Leapforce Review – Are Search Engine Evaluator Jobs a Scam?

Leapforce Review – Are Search Engine Evaluator Jobs a Scam?

You were probably searching for great income opportunities online when you got someone talking leapforce, right?

Now you are dying to know how the whole system operates and how good it really is in terms of reputation and payment, isn’t it?

Well, leapforce says it is offering pretty well-paying jobs to people who want to be search engine researchers and analysts. They also say that you don’t have to commute to make money, you get to earn at home and within your own time limit. Going by their rates, it is something worthwhile, if it does work and pay as claimed.

This leapforce review will be telling you if the program is worth working for.

Product Name: LeapForceLeapforce Review
Website Address: www.leapforceathome.com
Owner: Arthur L. Williams
Price: Free to Work
Rankings: 72 out of 100

Leapforce Review – Introduction:

With a computer and a stable internet connection, it is now very easy to secure an online job.

There are thousands of online jobs that are being created each year for people to benefit from.

Some may be created for a certain pocket of people while others are meant for literally just every person who wants to make money.

You will find others telling you to pay to get some form of membership to get all the necessary tools and resources you will be needing to make a decent amount of income.

But what you need to always keep in mind is, things are not always what they seem. Many programs will appear reliable yet be far from that.

They can hide their motives pretty well by giving you offers and free stuff to make you join but set a trap for you down the road to making money.

I researched this program and what I got was quite interesting. I will be sharing everything about it in the next few minutes.

What is Leap Force?

This is a company that has been hired by one of the giant search engines, Google, to keep the experience of their users great.

It looks for search engine evaluators to help them get accurate results for their users based on what they search for in the search engines.

There are 3 positions offered by Leap Force. They are search engine evaluator, search quality judge and a map quality analyst. Their roles will be discussed in a minute.

These positions are open to all people and the ones who get it are only those who qualify. But the jobs are not available in some countries. Some leapforce reviews say it is international, but it is limited to some areas.

So you have to check in your country to see if they are available. If not, you should look for other alternatives. You can try doing affiliate marketing. It also pays well.

How Does it Work?

Firstly, I would like to describe the nature of the jobs.

• Search Engine Evaluator – This opportunity requires a person who will be giving very detailed feedback on the search engine results.The person will be determining how relevant the search results are based on the keywords used to search for various things.

• Map Quality Analyst – The person in this position will be handling all the mapping data on the web. They will be making evaluations and improvements to the data. This means that they will have to be good researchers and analysts.

• Search Quality Judge – The person needed here will be reviewing search results related to the web as well as evaluating the quality of some tasks performed online. The more detailed the judge will be, the better. The person also needs to be well versed with research tools.

You don’t have any time limit to work but you are supposed to show some activity once in a while. At least, you ought to have worked on 200 evaluation tasks within a month.

The requirements include:

Basic requirements, which are:

• Fluency in English and one other language
• Good computing skills
• Good research, analytical and writing skills
• Should be ready to work only at home, never publicly

Required tools, which are:

• Personal computer with Mozilla Firefox browser, preferably version 13.x.
• Access to high-speed internet
• Updated antivirus and anti spyware software

Application and Payment:

If you want to apply for the positions, you will head to their website and there you will get an application form. You should fill it out and then submit it together with your résumé.

If you are chosen, you will be taken through 2 series of exams. Usually, what happens is they give you the training materials you’ll need as well as ample time to take it. 1 week is more than enough to be done.

And the best part is that you will get exams with multiple choices. So you won’t have to bang your head against the wall to get answers.

I will tell you upfront that the exam is no walk in the park. Many are those who have failed. But once you are done, submit it, cross your fingers and pray that you will get it.

When they review your work and find it worth it, you will join the crew and be able to receive payouts. But always remember that you haven’t been permanently employed.

You will be paid per work and when you ever do work below the expected code of ethics and standards, you will be dropped. So you always have to be wary of that.

When it comes to the payment, you will be paid after every 25 days, each month. I know you are eager to know how much you get paid.

Well, to rest the curiosity, you will be paid $13.50 an hour if you are an independent agent. If you are a map quality analyst, you will receive $18.50 an hour. You are paid by check and it is sent by email.

Who is it for?

This job opportunity is for those serious computer guys who are very techy with internet stuff.

If you are really passionate about working on the web beyond just social media and blogs and want technical things, this is your best bet.

However, you will have to be well skilled in it as you have to pass the exams and maintain high-quality work if you are to stay there.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• It seems like a good paying job, getting over $10 per hour is a real hustle for most folks.

• If you are a qualified person for any of the positions, you won’t have too much competition as people are always dropped through the exams and even down the road.

• You get to work at home.

The Cons

• You will be going through a lot of hassles to get hired but being dropped won’t take that long.

• The money you make here is still not enough to cater for your bills, no matter how hard the procedure is to be taken on board.

• You need at least 200 evaluations each month to be seen as an active member, or worker if you will.

• If you fail the exams, you will never be allowed to reapply.

• The tasks can sometimes be very tedious and boring. You may have to do the same things over and over again.

• You don’t necessarily work at home, as it sounds. You are limited to your own home and you are not even allowed to do the work while on vacations or outside of your home.

Final Verdict:

Well, the job is generally okay. You get to make relatively good money and a bit of experience with technical support for search engines which will add to your skills.

Though I have to say that the system is a little too strict.

It makes people shy away from the opportunity or work with so much fear and tension that their work may not be accepted and they will be dropped.

Overall, it is great and you can use it to make some money on the side. It is well worth the try if you are up to the task.

Final Verdict – Legit!

Product Name: LeapForce
Website Address: www.leapforceathome.com
Owner: Arthur L. Williams
Price: Free to Work
Rankings: 72 out of 100

If you are looking for a less strict money making system that mostly works with what you like, you can go with affiliate marketing.

You are much freer than in Leap Force in terms of the working place, the things you work on and the pay. In fact, you are the one who determines how much you receive each month.

If you desire to know more about this opportunity, and how to get started the right way, my #1 recommendation will give you just the right training.