Killer Content System Review 2021 – Introduction

Killer content system was launched by Socrates, and he claims that you don’t need any complicated skills and experience to get started. It is a simple system that will hands you the profitable niches, content to get started and will generate automated money for you.

You will spend a few minutes on setting up your site, and once it’s done, then use your special content system software to flip it over onto an autopilot system that will generate revenue for years to come. You can create hundreds of websites, and this software runs them all for you.

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Tools & Training:

Tools within Killer Content System includes the following:

  • KCS Software is the main software offered by this system that will update your site content regularly, and you can automate 100 sites in any niche.
  • The Money List will help you to access 978 hottest profitable niches.
  • The Killer Content will help you to access more than 15000 well-written articles that you can use.
  • The Killer Content Spinner can turn those 15000 articles to an infinite number of articles.
  • The Killer content Paid Traffic System and The Killer Content Ad Swap System can bring free traffic to your site and boost your income.


The video training within the Killer Content System includes the following:

  • How to get the best out of the system and make serious money from it?
  • How to get a large number of subscribers with less effort?
  • How to find workable niches?
  • Outsourcing Secrets so that you can double your income and save your time.
  • How to get free traffic and enhance your earnings and how to convert free traffic into paid traffic and earn even more?
  • How to build a website and use other related plugins?
  • How to turn pre-written articles into your own PDF book?
  • Quick and Simple Ways to increase the profitability of any PLR package.
  • How to double your opt-in list conversion rate?

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Low cost to get started.
  • 15000 plus articles directory.
  • Plenty of video based training.
  • Additional tools that can be used to boost your income.
  • Automated task saves time.
  • 978 niches and you can choose based on your interest.


  • Most of the things exaggerated by Socratous in his initial video. Because it is not that simple like software will do all the task for you. You have to find articles from the directory and spin it and then read so that it makes sense.
  • You can make money using this system but in the long term, it is not successful because using article spinner will limit your chances of success. Now Google algorithms are targeting spun articles.
  • No free trial available and it becomes difficult for non-members to understand the quality of training.
  • Support is not up to the mark. Most of the emails go unnoticed.
  • No community aspect so it becomes difficult for members to interact with each other and get immediate support.

The Price – $37 or $47:

Price seems to be the most reasonable part of Killer Content System. But what’s is its price?. Price shown in the video and officially announced by the system is $47, but most members were able to get their program for $37. This price is an only one-time fee, not a recurring monthly fee.

It is also claimed that price is all inclusive, and you will get access to everything that you need to get started. But you need to invest some more money in the form of (hosting, outsourcing, content development, domains). One domain will cost you $10 to $12 and if you create one site daily, then your cost will be $300 for one month. I have not included hosting and other charges and if you are spending this regularly and you website is not providing any income then it is a big gamble. Keep this in mind Google algorithms can easily hit your site and if it’s hit then your resource will be destroyed.

So the $37 is not going to be the last thing you have to purchase, you will need to invest in other services.


I also do more emphasize on support because I know the importance of support especially if you are a newbie. If a program has not a good support system then always think twice before you join any program.

Killer Content System also claims best and full support, but you have to wait a long time until you receive you answer. No presence of community and support ticket requires a long time to get answered, so you have to do whatever you understand on your own.

My Conclusion:

This program will give you some good quality stuff and what you have spent you will get out of this program, but it will not provide you extra value. You can find some good quality training, profitable niches, and other stuff which some of the people are using and are earning. But remember long term success is not even possible.

Other bad things about this program are oversimplified the money making process and exaggeration in introductory video and more focus on using automated tools. There is more chance that Google algorithms will hit you and your business will collapse. Google is tightening the screws frequently as you have seen Google Panda and Google Penguin updates regularly. Some people are joining this program because of those tools, and they think that they can within some days start earning money. Honestly speaking this is not the case.

I am here providing you two options; it ’s up to you which one you select.

  • Join Killer Content System and more likely you will see short term success and after some time you are attacked by Google (I personally didn’t recommend this), or
  • If you wanted to build your own legitimate and ethical online business, then see my number 1 recommended program here.

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