Is Zurvita a Scam and Pyramid Scheme? (No, but not worthy also!)

Welcome to my Zurvita review!

Zurvita claims that you can live a healthy life by drinking their nutritional drink while offering its MLM business model to change your life and get financial freedom.

Is it really that easy? Is Zurvita worth your time? And most importantly, is it a legit or a scam?

That’s all I will be covering in this Zurvita review. So let’s start;

Zurvita Zeal Review Summary

Product Name: Zurvita

Founder: Mark & Tracy Jarvis

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) 

Price: $39.95 (Welcome Kit) + Various Products Prices up to $699.95

Best For: People who are health cautious and love MLM business

Is Zurvita a Scam?

Summary: Zurvita is an MLM company that sells health-related products and offers its members an earning opportunity to sell its products and get a commission. They have a complex compensation plan and poor success rate. More than 90% of the members have earned nearly $50 per month.

Rating: 60/100

Verdict: No

What is Zurvita?

Zurvita was founded by Mark & Tracy Jarvis back in 2008. The Company was founded on the following three principles;

  • Build a company that honors and glorifies God
  • Develop a company with a humble dealership
  • Formulate an environment where people can win at every level.

However, they introduced their main product “Zeal for life” back in 2011. This was where the Company started to rise. In 2011 the Company generated a $3.6 million sales, $15 million for 2012 and in 2016 it was reached to $100 million.

Zeal blends many of the most nutritional ingredients available today into a single, delicious, real-food product you drink.

The Company manufacturing plant is located in the US, and various raw ingredients come from all over the world. The Company also includes certain essential vitamins to make this drink healthy. Some of the vitamins are;

  • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
  • Vitamin B3 (niacinamide)
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal five phosphates)
  • Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)

The Company offers two types of product lines, i.e., Zeal Classic and Vegan. The Zurvita product line is only available through an authorized Zurvita Independent Consultant (IC). It means if you want to buy their products you need to find an IC.

To expand its operation, the Company had adopted the method of Multi-Level Marketing, that’s what all other popular brands are using across the world. 

Though the business models have a lot of complaints Zuirvita has used this model to make a significant growth over the years.

Currently, the share price of the Company is traded at $0.18 which was used to be at $1.15 at the start. The downfall in the share price is due to the negativity about the Company in the market and many other factors.

Who are Mark & Tracy Jarvis?

Mark, having vast experience in network marketing companies, sets the Zurvita vision and leadership direction.

He has more than 25 years’ experience in direct sales marketing with companies including AmeriPlan, Reliv Nutritional Products, Amway and Primerica Financial Services.

Tracy plays a key role within the Zurvita Sales organization. She mostly inspires and encourages Independent Consultants so that they advance to their careers.

Before founding Zurvita with her husband Mark, she also worked as an Independent Representative and field leader at AmeriPlan. 

Mark & Tracy Jarvis

Mark & Tracy Jarvis

The Zurvita Products Line:

The Company’s product line is categorized into 3 categories;

1). Zeal for Life

Zeal for Life is their main product line and also their signature product.

It provides the body with the food-based nutritional components it needs in a more fundamental form.

It includes:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Micronutrients
  • Phytonutrients and more!

It is available in two formulas called Classic and Vegan formula.

Zeal Classic represents the original formula launched in 2011 and comes in three flavors: Lemon Lime, Wild Berry, and Kiwi Watermelon. It is not gluten-free, vegan or kosher.

Zeal Classic

Now let's talk about Vegan formula which has somewhat different ingredients to match current gluten-free, vegan and kosher certification criteria.

The Zeal Vegan formula used to be referred to as the harmonized formula that launched at the beginning of 2016. It is offered in 3 different flavors: Bold Grape, Wild Berry, and Tropic Dream.

2). Zurvita Protein

Zurvita Protein, like other Zurvita products, also known to be composed of most nutrient-rich and best quality ingredients.

Their protein product comes in two crowd-pleasing flavors, Vanilla Crème and Chocolate Delight.

The product claims to be sweet and nutritious, and you can add ro water or milk to a Protein Shake bottle for a snack or meal replacement anytime. You can also mix Zurvita Protein with other fruits and liquids to form your smoothie.

Zurvita Protein (ZP) is a source of dietary fiber, and it can leave you feeling satisfied which makes it simpler to say “yes” to healthier choices.

Zurvita Protein

3). Zeal Weight Management

Zurvita’s Weight Management Program combines nutritional products and healthy lifestyle training to give people a Zeal for Life truly.

