Letgo Review 2021 – Is Let Go App Legit or Scam?

Welcome to my Letgo review 2021!

LetGo app sure sounds like a reliable way to get rid of the unwanted stuff in your house, doesn't it? And I'm guessing your desire to find out how worth it really is, right?

Well, I have seen many positive remarks on it. But there is also quite a number of complaints about it. So I decided to understand it from all points of view and know exactly how it functions.

I did this to clear all the doubts that may have been planted about the system by other letgo reviews. Please be sure to read attentively to know the real truth of it.

My letgo review will be revealing everything.

Product Name: Let Go
Website Address: www.letgo.com
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free to Use
Rankings: 67 out of 100

Letgo Review

  Letgo Review - Introduction:

There are always better systems coming up to improve upon the already existing ones. You will find many of them being launched every so often.

Based on my experience online, I have come to see that such newly made programs that work more effectively than the older ones are needed to make the overall user experience a good one.

If you don't get someone trying to better a service they feel isn't up to the standards, we will be stuck with poor services for life.

This is the reason I respect those people who summon all their courage and expertise to boost the quality of different systems within an industry.

Online systems are the most common ones as far as such evolution is concerned.

Folks will want to create programs which include some of the features people need and cannot get in the older ones.

And this generally sets the competition on fire which is needed to live in a quality world.

But as this happens, there are a few individuals who would want to take advantage of this competition to benefit themselves at the expense of people out there.

They will build systems that appear to be better placed than the previous ones but put a catch that will get people ripped.

For this very reason, I had to evaluate Let go properly to see what its main aim actually is. What I'm about to share is what I came to learn about it.

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  What is Letgo?

This is an app that allows you makes sales out of the old stuff you have lying in your house unused. Whether it's your old phone, clothes, jewelry or toys, you name it.

You will be able to sell them all through the app. Unlike Craigslist which operates in the same way, this one goes an extra mile by making the service accessible through an app.

Nowadays, many people are into smartphones as they are lighter and more convenient. And LetGo makes it possible for them to sell through smartphones.

Let Go is more of an improved version of Craigslist which is only limited to computers. This is different from Appnana, Music Xray and Checkout 51.

It seeks to bring the buyer and seller who reside in the same locality together to trade. This is great as you don't have to spend money commuting to get to sell something you really want to do away with.

It also has some other great provisions which make it stand out from many other standard selling apps out there. And I will be telling you about all the features in a minute.

  How Does This App Work?

The main concept working in this app is helping people buy and sell with all the tools they need, to a completed sale or purchase.

It gives all the features like photos of the product, ability to ask questions about the product, communicating with the seller or the buyer and much more.

I will go into details on these features.

But before getting there, I would like to look at the way you, as the seller will be working your way through the app to get your old items sold.

I will tackle the seller side as there is not much to say about the buyer side except for contacting the buyer, discussing the price and the meeting place, and then buying.

Here is how you, the seller, go about it.

• Download the app - You will first have to get the app working on your phone. After that, you will take the next step of account registration.

You can do this through your Facebook or Google plus account, or even email. Just ensure, you use what you feel comfortable with.

• Sell Your Product - Here, you will have to add your product to the listing. You will take pictures of it through the app and then upload them to your account.

When you do that, you are free to add some information about it like the name, category and a short description of the product.

If you wish, you can include the starting price to have the buyers get a good idea of where they should start their negotiations from.

• Communicate with the Buyer - When you send the product to the listing, you will wait for a potential buyer to contact you.

There is a chat system within the app that lets you talk with the buyer.

There, you can answer all the questions they have with regards to the product, make negotiations on the price and determine the suitable place you will meet to complete the trade.

• Meet up and Trade - After the app has introduced you to one another, you will go meet with the buyer where you agreed on.

There you will give them the product and they will give you the money you settled on.

  Things You Need to Keep in Mind About Let Go:

Do note that Let Go doesn't do any financial transactions on your behalf. It only helps you meet a willing buyer.

After having achieved that purpose, you will have to handle everything else to see that you have your sale go smoothly.

They won't make any procession of payments nor will they give you any refunds. They don't get any commission if you sell the item, or if you use their platform. It is completely free, in all sense of the term.

This means you have to be really careful with how you make this app work for you.

It is recommended that you choose a place you consider safe to meet with the buyer for your own security's sake.

  Amazing Features of the LetGo App:

The creators of Let Go have tried their best to make sure you have everything you need to start your product marketing and go through the necessary steps to see the product sold well.

For this they have included features like:

  • Chat - to help you communicate effectively with the potential buyer.
  • Upload Area - to help you take and upload photos of the product you want to sell.
  • Product Listing - to get your item placed where people who want to buy it can see.

  Who Is It For?

This app is best for people who want to buy or sell old things which are still well usable, and at a reasonable price.

If you have anything you feel is taking up much of the space in your house, and you don't need it, you can easily sell it there.

If you also want to buy an old item you really need to have, this is a good place to get it.

  Pros Vs. Cons:

The Pros

  • The app is simple to use and very intuitive. You can't get stuck using it.
  • There are no fees when using the platform.
  • You set your own price and get to decide the last price
  • It is an easy way to get customers for your products
  • There are all the features you need to display and sell your product.
  • You get to mark the products you have sold to avoid any problems.

The Cons

  • There is no way to determine if the buyer has any motives other than selling.
  • Most people will ask you endless strings of questions and end up not buying.
  • Many people are asking more about the address of the seller which can be dangerous.
  • The app is not known in other areas which means a low rate of using it and succeeding in making sales with it.
  • There are a few technical issues with the app. It is relatively new and there are a number of hiccups you will meet.
  • The service the app gives is not available in all countries.

  Final Verdict:

To be brief, the app is great to make money with. It has great features you can use to make your selling experience an enjoyable one.

But it also has its own downsides. If you can manage the disadvantages, you are more than welcome to use it.

Final Verdict - Legit!

Product Name: Let Go
Website Address: www.letgo.com
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free to Use
Rankings: 67 out of 100

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