Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Product Launch FormulaJeff Walker Product Launch Formula – Is it a Scam or Legit?
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Product Launch Formula Review – Introduction:

Product Launch Formula was launched by Jeff Walker and it has been around quite some time now. It is one of the famous products available in the market related to that topic. The product has generated great sales for Jeff and you could imagine the popularity of this product by considering that it is the 4th version of this product.

Jeff Walker is a very famous internet marketer and has been working online for more than 15 years. This product has helped thousands of people to earn tons of money and this is not just in one niche, this is the biggest beauty of the system.

This product takes you step-by-step guide that help you launch your own online marketing product. I am a very big fan of launching my own product as it offers much more benefits than promoting someone else products. Despite its benefits, there are other major disadvantages that I will show below.

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What is Included in the Product?

In member’s area you get introduced to the overall roadmap of the course that is divided into training modules. If we look at the modules then it comprise of;

Module 1 – In this area you would learn some basic product launch stuff that help you to move further. The all core guidelines are in very easy to understand format and even a complete beginner would get great ideas hoe this whole process works. At the end there are some specific exercises that you can complete and move forward to the next lesson.

Module 2 – This area lead you from the previous section and helps you to get introductory idea about basic tools. Moreover, you will also learn about launch path and theme to understand how this all works.

Module 3 – This module covers most important launches that are the seed launch and quick launch. The seed launch related to those people who don’t have any product and list. While quick launch is for those people who have product and list as well.

Module 4 – The module covers most part of internal launch to your list that are very easy and quick source of income. It is just writing good sales message to your list and earn commission while you on sleep.

Module 5 – This module guides you how to write prelaunch content and Jeff has shown this very step by step manner and guide his strategies that he has used in the past and was very successful.

Module 6 – Jeff guide about sales video and JV launches. I think this is very exciting and one of the most common method other internet marketer are using and multiply their sales.

Things I Liked:

Great Business Model

As I said earlier, I am a big fan of launching my own product. This is the most legit way to earn money online. So, Product Launch Formula also guides about how to learn how to do it successfully. He has laid down all the strategies that are necessary for this business model in a very easy to use manner.

The thing why I liked this business model is that you own your own product and gives you much more control then selling someone else products. This also gives you much more earning potential then selling other’s product. Moreover, if you offer great affiliate program then many other people send traffic to your sales page to increase conversions.

Excellent Training

Not only this is a legit business model but also Jeff guide this in a very simple manner that is completely step by step and user friendly. Jeff has demonstrated all the strategies that this business model requires to be successful.

All the modules have plenty of information and most importantly you can see how many people have successful by following this training. Now all the product launches that have come across to you have a glimpse of this training. Another important thing to consider is that this training is not pertain to only one niche but you can use it any niche you want.

User Friendly Training

All the training, tools and members area are presented in a very user friendly manner. Most importantly, training is presented in video format with pdf files and other notes that will help you to grasp it easily.

Things I Don’t Liked:

Very Costly Product

The overall price of the system is very high and only a very few people could afford such a high price. Its cost is $997 USD but I do believe that it is rally worth such price. I have seen people who have invested such a big price and implemented all strategies that are guided by Jeff and within one month they have earned much more than this.

Well, the case may not be similar to all other people because there are lot of persons who know lot about such product and have a strong foundation but a complete beginner would not be able to deliver such results so early.

Market is saturating

As lot of people are coming to this way so the competition is getting increaser and increaser. If you visit internet marketing launch products then daily 3 to 5 products are launching by different people. You could only survive if you provide quality stuff to the people.

Is Product Launch Formula a Scam or Legit? My Conlcuison:

To cut a long story short, PLF is a great product to buy and it offers excellent training on launching your own product and master it. Product launching is one of the most legitimate business model out there and Jeff has shown his quality stuff.

There are thousands of people who are implementing this strategy and are very happy. You cannot confined this product to any niche.

On the other site this product is available at a very hefty price. If you are a beginner then I would not suggest this for you but if you are looking to move forward in this field then PLF is a great platform to use.

Those who could not afford such costly program then see my #1 recommendation which is also based on very legit business model and available at a very reasonable price which is also based on very legit business model and available at a very reasonable price.

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