Products in the Zurvita Weight Management program start with the science of Zeal and includes:

  • Zurvita Protein
  •  Zurvita Cleanse – an herbal probiotic, and
  • Zurvita Burn - a thermogenic fat burner.
Zurvita Transformation System

Zurvita Transformation System

These products are designed to;

  • Enhance a healthy lifestyle
  • Personal growth & development
  • Recognition & encouragement
  • Exercise for a healthy lifestyle
  • Weight management balanced nutrition

Peter Nielsen, (a very popular bodybuilder and personal trainer) is now a life coach for Zurvita to assist people with the weight management kit and change of habits. It will most probably improve Zurvita’s reputation.

4). Enrollment Fee and Welcome Kit

The enrollment fee covers your application processing and Zurvita Welcome Kit. Its cost is $39.95.

To become their Independent Consultant (IC), you need to be sponsored by an existing IC. If you want to become their independent consultant, this package is compulsory.

After that, you are allowed to participate in their compensation plan and market their products.

The Welcome Kit has everything to get started. The Consultant is now qualified to earn commissions as outlined in this document.

Also, upon acceptance, you will be given with a unique identification number (ID) which is called here Z-Number. It assigns the new IC a “Z-Center.”

The Z-Center is a powerful online administrative tool that accounts, reports, and communicates information about your business.

Enrollment and Welcome Kit

Enrollment and Welcome Kit

Zurvita Compensation Plan:

Like many other MLM companies, Zurvita compensation plan is also difficult to understand. The plan takes 25 pages to be laid down.

Here, I will try my best to unveil it as simple as possible.

Its plan has multiple income opportunities including:

  • Daily Retail Sales
  • Weekly Builders Bonuses
  • All-Star Bonus
  • Team Bonus
  • Rank Bonus
  • Residual Overrides

There are three distinct phases to the compensation plan.

Phase #1 – The All-Star Program (Your first 30 days)

The 30 days plan also called Instant Gratification phase. If you bring 3 preferred customers to the site, you will get the product free, and you don’t need to pay anything at all. This will also access you to the Zeal back office and mobile app.

Phase # 2 – Team Bonuses

If you enroll two more business partners, you will also be eligible for the team bonuses. As your team grows on both the left and right side, at a certain level (called as Team Bonus Volume) you will be rewarded commission which will be credited to your Zurvita account.

For Example, if you reach at 3000 Team Bonus Volume (1500 TBV from the left side and 1500 TBV from the right side), you will get a $400 team bonus.

If you achieve a team bonus within 30 days, the Company will give you $400 as a bonus.
When you achieve your first team bonus, this will also make you qualified for the Zurvita Car Program.

Phase # 3 – The Residual Income

Zurvita also provides members “the residual income” or what they called as “overrides.” They have different levels in the form of;

Level 1 = Business Consultant
Level 2 = Managing Consultant
Level 3 = Senior Consultant
Level 4 = Premier Consultant
Level 5 = Regional Consultant
Level 6 = Executive Consultant
Level 7 = National Director
Level 8 = Presidential Director

Most people join Zurvita as a managing consultant when they enroll themselves by buying a starter pack.

To reach those levels, you need a certain volume level. For example, you need 3000 volume level and 12000 volume level for to be promoting as a regional consultant.

This level will not only entitle you to earn rank bonuses but also residual commission as well. 

Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. A Member of Direct Selling Association

Direct Selling Association is an organization formed for companies that deal in direct selling. They have strict criteria to enroll an organization as a member.

Companies those apply to their membership have to wait for at least one year before approved by its Board of Directors. Their legal department reviews the company’s business plan and other documents including the Better Business Bureaus (BBB), to ensure every applicant for membership meets the standards of DSA’s Code of Ethics.

Not only this, DSA select 20% organization after every two years to check whether the companies comply with the DSA requirements or not.

So by becoming a member of DSA, it implies that Zurvita is a legit company and are subject to strict rules and regulations.

2. Focus on Selling Not Recruiting

How many MLM companies have come across to you and their primarily focus is on recruiting?

Honestly, 99% or even more than that...

Only 1% or even less than this focuses on selling their products. The reason is simple; their products are not of such a quality which can sell itself to people. The people only join them by thinking as an earning opportunity.

Zurvita, on the other hand, steps into that market which is evergreen and their product line are also well penetrated in the market.

This cannot be done without maintaining some sort of quality.

3. Health & Fitness is an Evergreen Niche

Health & Fitness niche is the biggest niche on the planet, and this is something which cannot be ended. You can find millions of customers in sub-niches also.

People are desperate for products in weight loss, fitness, health, eating, and exercise.

Even there are tons of products on the Clickbank platform, which are of average quality. Still, they are selling like crazy.

