Legitimate Free and Paid Work from Home Online Jobs

Welcome to my site and in this post I will guide you some of the most prominent legitimate home based home based business opportunities. I have been working online for the last 5 years and during this period I have been involved with different sites and I have a lot of experience and I can share you deep insight about this industry.

I have also wasted a lot of time and money on such sites that used to come for few months and then run away. Then I started realizing that why not move to the most stable business model out there and since then I am very happy with all the things going on. The thing is with every day that passes I am moving forward to more opportunities and definitely more earning potential.

In this post I will show you all the best ways that you can use including both free and paid ways. To be honest, I you are serious and wanting to build long term business then it will require investment. If you don’t have money then no problem I will also share some free ways that you can use and invest such money in paid programs.

Best Free Ways to Earn Money from Home:

As they are free so requires lot of effort but with very limited earning potential. The famous sites are;

Freelancing Sites – With these sites you can earn money by winning projects. This will be through bidding on projects and the person or company awards this to the person who fits their criteria. Your profile is very critical and with the passage of time as long as you complete different projects then you profile will grow and your earning also.

Most prominent sites includes Odesk, Freelancer, Guru, and Upwork. If you have web development or SEO skills then you can earn full time income from such sites.

Fiverr – Fiverr is also similar to the above sites except that you don’t need to bid and customer will find you based on your gig information. I have seen people who are earning over $5000 per month just by doing hour or two of work daily.

This site has grown tremendously in previous years and if you know any tasks like logo designing, web development, search engine optimization, or video creation and editing then this is the perfect platform to get started.

Pay to Click (PTC) Sites – PTC sites are absolutely free to join but 99% of them are scams. Only join those sites that are very old and offering some good earnings opportunities. If you don’t make referrals then it is not for you.

If you can join 5 to 10 sites and it will hardly take your 45 minutes daily. If you know the art of referrals then you can make $50 to $200 from one site. Your earnings will depend on how much referrals you make. Most popular PTC sites are Clixsense, Neobux, and Clixten.

Survey Sites – Survey sites are also free to join and can help you to get some quick cash. Their earning potential is also not huge but they are better than PTC sites. The important thing about surveys are that they are geo targeted. It means they are mostly available to USA and other western countries. Even some such sites don’t offer their surveys to any country other than USA.

If you join multiple survey sites then this will enable you to earn $2 to $10 from each site. Most common sites are Paidviewpoint, Swagbucks, Treasure Trooper and Global Test Market.

Best Paid Ways to Earn Money from Home:

If you don’t have money then use previous freeways and then invest in paid methods. This is real online products that guide you about building your online business.

Affiliate Marketing – This is my favorite way to earn money online. You can make one authority site or few niche sites depending on you which thing you like. If you know all such things how this works then this is a plus point but if you don’t know how this works then there are lot of training platforms available that guides each and everything about affiliate marketing.

There are also other cost associated with this form of business but it is lessor than any other form of business. The cost includes domain, hosting, and article writing.

I have also learned all those things in Wealthy Affiliate, it is number one training platform out there. There are many others including Bring the Fresh, Affilorama, Chris Farrell Membership, and ClickBank University.

Email Marketing – This is another very popular to make money online. Every successful internet marketer has a large number of list. If you don’t know this then my suggestion would be to look at auto responder madness, Build my List.

If you have a large list then it is your asset that will provide you benefits years to come. Other than training there is also other costs involved like landing pages, autoresponder, paid advertising and domain and hosting cost.

CPA Marketing – CPA marketing is another very popular way to earn money online it is lot easier than any other model and you are rewarded for any desired action taken by your visitors. Let suppose you have joined a network that pays you every customer that signup for a particular product and if you do that you will get commission.

This business model also requires lot of investment in the form of landing pages, autoresponder, paid advertising and domain and hosting cost. If you want to learn CPA marketing then the best program out there is CPA Evolution.

Creating Your Own Product – This is another very popular way to create your own product and market it. It is most difficult among all, if you don’t compromise quality. This requires special skill and its return are greater than any other business model.

If you want to learn how to create your own product then Product Launch Formula is the best platform for you.


These are all best ways and it’s up to you which one you choose. My sincere advice to everyone is to go for affiliate marketing initially as it is lot cheaper than other methods. There is little risk involved as compared to other models and earning potential are also great.

If you want to learn everything about this model then see my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

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