K Money Mastery 2.0 Scam Review – Stefan Decent Product!

K Money Mastery 2.0 Scam Review – Stefan Decent Product!

Welcome to my K or Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Review:

Business Name: K Money Mastery 2.0K Money Mastery 2.0 review
Website Address: www.kmoneymastery.com
Price: $ 67 + Upsells
Business Owner: Stefan Pylarinos
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100 points

K Money Mastery 2.0 Scam Review – Introduction:

Stefan launched k Money Mastery, and this product is all about Kindle books. Kindle is a big market place and it is growing rapidly due to increase in the interest of digital books. Looking this fact, lot of marketer have stepped in this place and are earning a considerable amount of money.

K Money Mastery is based on a similar concept, and it will guide you how to create, publish and sell eBooks on Amazon’s platform. Training is in the form of both videos and PDF format, and also he provides some more training on outsourcing that can move your business from one level to another.

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Who is the Author?

The program was created by Stefan Pylarinos, a person who has been in this industry for years and are earning a 2016-05-19_15-27-26full-time income. He is very enthusiastic and passionate person and due to this, he has been earning five figure income per month just from Kindle platform.

I think the program is from an individual who has been very satisfied with his strategies and he knows what he is talking about. When you visit Warrior forum, Warrior plus, and JVZoo, then you see products are coming daily into the market, but 99% among them are pure crap.

When we look at Stefan product it includes various useful strategies that will give you results, once implemented.

What is Included in the K Money Mastery?

When you log in to the members area then there you will find different tabs and most important ones are:

k money mastery 2.0 Scam


This is the main training area where you will find various lessons and each lesson has video tutorials as well as downloadable PDF summary that are even more detailed than the videos. It is good for all people because some like training in the form of videos and some in the shape of the text. When lesson ends, you are required to complete the exercise to move to the next lesson. To be successful, it is better to implement this step-by-step strategy rather than just listen and left it.

If you look at the lessons then it includes:

Lesson 1: Select a niche that is profitable
Lesson 2: How to do keyword research for your niche?
Lesson 3: How to create a title that sells?
Lesson 4: How to design an attractive cover that helps you to sell more?
Lesson 5: Kindle book creation
Lesson 6: Publish your book after preparing
Lesson 7: Creating a Kindle account on Amazon
Lesson 8: Publishing book on Kindle
Lesson 9: Viewing your Kindle books
Lesson 10: Getting Amazon reviews.’
Lesson 11: Marketing your book on KDP select
Lesson 12: Using Twitter and Facebook to promote your books
Lesson 13: Additional book promotion strategies
Lesson 14: Boosting your Amazon keyword ranking
Lesson 15: Setting up your Amazon author central account
Lesson 16: Monetizing your Kindle eBooks
Lesson 17: Creating a series of books and monetizing back end
Lesson 18: Dealing with negative reviews
Lesson 19: Publishing more books
Lesson 20: How to make your books profitable long run?
Lesson 21: How to track your books traffic and keywords with Amazon analytic?
Lesson 22: How to track your books ranking?


If we move towards the bonuses tab then there you will find:

Lesson 1: Automation and outsourcing
Lesson 2: How to get tons of Amazon reviews
Lesson 3: How to set goals with Kindle
Lesson 4: How to overcome procrastination and stay motivated
Lesson 5: My Kindle success ritual
Lesson 6: Non-US tax requirements
Lesson 7: 2-week sales report
Lesson 8: 1-month sales report
Lesson 9: 3 months sales report

Things I Like:

Lot of Useful Information

Kindle Money Mastery is promoting a genuine business model for making money online that is tested by thousands of people all around the world. There are a lot of useful training on this subject matter in the member’s area. You will learn everything about this topic from creating, publishing, selling and outsourcing your business to earn more.

Kindle books have been around for years and very few training I have seen that is up to the mark including this one. In my opinion, after viewing these video tutorials you will not leave anything important that can invite you to search more.

Simple Member’s Area

Kindle Money Mastery has very simple to use member’s area, and when you log in, you can see eight tabs both upper and left side. When you click on lessons, then it very well arranged and all the training is step by step. At the end of the training, there is a PDF version available that are even more detailed than video version.

Moreover, video and audio quality, style and graphics and designs used by Stefan on the site are also very attractive to the visitors.

Trial Offer

I like products that offer trial period especially those are free. Nevertheless, any substantially discounted price can be good for someone who actually want to purchase that product. Kindle Money Mastery offers discounted trial offer of $7 for one week while its full price is $67.

I weigh more to a product when it offers free or major discounted trial price. It is usually a good sign and sends positive signals to the people that there’s some valuable information inside.

Things I Didn’t Like:

A Costly Model

Well, first you need to pay for this product which is also not cheap. After paying this if you don’t write your own book then you will have to hire a writer. You can use online platforms like Fiverr and Stefan also recommended this. Outsourcing such and related tasks like a cover, designing, etc. can cost you extra money.

You must have a monthly budget to implement this. Moreover to ensure quality, writing one book may cost you hundreds of dollars. A site like Fiverr can be cheap, but most of them are just crappy products. You need to be very careful, whether you will compromise quality over money. I know there are a lot of individuals offering quality stuff, and once you build a relationship with most of them, then it will become lot easier.

No Community

Although this product has email support but no community support is present. Creating a book from the start with no background experience and also no internet marketing experience may necessitate for instant help but no one from the community will come to help you out.

I know its importance because when I joined Wealthy Affiliate then I also faced such sort of challenges but thanks to this great community I manage to get replies in minutes.


There are two up-sells in the Kindle Money Mastery. Upsells are just an additional items promoted by owners in the member’s area.

Upsell # 1: How to Write a Book in 24 Hours

It will cost you $17 and guide you about writing eBook within a day.

Upsell #2: The Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program

This is a detailed guide on outsourcing and costs you $147 (very pricey). I think you just stick to training in the member’s area, and once earning regular money then you can test those also.

Is Kindle Money Mastery a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Kindle Money Mastery is a legit product and if you are searching for this product then go ahead buy it. The business model promoting by this site and training itself in the members area are of great quality. You can definitely set up your business if you follow each and every aspect of training.

Don’t forget, it requires a lot of hard work to generate full-time income, and also to ensure quality you need a good amount of budget that can lead to more chances of success rather than outsourcing to cheaper platforms that can hurt your business.

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