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People are looking for legit home made businesses and their numbers are increasing day by day. The reasons for this is;

  • They don’t like their job.
  • They wanted to earn some extra money to support their family, Or
  • They like to build the homemade business.

Whatever the reason, my purpose of this site is to guide you so that you can move in the right direction in your life. There are many opportunities available online some are in the form of MLM, Cyclers, PTC, etc. But using my more than five years of experience I am now aware that if you wanted to build your legitimate homemade business, then these type of plans will not fulfill your need.

The model I am showing you here is the best online business model, and it is incomparable with any other model. Without wasting your time, i am showing you my favorite business model.

Step 1: Foundation for your Online Business – A Website

First step is you need your own WEBSITE if you want to be successful online. A website is equivalent to the tangible asset you own like building, vehicle, and supermarket. Everything requires a solid foundation if you want to succeed in life. An online business is no different, and your foundation is going to be your website. Set the solid foundation for your online business in the form of website you will be VERY SUCCESSFUL online.

Step 2: Marketing materials- The Content

Now you have a website, so what’s next?  The next step is to create content for your website. Content what you called is your marketing material. Content will help you to build a relationship with your audience. Good content will bring you a great amount of traffic, which will produce revenue for you. Here we convert a one-time visitor to our website advocate. Building a quality content is the most powerful part of SEO.

You can use text, video, audio in your content. People often ignore videos or images but honestly speaking some people are very visual in nature so using these types of things you are in a better position to engaging a large audience in your site.

Step 3: Putting your foundation worldwide – The Traffic

You are definitely moving in the right direction. Another important question is how to bring traffic to your site? There are many ways in which you can do this, the content being the first and foremost focus.

  • Writing Content
  • Social Media
  • Creating Videos and Visuals
  • Getting Rankings in Google (which comes from content)
  • Paid Traffic
  • Ad Buys

You are building a stable online business, and it can take time. Remember I am not asking you about years, you can do in months. Well if you know these things it is better for you. But if you didn’t know just like me sometimes ago, then no need to worry.

To build such business, you don’t need to know web development and other languages like HTML, Javascript, CSS and others. I am related to accounting and finance field, but I can build a site like this. But how?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate is the place that will guide you from A to Z. So, you don’t need to worry about your background. Wealthy Affiliate, everyone called it an online university, the top place to get an education in online business anywhere. It only requires you to open a free account. Read my review so that you can better understand it.

 Step 4: Opening Up Shop – The Money Part

This is where you will enjoy.  There are hundreds of ways you can make money from a site that has traffic.  Here are few of the ways that can be used to make money.

  • Affiliate Marketing (Selling Affiliate Products).
  • Selling Products that You Own
  • Selling the Actual Website on its Marketplace.
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Adsense (Alternatives)
  • Selling Advertising Space

This does not end here. Honestly, if you have all of the features, then the list is indeed endless. There are a lot of business models out there like MLM, Revenue sharing, Product development, PTC, GPT and Affiliate Marketing, but I weigh AM is much more than any other business model.

Benefits of This Business Model

Why this and not others. Here is the reason;

  • This is your legit online business
  • You have control of your business just like your own physical resource
  • You can earn so much income that no other method can even near to it
  • This business is transferable as you can easily sell

DO NOT Try This Alone!!

Remember there are many scams out there in the online industry. That is why I want to invite you the place where you learn everything about online business. You can join easily for free.  No catches, no credit card, just fill out a form and you are IN!

Get Started NOW!

If you have any question then do comment I will be more than happy to help you.

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larry bryant - August 6, 2017

I like it look like fun to make some money to pay for some bills.

Guru Prem Kaur Khalsa - August 6, 2016

Dear sirs, I joined Online sales pro before I understood it was to help you build a competitive website. I have a passive website related to my memoirs, which are far from being published. I make very little money from the website for it is not meant to generated sales. It will be a valuable resource for people who look me up once my book is being sold, for I have been told it will spread like wildfire as soon as it is published.. Kindly refund my initial $37 and discontinue my membership in this otherwise valuable service.

    khan - August 8, 2016

    Thanks Guru Prem for your comment. I am not the admin of online sales pro. Kindly visit their site and contact the admin. They will resolve your issue.

Marie Woods - July 7, 2016

I joined Wealthy Affiliate several month ago and was completely lost. So I dropped out. I need a program for a complete novice. I have several thousand emails in an email list that I can use to get started but don’t have products to promote.

    khan - July 8, 2016

    Thanks Marie for your comment. I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice. If you want to be in email marketing then build my list would be a good option for you.

John - April 22, 2015

Hi Khan,

Thanks for sharing the 5 step process on how to set up an online business. The Wealthy Affiliate University looks like just the training we all need to get started and be successful.

I’ll check back later to let you know how I’m getting on!

Best wishes


    admin - April 23, 2015

    Thanks John for providing nice feedback. You are right wealthy affiliate is best to start in online world and to attain success. You are welcome.

Kevin - April 22, 2015

Hey Khan nice job laying out the steps in building an online business. Best of luck to you.

    admin - April 23, 2015

    Thanks Kevin for appreciation.


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