It Works Scam Review – Is it a Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

It Works Scam Review – Is it a Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

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Product Name: It WorksIt Works Review
Website Address:
Owner: Unknown
Price: $25 to $100 Kit
Rankings: 65 out of 100

It Works Review – Introduction:

It Works has been around for years and has grown its popularity. It was launched in 2001 and is headquarter is located at 908 Riverside Drive in Palmetto, Florida 34221.

Over the years they have extended into the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

Though this company deals in a variety of product categories most popular ones are: Defining Body Gel, Fat Fighter, The Ultimate Body Applicator 2.0, It’s Vital, So Regular, It’s Greens, So Regular, and Answer 2.0 Weight Loss Formula.

Initially, the company specialized in Body wraps (health-related products). They sold one of popular body product called the “Ultimate Body Applicator” that wrapped around the body.

This actually helped you lost weight.

The company operates an MLM business model with direct sales model. In this model individuals (In this company they are called distributors or sometimes Wrapeneurs) can directly sell the products to friends, family, and other peoples. In doing so, they can make money and achieve various bonuses.

It Works Products:

The company bargains in a variety of products. Let’s look at some popular ones;

Body – There are three products in this category. These are most popular ones. Included products are Ultimate Body Applicator ($59), Defining Gel ($45) and Fab Wrap ($5).

Skin – This category has numerous products to choose from. Some of these products range from Wow, Facial, Toner, Cleanser, Stretch Mark, Prevent Age, Lip and Eye, and Exfoliating Peel. Most of the products range from $25 to $59.

Greens – This category is also getting very popular along with body products. The prominent product includes Greens Blend Orange, Greens Blend Berry, Blender Bottle, Green Chews and Original Greens – Orange. There are nearly 13 products, and the range of price is from $17 to $79.

Lifestyle – They category have nearly 19 products, and they are all supplements. They have vitamins, minerals, It Works Shake Creamy Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Advanced Formula Fat Fighter, Energy 12 Packs, Estro Rhythm, Confianza, Omega 3, It’s Essential, It’s Vital Core Nutrition, New You, Regular, Relief, and Ultimate Thermofit. Prices range from $25 to $79.

Though there is other categories as well like Essential Oils, Packs, and Apparel, etc. but they are not as famous as products I mentioned above.

It Works Scam

It Works Compensation Plan:

As my focus of this product is primarily on the earning opportunity side that this company offers so without discussing its compensation plan this review would never get completed.

Similar to all other network marketing companies, you get paid commissions when you recruit people in the business.

The compensation plan is not as easy as 2+2=4 and to fully understand it, please visit here.

To say in a few words, there are three types of people that are a central part of this plan including:

Retail Customers – Customers who make a one time, retail price purchase of this company products. When you earn a Retail customer sale, you earn the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price of the product.

Loyal Customers – Customers who sign at least three-month auto-ship agreement for their product orders. This is company focus of this company is to make sales to its loyal customers. The more customers you can make more you will earn.

Distributors – Distributors are your team members who have completed the Distributor enrollment process. This will earn you commission from their orders and even their downline orders to the extent of your qualification.

To start earning commission, you need to be qualified. To achieve this, you must make minimum 150 Personal Bonus Volume for the month or process at least 80 BV auto-shipment.

Similar to other MLMs there are various management levels. Basically, a higher level means more ways to make money.

Is It Works a Pyramid Scheme?

The concept of an It Works doesn’t seem too far from a pyramid scheme. After all, the company does greatly emphasize recruitment and members are supposed to develop a strong team and then make commissions through that team.

In fact, if you look at the basic of recruitment then it starts to resemble a lot like a pyramid scheme, even though the company doesn’t claim as such.

For example, in this compensation plan, the first level has one person (the distributor). The next level has two (2); then the next one has four (4). After that, there is another level of 4 – but the implication is that you could make this much higher if multiple distributors at the earlier level recruit.

In the current scenario, there are genuine products (few of them I have disclosed above), and this is the fundamental difference between an MLM company and a pyramid scheme.

Now, it’s true that there’s some debate about whether the products from It Works are satisfactory. But, there are enough people who are passionate about those products, especially related to the health industry.

At the same time, the company doesn’t guarantee high returns fast and mostly just states that you get ‘paid and compensated’ to some degree.

There is certainly a focus on recruiting with the company, but there is also just as much emphasis on the products. In fact, most of the website for It Works is about the products, not the opportunity or recruiting.

With all of this in mind, the company follows the MLM model, which is considered significantly different.

Final Words:

Overall, I have a mixed feeling about this product but I have seen a lot of complaints about the products, customer support, and legality of the business model over the internet. A single red flag would be enough to be more cautious. When you combine them all, I will not recommend this to use as an earning opportunity.

A single red flag would be enough to be more cautious. When you combine them all, I will not recommend this to use as an earning opportunity.

Moreover, it is an MLM opportunity where less than 1% people can earn a good income while rest of them just struggle. See my other popular reviews; Rodan and Fields Scam, World Ventures Review, and MCA Motor Club of America.

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