Are There Any Legit Link Posting Jobs from Home? My Review!

Welcome to my link posting jobs review!

Links Posting Jobs claim to be a million dollars industry and what you are told that all you need is to post links all over the internet and make thousands of dollars from home.

So, in this review I will let you know;

  • What are link posting jobs?
  • Types of link posting jobs
  • Signs of a link posting scam
  • Are there any legit platforms where you can work on?
  • Which platforms should you avoid?
  • How much money can you make from link posting jobs?

Without any delay, let’s start to know how it all works;

Link Posting Jobs Review Summary

Product Type: Link Posting Jobs

Price: Free + Paid

Best For: No One

Link Posting Jobs Review

Summary: Link Posting Jobs claim that you could earn few thousand dollars per month just by posting links on the social sites, forums, Q/A sites and many more.

Ratings: 0/100

Verdict: Mostly Scams

What are Link Posting Jobs?

Have you ever seen big claims on the internet about making money online without doing much work. Most relates to the link posting jobs.

In Link Posting Jobs, you are simply asked to promote a product’s link over the internet. In exchange for this, you get paid commission for the time and effort you put in.

The more links you post, the higher your earnings will be.

There is a question in your mind……

What benefit will the companies get for posting links over the internet?

To answer this, first, you need to understand the concept of affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you are simply promoting someone else products for the sake of a commission.

Let’s suppose the product price is $100 and its affiliate commission is 50%. If you promote this product using a special link that is provided to you by the vendor, you will earn $50 commission for each product you sold. 

So what happens in link posting jobs!

The person on whom behalf you are promoting a product will get a commission if someone buys that product using the link you have posted.

I think it’s simple to understand.

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Types of Link Posting Jobs:

Link posting companies claim that you can earn $300 per day just by posting links on the internet. When you look at those companies, there are actually four types of companies that require such work;

Type 1 Jobs

The type 1 jobs are expected to enroll those persons who have a good experience in link posting jobs.

Your task is to post these companies’ links on the internet, and for each link, you will be paid generously in the form of cash.

Companies will earn commission from the sale of the products if someone buys those products from the links that you have posted.

Those types of jobs existed in the past where there are no limits on placing affiliate links. You can easily place them all over the web including forums, social media, emails, video marketing sites, and many more.

As the rules getting stringent, such jobs no longer exist. Even most of the platforms offering such jobs are scam.  

So you should beware of those jobs.

The companies that fall into this category are:

Type 2 Jobs

These companies on the first hand will train you through different certification courses, and after completing the course, you will be granted an official certificate.

They will charge you a fee and provide you training related to posting links on the internet and earn money.

After completion of the certification course, you can start promoting yourself the products affiliate links over the internet and make a commission.

Type 3 Jobs

You all have heard a term called “Link Building.” In simple terms, it is a method by which you are building links for your site to increase your search engine position.

The search engine considers links as votes. The higher the votes you will get, the better position you are in.

So if a site has more links pointing to it is supposed to be ranking better in the SERP than a site who has fewer backlinks, considering all other factors to remains the same.

Though there are over 200 factors, Google algorithm considers bringing a page to the top position. Nevertheless, links pointing to your site from other sites carry the higher percentage among all factors.

So, these types of companies are looking for experienced guys who know how to post links on other sites. They are paying $10 to $100 for posting each link.

 If you move to freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork you can see numerous opportunities like these.

Type 4 Jobs

You have heard about link shorteners, and the prominent name that comes to your mind is

You have often seen their annoying ads whenever you try to watch a video or try to download something.

In reality, and some other similar companies pay their members for posting their shorten link over the internet, and whenever someone clicks on that link, he/she has to watch that ad for few seconds.

This activity makes you a commission. They generally provide you $1 for viewing 1000 ads impression.

So, to earn $1, you need to bring traffic to your links. Let’s look at how this all process works;

  •  The advertiser pays money to to show his ad to visitors. Let’s say advertiser paid $2 for 1000 visits.
  • cuts its own commission, say for example $1.
  • then promotes this through its publishers. When a visitor clicks on publisher’s links, he has to view a few seconds’ advertisements. The publisher gets rest of $1 for 1000 visits on his link.

Type 3 job is most difficult to complete, while others are a lot easier though they have limited earning potential. Type 1 companies have a lot more scams.

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Signs of a Link Posting Scam

1. Unrealistic Claims

Often I have seen that those companies make unrealistic claims and playing it with the emotions of the people.

Let’s look at the images which are also link posting scams;

How could you achieve this while working only one hour a day? I have been in this industry for more than 7 years and never seen a single program that makes me rich while doing nothing.

