John Crestani Internet Jetset Review – How Does it Work?

This in-depth review is going to be a new program called the internet jetset by John Crestani. Whether this system a Scam or not? What is super affiliate system and im jetset and how does it work? Whether you should get this system or not? These are few of the confusions that I will be covering in this post.

Business Name: Internet JetsetInternet Jetset review
Website Address: imjetset.com
Business Owner: John Crestani
Product Price: $47 + Upsells
Verdict: Legit

Internet Jetset Scam Review – Introduction:

Affiliate marketing is the most common method of making money online, and people have been using it for years. New styles of working claimed by different people are evolving day after day, but in essence, they are promoting vendors product to the people using free or paid traffic.

Everyone may not succeed due to the difference in selecting the right product, the method in promoting the product and the need for a budget.

Recently, I came across a new program called “Internet Jetset by John Crestani” that got my attention. Initially, when I look at the sales page and video, it is full of hype, but when I actually look at the content and theme of this product, then I searched this product further. I will show you all my findings and suggestion about this product in the next paragraphs.

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What is Internet Jetset?

It is a course that trains people how to make money online as an affiliate marketer. The method used by John is getting free traffic from Google, YouTube and Facebook. The course is nearly 8 hours long and prepares customers fully to be an affiliate marketer. Moreover, it also claims that you will make first commissions within 2 hours of buying the course.

I know the system of using free traffic is not new, but if someone guides you his/her tested methods, then the chances of success may increase further. The course also includes his case study.

Who is John Crestani?

John, who created this course, is an internet marketer and earning over five-figure income per month. Though most of the people may not be familiar with him; in the past few years he has gained a lot of success.

John Crestani

Due to his success, he was also featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Affiliate Summit, Yahoo Finance, Home Business and many others.

John Crestani Forbes

John already launched “Super Affiliate System” which targeted towards more advanced internet marketers. He has also been very successful selling his products on affiliate marketplaces (Clickbank). The popularity of this product is also increasing day-by-day.

What is Included in the Product?

Overview of Main Course

If you look at the members are, it includes action-packed eight hours long video course that trains people how to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Here’s some of the content inside the course…

  1. How to sell the first product as an affiliate marketer and earn your first commissions within 2 hours of joining this product?
  2. A secret trick to use Facebook and Amazon for instant profits.
  3. How to choose the right product that actually sells and avoiding the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ that ruins most online business owners?
  4. Things that should be avoided that cause business owners to lose focus.
  5. Which affiliate networks are best to join and how to join them?
  6. How to get free traffic from Google, YouTube and Facebook?
  7. How to use Google keyword planner and find super long-tail, high-intent, high-volume keywords?

Xtreme Case Study Archive (Upsell):

This is not available with the front end product. You need to pay further for this upsell. It includes case studies, interviews, and webinars with top experts.

Video # 1: This video relates to a meeting of very successful marketer Ronnie Sandlin, who uncover of making $2,000/day with advertorial blog posts on Facebook, as well as how to obtain a healthy psychological response in your headlines.

Video # 2: The next interview video of John from Taylor Barr, who explains how to earn a passive five figure a monthly income.

Video # 3: In this video, John reveals you how to market skin care products to people online.

Video # 4: This video relates to John interview of Carlos Cruz about how he earns $1,200/day through marketing flashlights.

Video # 5: In this video, John explains to you how to sell gold investments via Google.

Video # 6: John reveals you how to market blood pressure supplements to people online effectively.

Video # 7: This video relates to an interview of Ronnie Sandlin in which he reveals about Blackhat Copywriting methods.

Video # 8: John shows you how to market credit repair offers through blog posts and make up to $80,000/day.

Video # 9: In 9th video, he uncover the seventeen step copywriting template that motivates people to purchase.

Video # 10: In this last video, John interviews the Chinese super-affiliate Nick Chou about his successful strategies that are giving him great results.

Overview of Jetset LIVE:

This is also an upsell that will charge monthly. By paying this fee, you will get access to John monthly webinars in which he will work with students LIVE on a webinar, examine their campaigns, and provide them updates on the newest and biggest developments occurring in affiliate marketing, from the viewpoint of a network owner, and a super-affiliate.

Pros vs. Cons:


  1. The course is designed for internet marketers by a marketer. The overall concept of this system is pretty much legit.
  2. The member’s area includes tons of useful information that if applied as per John instructions will give you results. Though results may not be as fast as you expected because as an experienced person you are getting results far quicker than you have just started out.
  3. All the strategies included in this system are free and after paying for this product you don’t need to spend money on new methods. Moreover, you can start your campaign with few hours of hard work.


