Is Vasayo a Scam or Pyramid Scheme? My Honest Review (2021)

Welcome to my Vasayo review 2021!

Vasayo claims that if you use their supplements, not only it will make your health better but also gives you more energy, better sleep and superhuman. If you join their team and promote it with other people, you can also earn from their compensation plan.

No matter what the Vasayo claims, the best way to substantiate it claims to read the honest reviews on the internet.

This is where I must acknowledge you for taking your time to do your own research about Vasayo.

I'm not associated with Vasayo in any form. Instead, I'm here, to tell the truth about this company.

  • Is it really that easy for Vasayo to fulfill its promises? 
  • Is it worth your time?
  • Is Vasayo a scam?
  • Is vasayo a pyramid scheme?

That’s all I will be covering in this review.

So let’s start;

Vasayo Review 2021! [Summary ]

Product Name: Vasayo

Founder: Dallin and Karree Larsen

Product Type: MLM

Price: $329

Best For: People who love MLM business

Is Vasayo a Scam

Summary: Vasayo is an MLM company that was launched in 2015 by Dallin and Karree Larsen. Like most of other MLM companies, Vasayo also deals in health, & wellness niche. Moreover, the Company has also structured a business plan in which it offers eight ways to earn money.

The only way to earn from this site is to recruit, people, and that’s how their plan will reward you. Though the Company is new, still there are complaints about their products and health issues.

Rating: 40/100

Verdict: No

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What is Vasayo?

Dallin and Karree Larsen are the persons behind this idea. Dallin has proved himself in the direct sales industry many times over.

He was the focal person of another MLM company Monavie in the past which was later on taken over by Jeunesse in 2015.

In 2009, Dallin was recognized as the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year, as well as the CEO of the Year in the state of Utah.

Vasayo is a multi-level marketing company that deals in health, wellness and supplements niche. They produce a variety of health supplements that are famous for things like; weight loss, mental functioning, and good sleep.

Health & Wellness niche is the most targeted niche by MLM companies, and it is a saturated market. Few popular ones in this industry are;

Indeed, there are hundreds out there.

Vasayo is a new company and making a mark in this market is challenging.

Vasayo Product Line

Let’s look at one by one;

  • V-Tox – It provides vital nutrients to the elimination organs (colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin) for a total body detoxifying experience.
  • Eternal – Anti-aging blend used to restore a youthful look.
  • Microlife Core Complete – A multivitamin and mineral supplement, which is an essential digestive enzyme for a complete dietary powerhouse.
  • Microlife-Vslim – A weight loss formula claims multiple ingredients to reduce hunger, boost metabolism, slow cortisol production, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Microlife-V3 - A blend of healthful nutrients provides sustained, feel-good energy to exceed the day’s expectations.
  • Microlife-Neuro – A product that is specially designed for your brain to supports healthy brain function, including memory, clarity, focus, and overall cognition
  • Microlife-Renew – The product is designed for your joints to enhance flexibility, the range of motion, and mobility within the joints.
  • Microlife-Sleep - This blend includes ingredients such as GABA & melatonin to regulating sleep and wake cycles in healthy adults.

What Are People Saying about Their Products?

Though there aren’t many reviews available on the web those available I can say that they aren’t up to the mark. Even some are complaining about health issues after using them. 

So, you shouldn’t expect much from these products as they are totally designed for spreading MLM opportunity and purport to FTC that they have real products just to avoid to be called it a pyramid scheme.

How to Make Money from Vasayo?

Though Vasayo showed about 8 WAYS TO EARN in reality, there is only one way to get these, i.e., to recruit people and build a team. This is how every MLM company works.

The cost to join Vasayo is $329, $699 and $949, $1399. The simplest package is called “Foundation Package” but a hefty price of $329.

Once you build a team there are eight different rewards types you are entitled;

1. Customer Sales Bonus (CSB)  

You can earn just by sharing your favorite products with people you know! You will earn the difference between Customer price and brand partner price on every order that your personal sponsor make.

2. Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)  

When you share this business with others it will also earn 20% on your newly sponsored Brand Partner’s (BP) first commissionable order.

3. Team Commission (TC) 

As you build a more Vasayo team, you can earn generous Team Commissions every week when there is cycle achieved. This may range from $28 to $28000 per week. The cycle will achieve when you have 240 CV on one side and 480 CV on another side.

4. Team Commission Matching Bonus (TCM) 

You will also earn a percentage of your team earnings, i.e., 30% on your 1st generation, 10% on 2nd and 5% on 3rd and so on…

5. Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB) 

High-rank achievement is a significant accomplishment, and we reward it handsomely with our Rank Advancement Bonus. When you achieved the Black Diamond Status, you will be rewarded up to $100,000 bonus. However, this can reach up to $1000,000 bonus if you achieve and maintain a triple crown diamond.

6. Global Leadership Bonus (GLB) 

Once you’ve achieved the Paid-As rank of Gold or above, you can become eligible to receive the 3% of Global CV paid every week.

