Kyani Reviews – Does it Work or a Scam Opportunity?

Digging for more information about Kyani? You want to figure out whether it’s legit and worth your time and effort, isn’t it?

Kyani has grown so popular in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry in dealing with health products and paying the members using this pyramid like strategy. While people shy away from the idea of joining multi-level marketing programs, this claims to be quite a reliable one that does pay and very well so.

But has lived up to the hype?

This short kyani review will be revealing all that.

Product Name: Kyani
Website Address:
Owner: The Hansen’s and Taylor’s
Price: from $40 to $999 (depending on package)
Rankings: 70 out of 100

Kyani Reviews – Introduction:

When you decide to look for more income streams online, you are going to face many systems pushing themselves on you.

You are also going to find even more recruiters trying to convince you that the system they personally work with is the best and is the most suitable for you to use.

And one of the most common program people fall for, their first time, is the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program. There are thousands of websites working with this style on the web. You can read many reviews that I have written including Rodan and Fields, Empower Network and It Works.

The main thing that draws people to it is the earning potential described on their sales pages or through their agents and affiliates.

You are going to be showered with a lot of hopes of making 5 to 6 figure incomes over a month if you join them.

But the reality behind those claims is really a different one. What they tell you is true but very hard to achieve if you are not an expert.

That is why 97% of the people who join them end up quitting after a month or two.

Does kyani work like that as well? There are many signs it might be but let’s not judge the book by its cover. Let’s open it and get to learn more of it. Before going for detail review, click this link below if you are looking for an opportunity to make a full-time income from home.

What is Kyani?

This is a company which produces food supplements and uses individual distributors to market them who are paid using a network marketing structure.

It was launched back in 2005 and has operated for almost 12 years now. A number of people who have been joining it has been growing every year.

In fact, in 2015, a recent study revealed that the monthly traffic that company received was almost hitting 30,000 visitors.

It works in 44 countries all over the world, at the moment. But it keeps increasing the scope every so often.

All the products target the health and wellness industry with most of them made using two main ingredients from Alaska. These are Alaskan Salmon and Blueberries, they are very popular and loved by people generally.

You are going to find most of their products on Amazon or on social media with their distributors trying to sell them to people there.

The company was made by two families, the Hansen’s and the Taylor’s, but no deep information has been provided about them.

How Does it Work?

Well, there are two ways in which the company operates. After producing their products, they feature them on some of the most popular online stores like Amazon and sell them directly to the consumers.

You can find some of their supplements in your local stores. Secondly, they have a provision they have created for people who want to make money with their products.

What will happen is, you as the person who wants to earn some extra bucks, will have to register as their distributor and get a license to allow you to market their products.

After that, you can buy the products from the company at a given discount and go sell them to consumers out there at a profit.

Typically, the average profit you are likely to make off of the sales of their products is $4 per product. This means to hit at least $100 per day, you will have to sell over 20 of their products every day.

You can also spice your income stream a little more by seeking to recruit other people as distributors for kyani. This way you will be able to earn a certain monthly income off of their membership fees.

As you recruit more distributors, you will get to earn more recruit as they pay using the Multi-Level Marketing payment plan which gets people in levels.

This means, if you recruit a given number of people, you get to climb up to the next level and earn from the people you have recruited.

You also get to make money from the other people who have been recruited by the ones you directly recruited.

We will look more into that in a short while.

The most popular products kyani is known for are:

• Kyani Sunrise

This is a product made of a number of ingredients like Panax ginseng, Red raspberry, Amla berry, Alaskan Blueberry, and Pomegranate. It is meant to help with improving heart health, digestion, immune system and much more. The customer price is $39.95, which means you’ll get it at $35.95 and sell it at that to get a $4 profit.

• Kyani Sunset

This one is made of Omega 3, vitamin D, tocotrienols and Beta Carotene among others. It helps with boosting the health and quality of your hair and skin, cognitive performance and supporting cell membranes, to name a few. You get it for $35.95 and sell it for $39.95 again to make a $4 profit. The marked price on the market is $43.95.

• Kyani Nitro

The main ingredient in this one is nitric oxide. Some of the benefits it comes with include dealing with pathogens and repairing damaged cells in the body. You buy it at $59.95 and sell it at $62.95 and make $3 worth of profit.

• Kyani Nitro Xtreme

This product is similar to Kyani Nitro except for the extra vitamins that have been added to it. You as the distributor get it at the price of $69.95 and get to sell it at $74.95. This comes to a profit of $5.

Nothing negative about the products have been found. They are doing a very good job thus far.

Compensation Plan:

When you decide to become a kyani distributor, you have the potential of earning up to 60% worth of commissions off of each sale you initiate.

But this will greatly depend on the kind of package you choose to work with. There are 4 packages in the system:

• Distributor Package which costs $40

• Product Package which costs $299

• Business Builder Package which costs $499

• Premium Business Builder which costs $999

The most popular one is the Business Builder Package. The difference between the packages come in, in terms of the food supplements you will receive, the free trials, the tools, and brochures.

In the compensation plan, there are some pretty exciting bonuses, I mean pretty exciting. They include luxury cars, trips, team bonuses, fast start bonuses, general check match and many others.

This is to motivate people to work hard on making many products faster and recruit more people.

There are 15 ranks in the payment plan. If you look at the PDF they give for this plan, you will be able to see how they rank you and how much you get after you hit the milestones they have set.

You will also the huge amounts that are in for you, which are very inspiring. They are in millions and hundreds of millions. But what they don’t tell you is how much effort you are required to put into getting there.

Only a few individual ever get to reach them, if any. So don’t get all excited thinking you can do it in months.

You may get other kyani reviews telling you can achieve that in two months or so, be wary of them. They might be other distributors looking to recruit you.

Who is it For?

This program is best suited for folks who want to extra income selling products to consumers and recruiting people to the business.

If you feel you got what it takes to make hundreds of sales and recruits and go up the rankings, this one is definitely for you.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The products you buy and use or get to sell to other consumers are of good quality.

• The compensation plan is clear and you can understand how everything adds up quite easily.

• There is Kyani prime program that is pretty much the same as Amazon. You pay only a fee of $39 and you get the products on wholesale. You also get free shipping for all of them. It is cost saving.

• It has gotten an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

• It has been in business for more than a decade so it is trustworthy and you can invest in it.

• You get quite interesting bonuses and incentives to power you up to make more sales for the company.

• The quality of the ingredients they used in their products are great. That is why there are no complaints about them to this point.

The Cons

• The luxury cars and trips appear kind of scammy to me. Many scams have used this tactic in the past and have tainted its reputation.

• The profit margins of the products are very small. You cannot make a living off of selling the products.

• You get many ranks you have to get to, to make it possible for you to be earning a reliable income on a monthly basis.

Final Verdict:

The program looks safe to me. The fact that you are working with a company which is over 10 years old is a huge plus.

Also, the products you are dealing with are quality and are things that run out. This means, if you create a good customer relationship, you can get monthly orders from a single or a couple of customers.

And this is good pocket money.

Final Verdict – Legit but not recommended

Product Name: Kyani
Website Address:
Owner: The Hansen’s and Taylor’s
Price: from $40 to $999 (depending on package)
Rankings: 70 out of 100

Even though it is great, kyani is not a great place to get the money you can live off. If you want to earn a full-time income online you might want to get a more stable way like affiliate marketing.

It will help you run your own business, deal with the things that are related to your passion and make good money on a daily basis, with a good time.

And you don’t have to handle physical products. You can learn how to get yourself started with it in my #1 recommendation.

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