25 Legit Ways To Make Money Online From Home

25 Legit Ways To Make Money Online From Home

In today’s tech-savvy era, making money online is no easy task. With increasing competition and navigation through scams and frauds, it is more important now than ever to recognize the reputable sources of online income. Here are 25 legitimate means to make money online:

  1. Write an eBook

If you are a decent writer with a stable grip on prose, you could consider writing an eBook. More specifically, books that are informative and aimed towards teaching a technical skill seem to do very well in the online market.

This can be a good way of making money online in the long-term but requires an initial investment of time and marketing.

  1. Sell Audiobooks

Audiobooks have been gaining thundering popularity recently as their digital print counterparts are becoming more and more unpopular. You can either turn your eBook into an audio book through resources like Audible or you can create an exclusive audiobook and enjoy a flow of cash in the long run if the attempt is successful.

  1. Create an App

Though this may sound too difficult, creating apps is considered one of the best ways to earn passive income if done right. Whether it is for a branding agency or a fandom guide, the right app can do wonders for the creator.

If you do not have the technical skills and do not want to acquire them either, you could partner yourself with someone who has the right development skills and shares the output. A massive number of users can be reached with a good app and advertisements.

  1. Get paid to give your opinion

There are official surveys on the internet that you can sign up for and earn money by simply filling in a few questionnaires. Some paid survey sites include PointClub and InboxDollars which offer you $5 for just signing up and provide the opportunity to earn up to $700 in a year.

  1. Download some Apps

There are companies, ranging from an advertising agency to marketing firms, which pay you for downloading apps on your smartphones or computers! One example of this is MobileXpression which grants you instant reward games for prizes and everyone wins something including gift cards, iPads etc.

The app’s purpose is to collect data with your consent in order to help companies better understand web usage.

  1. Sell your things!

Auctioning items of eBay would be another great way to make money online. Selling items online can become a lucrative job if you know what you are doing.

However, you need to navigate through the competition and demand factors of what you want to sell; once you figure out a way to do this, you are good to go. Proper research and employment marketing techniques can help you reach great levels of success.

  1. Use Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a venture by Amazon that allows you to take on micro-jobs for other people. These are referred to as HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks. These minuscule jobs are quite easy to perform for an ordinary person and include downloading images or recording phrases on a microphone.

  1. Create a Blog

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com

Possibly the most tedious and enduring venture one can take up to earn money online is to build a blog. To make money off blogging, one requires a proper readership and subscribers and getting both requires hard work and investment of time and money.

However, once you do acquire a readership, blogs can generate exponential amounts of money for you.

  1. Offer gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge name in the gig industry on the internet. If you have a significant professional experience in services such as accounting, marketing, web development or SEO training, you could start a gig of your own by performing valuable services on the platform.

  1. Sell professional services

Websites such as Upwork and 99Designs are famous for being hubs of providing professional services. If you are an expert in a field, which could be anything ranging from graphic design to software expertise, you should consider selling your skills as a service through one of these sites.

It might be a difficult task in the beginning but by building up a good track record and positive feedback, it will get easier to find work within your niche.

  1. Rent your House

You can either rent your entire house or a couple of rooms on Airbnb. This is an effective way to accumulate money in the short run. This will definitely be more convenient if you live a tourist location or a sought after holiday destination. Positive guest reviews will help you along the way.

  1. Sell Pictures

Image source: https://www.makeuseof.com

If you are good at photography and have a collection of good, original pictures, you could consider selling them at Shutterstock or iStockPhoto. All it takes is consistency and creativity to overcome competition and earn money out of this.

  1. Sell products on Etsy

This is a good resource for anyone who can make their own products. If you have a creative mind and can delve into the world of hand-crafted items, then you are in luck.

Those with a talent for creating products from scratch can set an Etsy shop and sell them online. Though the website requires an initial fee, it far easier to pay that than set up one’s own website to sell.

  1. Write Articles

Article writing can be quite fruitful for those who have a knack for it. This depends on your prose skills and general knowledge. Though it will not pay much at first, once you build a portfolio for yourself, you can negotiate better pay rates.

  1. Content writing

Another writing-related task that you can consider is professional content writing for companies. This can be done either directly, or indirectly through freelancing. Depending on your work ethic and speed, you can earn considerable amounts of money through this.

  1. Become a virtual tutor

Tutoring is quite a lucrative field nowadays. You can become an online tutor and engage in either tutoring sessions or host Webinars to help people. This is most successful for teaching languages or technical skills.

  1. Become a virtual assistant

Though this will not allow you to make large sums of money, it is a convenient job for anyone residing in a low cost-of-living city. All that is required of you is some organizational and technical skills as well as effective communication to succeed in this business.

  1. Develop courses

Udemy is a website that allows users to design their own courses to teach people complicated tasks and niche skills such as search engine optimization. Though it requires some effort on your part, it is a sure way of earning long-term passive income.

  1. Video tutorials/essays on YouTube

Another long-term strategy is to have a niche presence on YouTube. This can be a tedious task which requires a lot of patience and consistency but creating good videos and reaching out to the right viewers can go a long way. Gamers and movie reviewers have made a living via YouTube.

  1. Answer Questions

If you are an expert in a field and think you can help answer questions for people looking for professional opinions, websites like JustAnswer and LivePerson are perfect for you.

These connect you with people looking for answers to technical or professional questions and allow you to make money online by simply providing the right information to people depending on their specific circumstances.

  1. Build an FBA business

You could also set up a Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) business in which Amazon takes on the responsibility to pack and ship your orders while giving you exposure to an active marketplace. Amazon is a demand-high platform and partnering with it will definitely prove beneficial.

  1. Build your own store

Image source: https://expertbeacon.com

Use Shopify to build your own transactional website! Contrary to popular belief, this process is not that much of hassle and quite easy to carry out. Having an online platform to sell products will definitely be productive if done right.

  1. Get paid to write reviews

If you have a blog, you can offer to review certain products or services in return for payments. This allows you to try out products related to your expertise and then get paid for reviewing them.

Website such as SponsoredReviews act as a middleman between bloggers and businesses for this very purpose.

  1. Freelancing

With tasks like data entry, copywriting, ghostwriting and proofreading, you can easily offer freelancing services. This is a quick way to make money since it does not require affiliation with any company and can be your independent ventures.

  1. Accept Donations

Lastly, one way to make money from the internet is to simply ask for it. For those in dire need, there is a website such as GoFundMe but it is important for you to use these if you have genuine reasons only.

You can accept donations in order ways – through your website or blog. You would have to rely on the generosity of your readers/viewers in this case which is why this is the very last item in this long list; it is always better to offer something in return for money.