority sites then it is very difficult for us to compete so we focus much attention on those keywords that are easy to rank. All this guidelines are provided by long tail pro.

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