  1. There is too much hype created by John. I know the system he has created will work if you implement it but the results will not be at a very fast pace. For first two to three months you need to test this and results will getting better and better.
  2. The price of the main product is $47, which is OK but if you are looking to access to Xtreme case study then it will cost you $187 further and $47/month for jetset live. I think this may be on a higher side for most of the people.


I am pretty confident about this product, and I can say that John has put a lot of effort in this and it cannot be called as scam. It will take some time, and if implemented successfully it will reward you great success in long run. Month after month you will see improve in results and the time will reach when full-time income will be reached.

If you are thinking of getting results in hours or even days, then believe me it is not for you. Every legit business takes time. The cost is on a higher side, but the methods taught by John is free. Once you start making money, then I suggest you also to spend on paid method as well to scale up your business. The methods you my use are Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

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I hope you will like my John Crestani Internet Jetset Review and if you have any queries please ask in the the comment section. I will be more than happy to get back to you.



Hi Everyone! Its great to talk with you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is Yasir and I'm the owner of Online Earning Mentor. I started my first online business in 2014 from this site and now I help newbies to start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training program and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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Jake - June 20, 2017

This is actually a really good review. I tried John’s program and I did get some good information from it, but like has been mentioned in your other comments I felt that it didn’t provide a beginner with adequate information to really create a business.

And the initial payment is a bit of a trick. He is going to then try to make you pay many $1,000’s for other stuff once you are in the program. Smoke and mirrors but the same as many others are doing.

I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and I definitely prefer their approach to building a business online and there is far more value there as hosting, websites, direct support and help, keyword tools, writing tools and training are all in one place. I don’t like being shipped off to buy more services and that is what you will find you need to do with Internet Jetset if you want to actually build a business.

cletus Hollinsied - May 11, 2017

I think i’ll give this a chance to see how it works out,still skeptical though !!!

    khan - May 13, 2017

    Hi Cletus, you can give it a chance. It is a Clickbank product that offers 60 days money back guarantee.

ProsperousProfits.com - April 15, 2017

Hi Khan.,
Thanks for the great review. I have found the course created by John Crestani to be a great introduction to affiliate marketing. The content in Internet Jetset is continually growing and the community is very helpful.

    khan - April 16, 2017

    Thanks dear.

Jerry Huang | Smart Affiliate Success - March 26, 2017

I have a totally different view on this program.

The only thing that I agree with you is that John is creating too much hype. He is good at talking and persuading people so he uses his strength to create very “salesy” information, webinar, etc.

I can say that the Internet Jetset program itself is legit because it has decent content and information for beginners. However, the training is not enough to allow beginners start making money. The whole system (Super Affiliate System) is weak and has no real tools to help beginners.

If you still don’t agree with me, the last point here is undeniable.

John is having unrealistic claim. He claims that beginners can earn their first commission within 2 hours if they follow their training. Some more, he claims that beginners can earn anywhere between $100 to $1,000 in one week.

As experienced marketers, we know that this is impossible. There’s a steep learning curve that needs to be learnt by beginners before they can start making sales. Promising this kind of thing just make it a scam.

In his introductory webinar, John said that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme but afterwards he made the claims which are contradicting and he is eating his own words.

I speak from experience because I spent $47 + $187 and hours of research to analyze the entire system.

Anyway, thanks for this review and your recommendation is great. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome!

    khan - April 16, 2017

    Thanks Jerry for your comment. You are right that the hype is too much created by John. By i do believe his course offers great value to the buyers. I know everything takes time to achieve and with internet jetset it still requires your full effort to get good results.

Elago Paulus - March 13, 2017

Thank you for your review, it helped me a lot in terms of reaching a decision on whether to join or not.

    khan - March 13, 2017

    Thanks Elago Paulus for your comment. Happy to see this review helps you to take a decision.

T - March 1, 2017

The program Jhon Crestani is offering, is a HUGE SCAM. The picutres and articles/blogs he have on google page , anyone can do that in a matter of 6 months to come on Google first page(by using Search Engine optimization). This is a huge scam. He first trap you in $47 a month then John/Adam or God knows how many guys with different names calls you if you are serious about this program(Selling you something without telling you anything) give me your Credit Card details for $18 k/$5/$10k payment. They charge you depends on how their mode for a day. I have paid from 3 accounts to find the scam and trust me he is selling BS.
I request everyone, have mercy on your hard earned cash , for which you spent hours and hours at work. The money you earned is your blood & sweat. Don’t throw it away to some idiot’s dream plan, which has no real results .
The scam is probability trap. if he got 1000 people in trap with $18k/$5k/10k per person(you do the math) , he already had his fortune

    khan - April 16, 2017

    T its not a scam. The program has got good popularity and those who are applying, getting good results.

Louise S Willis - January 3, 2017

Thanks for the review. I thought originally that this was for newbies, but according to you, maybe not. I think I will give the basic fee a try first for a few months and see how it goes. Thanks for posting.


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