7. Lifestyle Trip (LT) 

Beyond the income, they also provide you bonuses of Vasayo Lifestyle trips with the chance to enjoy luxury accommodations, exciting adventures, and top-notch education.

8. Multiple Business Centers (MBC) 

This invaluable opportunity opens the way for you to build additional organizations, which means your ability to continue earning.

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Pros & Cons:

The Bad

1. Recruit, Recruit, and Recruit

In order to be part of this system, there is a $1 cost for 7 days and after that $49 per month. I have seen many good training platforms that offer this as a free for limited access. So this option is not available here.

I know $1 today has no value but even after paying $1 you get access for 7 days period and as I have mentioned above you get access to one video daily, so for 7 days you will be only able to see first 7 videos of $10k challenge.

Some people even forget to cancel membership after paying $1, and they are then charged monthly membership fee. If they decided to get a refund, then they have to follow the Clickbank’s lengthy procedure.

2. Owner Bad Reputation

Dallin is the owner of this company, and he was also the owner of MonaVie. This is a defunct, American MLM company that manufactured and distributed products made from blended fruits. The company was associated with several controversies.

  1. The claims about Health for its products had not been scientifically affirmed or approved by regulatory authorities
  2. Misleading advertising and health claims
  3. Its business plan resembled a pyramid scheme
  4. In 2014, the company defaulted on a US$182 million loan
  5. Several lawsuits and dispute with Amway

3. Expensive Products but Poor in Quality

I have worked on many popular MLM companies, and it was difficult for me to convince people to join those sites. This is the case with Vasayo as well.

Simply, on one side the products are expensive as compared to its competitors’ prices and on another side, they don’t offer value.

This problem doesn't lie only with Vasayo but if you look at other popular multi-level marketing companies like Monat Global, doTerra, Nerium and Zurvita they all are facing this issue as well.

Dues to the high priced items, such companies offer lucrative compensation plan to their members.

People don’t join them due to their products, rather their sole purpose of joining those sites is to make money by recruiting other people.

4. Limited Earning Potential

Despite the time and effort, you put in Vasayo, at the end you only have few bucks in your hand.

That’s true....

You can get a paycheck of $40-$80 per month. Even for that $40-$80, you need to spend a few hours daily. That’s a lot of work.

These are not my claims and if you think otherwise then just give me one example from sites like Le-vel Thrive, Arbonne, It Works, and Empower Network, to name a few, that has a success rate greater than this

If you think Vasayo can replace your 9 to 5 jobs and earn you a handsome income each month, believe me, that’s not going to be happening.

Is Vasayo a Scam?

Vasayo is not a scam because it is still a legitimate company that provides its customers with real products. Like most MLM companies, they have their own upsides and downsides.

Though the company is pretty new and there isn’t much information available on the web still the Company looks legitimate to me.

Despite legitimate, I don’t recommend you to start this as an income opportunity. You cannot expect much from an MLM platform; they get closed anytime.

Can Vasayo become your cash cow and provide you with the lifestyle that it promises? I wouldn't think so, but that's just my opinion.

There are far better options out there when it comes to making money online.

Is Vasayo a Pyramid Scheme?

Before looking at whether Vasayo is a Pyramid Scheme or not, let’s first understand what is a pyramid scheme.

1.    The pyramid scheme doesn’t offer real products to sell. However, they may purport to sell a product, but they often simply use the product to hide their pyramid structure.

2.    If the money you earn is dependent on the number of people you hire and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme.

If we look at Vasayo, they do have a real product line, but its effects on the health of the people is still a big question. Let’s wait for the people how they respond to their products.

Also, it has been working since 2015, and unless there is an official notice from the Federal Trade Commission, we have no right to say that this company is a scam or pyramid scheme. 

Final Verdict:

Though Vasayo is a legit MLM company what I want from you is to create your own online business rather than working for others. Including Vasayo, MLM sites sell expensive products, and it is difficult to sell them to other people.

That’s where I recommend my preferred business model called, Affiliate marketing, which is the only method I recommend to make a business online.

Let’s look at the reasons why I prefer affiliate marketing over MLM;

  • Unlike Vasayo, you don't have to recruit anyone to make money
  • It gives you control and ownership that Vasayo doesn’t
  • You aren't required face to face marketing
  • You have the license to promote anything you want. You can work on Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, Max Bounty, to name a few. Indeed there are hundreds of such marketplaces, and you can promote their products.
  • It's Free to get started

Don’t put so much effort on Vasayo and other similar MLM businesses as if the Vasayo gets closed, all of your income will be ended. You need to start again from scratch, while in affiliate marketing if a Company gets shut, you can change your affiliate link and start earning again.

Many platforms guide to affiliate marketing, but the one where I also have learned all my skills are known as Wealthy Affiliate.

What's your thoughts on my Vasayo review 2021 and what is your opinion on;

  • Is Vasayo a Scam? or
  • Is Vasayo a Pyramid Scheme?

Please share it in the comment section.

Is Vasayo a Scam or Pyramid Scheme? My Honest Review (2021)

In this Vasayo review, we have evaluated their health supplements along with their compensation plan to find out whether it is a scam or a pyramid scheme?

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