This is all due to the high demands from people, and they don’t hesitate to use their credit card for those products.

Want to Earn a Fulltime Income From Home?

MLM is not the model that you should pursure. Please see my method of earnings.

The Bad

1. Products Are Not FDA Approved

I have seen the majority of MLM companies don’t offer valuable products. Zurvitas on the other hand, though they have limited product lines, offers some good products as well.

However, they are not The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved.

The FDA is liable for guarding the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human by ensuring the safety of the nation's food supply, cosmetics, and products that release radiation.

So, it means we cannot trust Zurvita products blindly unless they get approval from FDA. I know we are using many products on daily basis that are not approved by the FDA, but we cannot judge their health impact on the people who take them on a regular basis.

2. Huge Decline in its Stock Price

Zurvita is a public listed company and being a finance consultant I can analyze the company based on its stock value.

When Zurvita started Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2009, the face value of its stock was $1, and there is a sudden spike which takes it to $1.5.

However, after that, the Company shares are trading less than its face value, and if we look at the current picture of the stock market, its shares are trading at $0.18.

Though there are many factors but one thing for sure, there is a negative perception in the market about the Company. The said perception generally comes from people failures who participate in MLM businesses.

3. Hard to Join

You must have to find an Independent Consultant who can sponsor you in the Zurvita. Otherwise, there is no option for you to be part of this platform.

Even I have worked on many MLM companies in the past and in the case where there is no sponsor, you were placed randomly in the system.

4. Limited Markets Availability

It’s bit surprising that Zurvita is only available in 7 countries, i.e., United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico.

The limited availability may be due to lack of poor distribution infrastructure or some other issues. Even there are huge markets in the form of Europeans and Asian countries.

5. Low Income Potential

If you look at their income disclosure statement, the Company had 18,261 active independent consultants in 2016. Out of 18,261; 78% of consultants earned a monthly commission of $51, and 12% of the members earned a monthly commission of only $11.

So my question is……

Are you willing to work for a Company where 90% members are earning $50 per month? Why not you put the same effort on some other leading platforms that can offer better reward than this?

6. Face to Face Selling is Difficult

I know you get my point. This is the reason that more than 99% of people fail in MLM marketing despite being putting so much effort into this business model.

This skill is very uncommon, that’s why marketing jobs are top paid jobs all around the world. 

Even Zurvita don’t provide you with training on how to set up a website and promote its products via the website. You only left with one choice, i.e., direct selling to people.

Personally, I don’t recommend such a method to everyone. However, you may opt for an affiliate marketing business where you don’t need any face to face selling.

7. Expensive Packs

This is also an issue with all MLM companies because their products are not worth their price. 

The reason is simple. They offer lucrative compensation plans to their members, and to cater to this; they have to increase the product prices. Same is the case with Zurvita, whose packs are also considered to be an expensive option.

Imagine striving to sell a monthly supply of this stuff for $699.95 to someone.
You will get rejected 99 out of 100 times, and that is a lot of time and money wasted.

8. No Training on How to Sell

It doesn’t seem to be a lot of training for new consultants, and it is not clear how they are supposed to sell the product.

Without training, it would become difficult for them to enroll other people. I know there are many ways you can use like, creating a blog, face to face selling, social media, YouTube and many other promotions. 

Is Zurvita a Scam and Pyramid Scheme?

Based on the information available and reading other members comments and most importantly being a member of DSA,

Zurvita is not a scam rather it is a legitimate MLM Company.

The Company offers some good products that are also in demand for people who are health conscious. Zurvita also allows them to take part in its business model and earn a commission for promoting its products to other people.

Despite legitimate, I don’t recommend you to start this as an income opportunity. You cannot expect much from an MLM platform; they get closed anytime.

There is also a new development related to another popular MLM company called as MOBE which is shut down by FTC recently. 

Don't forget to consider the negative reputation of the site which makes its stocks to reach at a price of $0.18.

Despite being not considering this as an issue, still, MLM is not for everyone. 

Final Verdict:

I recommend you to put your focus on your own online business rather than working for someone else behalf.

Affiliate marketing is one sort of such a business model that gives you control and ownership that MLM doesn’t.

Let’s suppose, if the Zurvita gets closed, all of your efforts will get vain, and you need to start again from scratch, while in affiliate marketing if a product gets closed, you can choose other to replace the older one.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, I recommend seeing Wealthy Affiliate

Just sign up as a free member and start your journey today. Don’t put so much effort on Zurvita and other similar MLM businesses.

I hope you will like my post "Is Zurvita a Scam and Pyramid Scheme?" and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.

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