JillsClickCorner Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: JillsClickCornerJillsClickCorner Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address: www.jillsclickcorner.com
Price: Free + Upgrade
Business Owner: Jill de Bruin
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100 points

JillsClickCorner Scam Review – Introduction:

JillsClickCorner was launched by Jill de Bruin back in March 2006 and is a part of MultiMoneyGroup that own also other legit sites Donkeymails, No-minimum and some other sites. All of these sites are working well and are paying to its members on time. This site has over 450,000 members and it has paid $220,000.

JillsClickCorner is a PTC site that pay to its member for clicking ads and view for certain period of time. Other than this there are other earning opportunities in the form of offer completion, signup for free sites, surveys completion and trying various products.

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How to Make Money from JillsClickCorner (JCC)?

Paid to Click –  Paid to click means you can earn money by viewings ads and there are lot of ads available in the members area and most of the ad are $0.001 value and it mostly last for 10 seconds.

Paid to Signup – PTSU are earning opportunity where you can earn money for register to different sites. Most of the sites are free and you can earn here mostly $0.10. You also have to provide proof in this section in the form of login id and email you receive.

OfferWalls – Earn points from completing various offers in offerwalls. Each point you earn is equal to $0.01 and if you complete an offer of 1000 points then you can earn $10 in JillsClickCorner.

Cashback Deals – There are various opportunities you can join and get cash back. In very few instances it is even greater than your initial investment.

Contests – JCC award big cash to members each months between $200 to $500. There are three different types of contest: Paid to Click Contest for both USA members and non USA members, Paid to Signup contest for top 50 people and Referral contest. Each category has different reward for its members and it is changing from time to time.

Playing Games – There are three games in this site namely Astro Blitz, JCC Slot and JCC Spin the Wheel. You can play games using games token and if you have more tokens then you can play more game and you have a great chance to win.

Upgrade – If you upgrade your account then can enhance your earning potential in the form of more PTC ads and also system will place random referrals under you. Higher the upgrade level, more your chance to get higher number of referrals.

Referrals – A referral is a person that join JillsClickCorner using your referral link and this is a great way to increase your earnings in this site. You will get 10% of your referrals. It means if your referral earn $100 then your earnings from referrals will be $10. JCC offers an unlimited referral system for its members and great way for people who can build large down-line.


JillsClickCorner Pros vs. Cons:


  • JillsClickCorner is free to join for everyone and also available to worldwide members.
  • JillsClickCorner has been online for more than 9 years and are paying to its members without any issue. In fact the whole MultiMoney Group constitutes sites that are paying to members. It shows the creditworthiness and honesty of the group admin.
  • JCC pay to its member using multiple payment processors. Withdrawal limit is very low and even you can withdraw $0.10 using some payment processors and the highest limit is $1.


  • JCC offers unlimited referral program to its members so it is a awesome platform for members who can build large down-line.


  • Though JCC offers multiple earning opportunities but its earning potential is very low. Earning few dollars like $2 to $10 is not something that you can use so there are other better opportunities available online that can save time and money and also earn you full time income.
  • JCC takes a lot of time to process withdraw. It is very rare in the industry that members have to wait 14 days. If you request withdrawal between 7th to 21st of the month then it will be paid on the 21st and if withdrawal request is received from 21st to the 7th then payment will be made on the 7th.
  • JCC require your accurate information and providing false information can terminate your account and admin audit your account when you request withdraw.
  • Lot of offers in JillsClickCorner requires from you credit card and other personal information that can be very risky and it is advisable that don’t provide this to anyone because you don’t know where this information will be forwarded.

Membership Levels:

One Year Baby Clicker

  • Cost $9.99 per year
  • 1x of chance to get referrals

1 Year Small Clicker

  • Cost $14.99 per year
  • 2x of chance to get referrals
  • 2% discount from purchase through shopping cart

1 Year Big Clicker

  • Cost $19.99 per year
  • 4x of chance to get referrals
  • 5% discount from purchase through shopping cart

1 Year Huge Clicker

  • Cost $24.99 per year
  • 6x of chance to get referrals
  • 8% discount from purchase through shopping cart

1 Year Giant Clicker

  • Cost $34.99 per year
  • 10x of chance to get referrals
  • 10% discount from purchase through shopping cart

1 Year Super Giant Clicker

  • Cost $74.99 per year
  • 20x of chance to get referrals
  • 15% discount from purchase through shopping cart


Is JillsClickCorner a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

JillsClickCorner is not a scam but a legit site as it has been paying since 2006 and you can earn some extra money using this site but if you want to earn something good then you must make referrals. You should be careful for completing offers that require personal and credit card information and my suggestion is not to complete those offers and surveys.

JillsClickCorner is not a site where you can earn full time income and it can waste your lot of time with only a few bucks. So, why not start a site that you can use to create your online business and earn fulltime income. If you are one of those looking for online business then see my #1 recommendation.

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If you any question about JillsClickCorner then please mention in the comment section as i have very happy to help you out and also share your experience with JCC.

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