Is Total Funnel System a Scam? – My Honest Review

Product Name: Total Funnel System« Is Project Payday a Scam or Real? My Honest Review Is Total Funnel System a Scam? – My Honest Review
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Price: No upfront cost
Owner: Jon Mroz
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100 points


Total Funnel System launched by Jon Mroz back in   .Jon Mroz is a very successful internet marketer and has a very good reputation online. The core idea of this program is to provide you with a system, in this case it is known as sales funnel system, which sell products for you on auto-pilot.

It basically acts as a sales team for your online business. Your task is to bring person to the sales funnel, after that they will be handled by Total Funnel System and providing them with all the value they need to make an informed decision in purchasing the products that are right for them.

It simply acts as a medium to get you connected with what they have found to be the most profitable income streams online. They are the sales staff to your income streams. By using this system you will be connected to more than 500 companies that are willing to pay you referral fee for introducing their company to others.

Let’s say one of the famous company Netflix (a highly popular video streaming service) offers their subscribers to 1 – month free trial service that enables the user to try their services without any upfront payment.

For Netflix they know that if they get enough people to try out their service for free, surely some of these trial will convert into paid subscriptions when their free trail is up. So our job is to get more people to try out Netflix services for free. Netflix get the number they need and you get the commission for delivering them the numbers.

How to Earn Money from Total Funnel System:

There are two methods you can use to earn money.

1). Free Method: In order to start receiving commission by referring others to these 500 companies, you will need to get qualified. How to get qualified?

Click on My Cash Freebies and enter your email address in second step and you need to complete your profile and submit your information. After completing the whole process log in to My Cash Freebies account and click on offer tab and try multiple free offers and your goal is to achieve 1 full credit. Submit those offers and wait for the approval. These are trial offers and after certain period of time they will charged you so please ensure that you cancel this before they charged you.


2). Paid Methods: Now let’s some of the paid methods that this system talks about.

a). Empower Network: I have provided a detailed Empower Network here. You can easily see that what type of this product is. In short you have to pay $25 for signup and it will not access you the whole material and you have to spend thousands of dollars in order to access to full resources. /even they don’t have very decent product and still total funnel system have embedded EN into their system. This is because the owner of this system is working since lot of time in EN and has a large team and are earning good amount of money and he want to further strengthen its down line.

b). My Lead System Pro: I have provided a detailed My Lead System Pro here. If you like MLM marketing then this is place for you. Moreover, it has very high cost to join and also it become difficult for you to get leads. I am not a fan of MLM industry because of high cost and huge unsuccessful rate. Only the person at top levels are just earning good amount of money.

c). Pure Leverage: It provides many marketing tools with reasonable cost like auto-responders, lead capture pages, video email service and conference room. First you need to join this platform and if your leads join this then you will earn extra commission. There are different packages you can choose from. Basic package starting from $1 for 7 days and thereafter it will cost you $ 24.95 per month.


d). Aweber: If you only want to integrate auto responder then you can also use Awber. It also has different packages based on the number of subscribers.


Pros vs. Cons:


  • Free to join for everyone.
  • Some good training on how to use auto responder, how to get referrals using Facebook marketing and YouTube marketing, SEO and keyword research etc.
  • You can earn some money by following their tips and tricks.


  • The system put more emphasis that it is totally free, while you see by reading above that this is not the case.
  • The system promotes such programs (Empower Network) that are not good enough and you there is a great chance that you end up losing money.
  • It is not easy to get referrals and you have to work very hard.
  • You get trial offers free for certain period of time but after that period you have to cancel that otherwise they will deduct from your account.

Is Total Funnel System a Scam? My Conclusion:

In short total funnel system is not a scam but it is good product for earning some free money but I don’t recommend to join its paid method because there are more than 90% chance you will end up losing. It will cost you much but the only benefits will take your up liner.

Using free system you also need to be cautious that cancel the trial before they charge your credit card. Get as many referrals as possible and ask then to do the same procedure that you have done.

What Next?

If you want to make money online then see my #1 recommendation. It is the best in online world and its name is Wealthy Affiliate. You can easily join as a free member and see that what type of training’s they are offerings. It is step-by-step training and you don’t need any previous experience. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines that they will teach you.