Jaaxy vs. Long Tail Pro: Which One is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) and no one can deny this. There are tons of information available on the internet and in order to get success online then one should be very careful in selecting keywords. Always choose keywords that are easy to rank which include those that are less competitive.

Finding less competitive keywords are not an easy task but in order to cater this need different companies have created softwares. Two softwares among them are Jaaxy and Long tail pro. Both are now widely used on the internet and have their own benefits. Let’s look at comparison between the two:

Keyword Research:

Both tools are basically keyword research tools and they do so this task very effectively. When you enter your niche in long tail pro then it will show you around 800 keywords related to that niche. You can choose keywords that you like of if you want further deeper then choose one keyword and paste in the search bar and click search. This helps you to find further relevant keywords. Out of 800 only a few are related to your niche and most of them are totally irrelevant.

If you are using Jaaxy then it will show you less keywords than LTP but it more relevant to your niche. In Jaaxy you can go deeper by clicking on any keyword rather than copy and paste in the search bar.


Jaaxy has a feature know as quoted search result (QSR) that shows competition in numeric form. It means how many competing pages are there online based on particular search term. Remember it will only count competing page when a page has exact match to the search term. This is a great feature of Jaaxy and it is actually an exact competition you are facing. Remember it is only Jaaxy that shows this and no other tool as feature like this.

In LTP there is no such thing that show exact competition. But what LTP has is also a great feature known as average Keyword Competitiveness (KC). It also shows result in numbers from 1 to 100. But this is LTP sophisticated algorithm that is considering many factors (Page authority, domain authority, Page rank, Moz rank others) and allot number to keyword. Less the number is, easy it will be to rank on particular keyword. Number between 0 to 30 are very easy to rank and don’t waste time if the number is greater than 60.

Competitors Analysis:

When you are in LTP competitor’s analysis then you can use this function either by writing domain name or keyword. If you write domain and click search then it will show detail about this domain and it includes Title, Page Authority, Page Rank, Juice Page Link, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Page Rank, Site Age. And if you search keyword then it will show you this detail about top 10 sites of Google that are top rank on that keyword.

If you are using Jaaxy then there is also option available known as search analysis then it will show page title, URL, Meta description, Word count, Links on site, Alexa rank, Keyword density, Backlinks and AdSense of top ten searches in Google, Bing and Yahoo based on particular keyword.


Long tail pro is a software and you have to install on different devices if you are using more than one.

Jaaxy is web based tool that you can use on browser by opening its site. You don’t need to install that on devices.


Sort is a very useful feature as it can show you result in ascending or descending order. If you are using LTP then you can sort list easily as per your desire.

If you are using Jaaxy then this feature is only available in Enterprise version.

Rank Checker:

Both tools can check rank for your site based on particular keyword. LTP can check up to 500 sites or 50 pages while Jaaxy can check up to 200 sites or 20 pages.


LTP has a good support and they will reply you quickly.

Jaaxy has a support but I have no idea because it is very simple to use and most of the people using this tool are Wealthy Affiliate members and they can easily get support there.


Jaaxy offers three types of membership 1). Free up to 30 searches, 2). Pro is $19/month, and 3). $49/month for Enterprise. The main differences between the two are Speed and ability to sort data.

Long tail Pro offers 10 day free trial with limited access, Pro will cost you $97 upfront (one time fee), and $97 + $17/month for the Platinum version (Platinum + Pro). I’m currently on the trial version, so a bit unclear on which

In order to do comparison between these two the best way is to compare Long tail pro platinum with Jaaxy pro. Because comparing LTP pro with Jaaxy pro will not make much sense because in this case Jaaxy offers much more benefits than LTP. Similarly comparing Jaaxy enterprise with the LTP pro is not an ideal comparison because enterprise is very costly version.

Though enterprise version is the best with much speed and additional feature but its cost is too much high and I personally cannot afford to pay for such tool that only do some tasks.

Jaaxy vs. Long Tail Pro: Which One is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

By reading above you may ask which tool is better than the other. Well you see above that on specific features sometimes Jaaxy has edge and vice versa.

To be honest, in my opinion Jaaxy has edge over LTP on searching keywords because of more accurate results and QSR. It is an excellent feature and I like most. But if we talk about competitor’s analysis then LTP has certainly edge over Jaaxy. If you are member of Wealthy Affiliate then my suggestion is to use Jaaxy.

I have seen some people who are using both tools, Jaaxy for keyword research and LTP for competitors analysis but definitely they are very advanced users.