Jaaxy Review [2021] – Pricing, Tutorial & Features!

Welcome to my Jaaxy review 2021!

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool, and it claims of finding the long tail and low competition keywords within a few seconds, so I decided to show you whether this is a valid claim or not.

Before starting this review, please first look at the summary of this tool:

Product Name: Jaaxy


Founder: Kyle and Carson


Product Type: Keyword Research Tool (Signup Free Here)


Price: Free + Premium (See Below)


Best For: Everyone who are looking for long tail keywords

Jaaxy Review

Summary: Jaaxy is an excellent keyword research tool that can find you low competition long tail keywords within a few seconds. Apart from this, there are certain other features as well that make this tool highly recommended for marketers.


Rating: 95/100


Verdict: Yes

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  What is Jaaxy?

When we do blogging, all of us have a dream to rank top in Google. This is how we can reach to more audience and earn a lot of money.

But this is not easy, and we have to do a lot of hard work to rank well in search engines.

To achieve this, we have to find keywords that are getting good traffic, but a competition on those keywords are low.

Finding such keywords are not easy, but now one can easily find these will the help of Jaaxy.

It is the best long tail keyword research tool that was created by Kyle and Carson after a lot of research, and it helps us to find Long Tail Keywords that are very easy to rank.

All you have to do find these keywords using Jaaxy and write good content on those keywords and within some time you will get the results.

You will start seeing your site on top of search engines based on those keywords.

  What Can Jaaxy Do for You?

There are other lots of benefits that you can earn using this tool.

1. Unlimited Keyword Searches

You can easily find a long tail keyword that is very easy to rank.

When you use Jaaxy, then you see how much opportunities are available online, and you can target a large number of keywords in just one niche.

2. Keyword Competition

This is another very important feature that helps you to see how much competition you have to face if you are using that particular keyword.

3. Search Analysis

If you wanted to see who in ranking in a particular keyword then type that keyword and search: you will see sites that are on the first page of search engines.

4. Domain Search

Very good for people who are in domain flipping industry.

You will see that with each keyword you can find whether the domain is available or not.

5. Site Rank

You can easily check your site rank on specific keywords. This feature is awesome as it helps to track your progress.

If your site is ranking better, then it is a great motivation for you, and if it is moving down, then we need to do find ways to move upwards.

6. Keyword Lists

When you search keywords, then you will lot of keywords that you like then you can simply check that keyword on the left side and click save.

Then you can easily save that keyword to the already list or new list and can easily see or download later on.

7. Brainstorm Idea

It will guide you about the most famous topics that are being searched on Google, Yahoo, and Twitter.

Here you will not only find topics related to your niche but other topics as well.

This will give you a lot of help about what the people want to see currently.

8. Jaaxy Affiliate Program

You can easily promote this tool and earn a good commission.

This is an excellent tool so that if you work hard, then you can generate a good amount of money because you are giving much more value to customers.

You can see in this Jaaxy review that we have mentioned our affiliate link, so if any one join that program using our link and buy any of the membership, we will earn commission.

  How to Do Keyword Research in Jaaxy?

Open Jaaxy, you can find search bar. Simply type your search.

Let suppose I am typing highly competitive words “dog training”. Now you can see different keywords and other details that this tool shows to us.

If I further going into this niche like I click on “Dog Training Methods” then you can see other keywords you can find.

This method is good because we start with broader search and then dig deeper to do narrow search and find lot of keywords for your selected niche.

  Explanation of Search Features:


  1. Average: It is the average number of traffic that particular keyword is receiving. You should select keywords that are receiving at least 50 traffic.
  2. Traffic: If you rank your keywords in search engines first page then it is an estimate that how much you will receive traffic per month on that keyword.
  3. QSR: This is an excellent feature that shows how much number of competing websites/pages that are using the same exact keywords. It is the true competition that you are facing and it is only shows you by Jaaxy. It is better that it should be less than 300. But less than 100 is ideal.
  4. KQI: It stands for Keyword Quality Indicator. It means that whether that keyword is great, Ok or poor. Green color is for great, yellow id for ok and red is for poor.
  5. SEO: A score that is based on traffic and competition. Higher the score, better the keyword will be. Score is based of 100.
  6. Domains: It shows whether domain is available or not for related keyword.

  Pros vs. Cons:

The Good

  • You can join as a free member and limited searches available to you.
  • Most advanced keyword research tool and its features like QSR, KQI, and SEO are very unique and most accurate than any other tools available.
  • Very fast speed and you get your results in seconds. I have used other tools but they are very slow and annoying for users.
  • Very easy interface and it gives you all the relevant data.

The Bad

  • Enterprise version price is very high.


There are three plans:

1. Free

It is free for everyone, and you are allowed to make 30 free searches.

2. Pro

It will cost you $49 per month. It will access you to all the important features of this tool.

You cannot sort the list, and it is a little slower than enterprise version and some of the tasks like domain research are manual.

Like you have to click on domain research to find whether it is available or not.

3. Enterprise

It will cost you $99 per month, and you can access all the features with much more speed than pro.

  Final Verdict:

After reading my Jaaxy review, you can say that this is an excellent tool for everyone who regularly does keyword research.

Keywords research is essential for writing any post. This is why I suggest you have a tool like Jaaxy that offers so much value for the money.

If you are a new or intermediate user, the pro version is best for you because it will do all the tasks for you.

But before going to the premium, you can easily test it as a free member.

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