I have joined hundreds of sites during this period including high yield investment programs (HYIP), and then I came to know that they wouldn’t work. I decided then to join Wealthy Affiliate and created this site.

Since then I have been earning a lot of income, but I put so much effort into my blog.

So, forget any site that has unrealistic claims about making you rich.

2. Check Their Business Model

This is important!

As they are claiming that you only have to post links on the web. Nothing else!

Believe me; this worked in the past, not now. If you post links everywhere on the web, it is called spam.

Even no platform would allow you to post affiliate links on their platforms.

If you don’t trust me; let’s do it yourself. You can check it on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and many more social platforms.

But please don’t do it with your main account. Otherwise, you could get your account terminated.

There are even forums where you can check this. The most popular ones are warrior forum and money saving expert.

Even where you are allowed to place affiliate links, YouTube for example, it is not easy to get views on your videos and then people will click on the link in the description box.

3. Limited Availability

If you move to link posting sites, you will see that they always have a widget on the sidebar or in some other form, and it will be written that there are only a few spots left and that they want to make you buy today. 

I haven’t seen any legitimate opportunity offer will rush you into buying like that. It is the internet, so there’s no need to limit.

4. Fake Names and Testimonials

I have come across many sites that have hidden their identity. Even if you see their WHOIS info, you couldn’t find anything. This is because they have WHOIS protected.

My question is…

If they want to help people honestly, so why they are hiding from the public?

The answer is simple; they are mostly scammers. They came with different names but with the same intention.

Getting testimonials and fake names are easy. There are sites like Fiverr and Fake Name Generator that will do all for you.

For images, there are many sites where you may find royalty free images. See iStock, Shutter Stocks, and Wikimedia Commons.

If you see my picture on the site, everyone can think about a real and natural person behind this blog. But if you see their pictures, there are always doubts raises in your mind. 

Site Owner Photo (See below also)

Image Purchased From

Are there any legit platforms to Find Link Posting Jobs?

Honestly speaking, there were jobs in the past when the internet was not so much regulated. Even you can earn money from spamming.

But now, even smaller platforms have strict rules and regulation, forget about Google.

I have spent quite a bit of time on finding link posting jobs, but I couldn’t find a single one. Though there are scams out there, I don’t want to let you join those.

 But the good news is; as link posting jobs are mostly known for affiliate commission.

So, I will share with you my legit platform that will provide you with everything to start your journey and make money online.

Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Link Posting Jobs:

I have defined affiliate marketing above. So the important question that comes to your mind is;

Both use the same system so why one is legit, and the other one is a scam?

In affiliate marketing, you are actually following all the terms and conditions for being an affiliate, and most importantly you are creating your own blog and recommending other people different products and services. There is no spam or anything illegal in it.

On link posting jobs, you are just posting links everywhere on the web and spamming different platforms.

The former being gives you more earning potential while the latter will only earn you a few bucks and be ready for getting a ban on many platforms.

Want to Earn a Fulltime Income From Home?

Link posting jobs are not a way to move forward. I suggest you to see my top recommendation.

Programs You Should Avoid:

I have gathered a list of sites which you should avoid it at all cost:

  • Online Home Careers University
  • Replace Your Job
  • 37 Clicks
  • Home Job Source
  • Extreme Home Profits
  • Online Software Solutions
  • Cash from Home
  • Online Home Careers University
  • Work at Home University
  • Stay at Home Revenue
  • Internet Cash Income
  • Home Internet Cash
  • Web Fortune Master
  • Amanda Jones Online Income

This list is huge, and I will update it if I find any new link posting scam. 

How to Post Links the Right Way?

In the end, I will let you know how you can post links and earn affiliate commission. This is what I am doing since long and earning commission month after month.

You don’t need to be wary of things such as being called a spammer, getting banned, playing in the hands of scammers and being scammed by above fraudulent networks.

I suggest you see my #1 recommended program to start your journey today and achieve your goals. 

It is an online community where you can see how to create a website on any topic you want, and earn money from it. You don’t need to be wary of creating a website, it is created instantly.

The money-making part takes a bit longer. It's a real business so that you won't be earning money overnight! But people earn good money doing this.

Everyone is different, but some people are making $5,000+ selling other people’s products on their website.

Building websites and selling products/services from the blog are how I earn money online which is why I get so passionate about it. I am working on multiple sites.

You can pick any topic you want, I recommend choosing something that interests you. Then you sell stuff from big companies like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, or even places like Wal-Mart or Uber.

It’s how a lot of folks make money online.

If you are willing to put in time and effort properly, you could have a real website set up in less than one hour, and a legitimate, profitable online business is just a few months.

I hope you will like my post "Are There Any Legit Link Posting Jobs from Home?" and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.

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