K Optimizer 2.0 Review – A Scam or Helpful Kindle Software?

K Optimizer 2.0 Review – A Scam or Helpful Kindle Software?

This latest review is going to be a new software called K Optimizer 2.0. What is K Optimizer 2.0 and whether it is a scam or a legit opportunity? These are several issues that I will be covering in this short review.

Software Name: K Optimizer 2.0k optimizer Review
Website Address: www.koptimizer.com
Product Price: $27.77 per Month
Product Owner: Stefan and Andreas Pylarinos
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100 points

K Optimizer 2.0 Scam Review – Introduction:

You are familiar with different business models out there in the form of affiliate marketing, email marketing, CPA marketing, and Kindle publishing. The truth is all of them have huge potential to make a full time living online. The focus of this post is on Kindle model.

If you have visited one of my previous posts in which I have written a review on Kindle money mastery, this product is an extension of that previous product.

If you are involved in Kindle business model, then this is the right tool for you. It simplifies the way you run your Kindle business and allows you to increase your business growth.

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What is K Optimizer 2.0?

If you are working as a Kindle publisher, and you find it challenging and time-consuming to handle all your Kindle books information, then K Optimizer is the best software to work. It is a unique and strong web-based software that will enable you to promote your Kindle books to dozen of websites and at the same time track, control and optimize those Kindle books all in one spot.

It will spare you a ton of time and stress, enabling you to concentrate on effective strategies and important optimization, which will, in turn, make you more money.

Moreover, K Optimizer also provides you with various Kindle optimization tips and strategies to assist you in increasing your books rankings on Amazon, receive more Amazon reviews, and raise your books Amazon bestseller rankings.

Staying on the top of your Kindle book’s information is critical. If one of your books fall in keyword ranking, reviews, or paid ranking, and you don’t provide attention to all those things, then it won’t be long before that particular book will end selling and stop making your money.

Publishing your e-book on the Amazon Kindle platform is the first step of this whole process. If you really desire to be a happy publisher, then it becomes necessary to promote your e-book.

You don’t want to avoid the potential of Amazon market. You are not the alone publisher on Amazon as many others are working in your niche, and the competition becomes really tough. With Kindle optimizer 2.0, you can stand out in the publisher’s crowd, and make your book attractive and easy to find. With proper SEO tactics, you can promote your book and endorse your book on the other websites by building backlinks to your page.

Who are Stefan and Andreas Pylarinos?

Stefan and Andreas Pylarinos are famous as Kindle Brothers. They have both built a very successful six-figure publishing businesses with Kindle and familiar with the hardships and frustrations that many publishers face. Initially, they have come up with all the tips and tricks that they have been using successfully.


Now they come up with software and tools that can help make your job as a publisher much easier.  It includes helping publishers to promote better, optimize, track and manage their Kindle book portfolio.

Features of K Optimizer 2.0:

Books Submission to More than 60 Free Websites with a Few Clicks

K Optimizer enables you to submit your Kindle books quickly to more than thirty free website directories and thirty plus free press release websites that will help your Kindle books during your KDP Select Free Promotions and assist you to rank well on Amazon, get or downloads, and reviews.


Track and Manage, Your Kindle Books, All in One Place

If you’ve published more than a few Kindle books, then you’ll know how difficult, tedious and time-consuming it can be to manage them all.  K Optimizer allows you to track efficiently and handle all of your Kindle books in one place by providing your books keyword ranking, the number of Amazon reviews, review average, KDP Select contract dates, and bestseller paid and free ranking.


Makes your Sales Sustainable and Long-Term

If you require more sustainable and long-term, sales for your Kindle Books?  K Optimizer 2.0 assists you stay on top of your Kindle books by delivering most critical data and will provide alerts for when your Kindle books fell in Amazon bestseller ranking, drops Amazon reviews, receives negative reviews, and when your KDP Select contract date ends.

This is all helpful information that helps you optimize your Kindle books and make sure they’re thriving over the long-term for more sustainable sales.

Track Your Kindle Books Sales

K Optimizer presents comprehensive charts and data for your Kindle books Amazon bestseller ranking so that you can efficiently track the results of your promotion and marketing efforts.


Track Up To 50 Keywords for Your Books on Amazon

You can now track up to 50 keywords for your books on Amazon with our Keyword Tracking Tool so that you can see exactly where you’re ranked for many of your most profitable keywords and see how your rankings increase or decrease based on your promotions.

Kindle Book Description Generator

You can now quickly generate a correctly formatted, beautiful description for your Kindle books using our new HTML Book Description Generator. It will make it simple for you to write and format your book descriptions to help your book stand out and get more sales!  No HTML knowledge required!

Final Verdict:

In short, K Optimizer is best designed for people who are actively involved in Kindle publishing business. Once you have numerous books, then it becomes tedious and overwhelming to manage all of them, and it takes a lot of your effort and time that you can it somewhere else. I value time more than another thing, and such tools help us to move our business to the next level.

The product is also available at a very reasonable price of $27.77 per month. For surely, this product is worth the money. It cannot be the best fit for all of the people who are involved in this model especially if you are a beginner. Once you move your business from beginner to a medium stage, then this software is what you are looking at.

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