Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam? – [Honest Review 2021]

Welcome to my The Six Figure Mentors review 2021!

Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam and does it offer value to the people? These are the questions that most of the people are interested to know before joining SFM. Don't worry, we are here to give you all these replies honestly.

But before starting out this review, let's first look at the overview;

Product Name: The Six Figure Mentors
Website Address:
Price: Free + Premium + Upsells
Owners: Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek
Overall Rank: 52 out of 100 points

Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam

  What is The Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentors was launched by Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek back in 2010. With the passage of time they have made improvements to the system to keep current with the industry trend. 

It is basically a step by step training for creating an online business so that you can earn regular income from your business.

The main training of this system is to do affiliate marketing in which you sell other company’s products to global market online. 

There are over 2 billion people using internet and this number is increasing day by day and more and more people are getting involved in online purchasing.

If you want to know my favorite platforms that can earn you a full-time income from home then see these below;

Our Top Picks




#1. Wealthy Affiliate

#2. Commission Hero

#3. Proven Amazon Course

  Membership Types:

1). Free Membership:

You are allowed to join as a free member and in that membership you can access 7-day online make money training video series. 

2). Introductory Membership:

This package will cost you $29.95 one time and an additional fee of $25 per month. 

Within this Six Figure Mentor package you get access to;

  • SFM introductory modules
  • Exclusive SFM Seminar Footage 
  • DEA Digital Skills Platform (micro learning videos on multiple topic which can easily retained by everyone).

You are now an introductory DBL member and other than that, you are assigned a “consultant” who will answer all the questions you may have. 

Here you are reminded regularly that in order to fully benefit the system you need to upgrade to other levels.

3). Basic Membership:

Basic package is more advanced than introductory and with this package you are allowed to Access; 

  • SFM Basic Curriculum
  • Digital  Business Lounge (it helps you to create websites quickly with all the internet marketing tools to run your business)  
  • Access to All SFM Modules 
  • Weekly Live Marketing Training, and
  • Digital Entrepreneur Blueprint.

To buy this package, you are required to pay a one-time $297 application fee and a monthly $97 payment.

At this point, you will still be unable to become a Six Figure Mentors Affiliate and your consultant remind you regularly about that.

4). Elite Membership:

It is most advanced membership package and you can access to system fully and you be considered an SFM affiliate.

In this package benefits you will get are Access to SFM Elite Curriculum, access to all SFM Modules, Exclusive Elite Mastermind Webinars. More than that you will get live coaching from Stuart and Jay.

You also qualify for the High Affiliate Commissions i.e., 50% commission for every lead you created and the SFM sale team converted into a sale.

To become an Elite Six Figure Mentor Member, you must pay a very hefty $2,297 fee, in addition to $97 per month.

SFM Elite Membership

  Training & Tools:


If we look at the member’s area there you find DEA Digital Skills Platform library. 

In this library you can find numerous training modules on prominent digital products like;

  • Basics of blogging
  • Online marketing basics
  • search engine optimization (SEO
  • Google analytics 
  • social media advertising (Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads 
  • how to use PayPal? 
  • Amazon insights etc.

This library is updated regularly and each product has series of micro learning videos and at the end of lesson you are asked to complete the quiz.

In member’s area if you go to training tab there you will find training courses like;

  • WordPress
  • Tracking 
  • Conversions 
  • Mistakes in internet marketing 
  • Video marketing basics 
  • From zero to 6 figure workshop
  • Using G plus to drive traffic 
  • Marketing training which include Facebook advertising, banner advertising 
  • How to use forums and media?


  • Your Marketing System: Built in WordPress system and here you can create websites in just few seconds.
  • Viral Reports: Different types of reports generated by the system and you can easily download this.
  • Ecover Creator: If you want to create fancy looking eBooks then this will help you.
  • Graphic Creator: Using this you can create headlines, different types of graphic, buttons etc.
  • Marketing Materials

  Pros vs. Cons:


i). Reasonable Upfront Cost

You can check this program for $30 and if you love this, you can purchase high ticket offers. 

This is great to see how much they offer in $30. Definitely, if you observe good value for the money, there is a chance to go for the high ticket upsells.

ii). Good Training

Good training on affiliate marketing and other tools that make easy for everyone to start an online business. 

The training is also from the top level marketers where they will show you different digital marketing concepts, tools usage and how to get results quickly.

iii). Support is Good

Very good support you will receive from the system. This is essential for the newbies as they are more prone to stuck and get loss into the overwhelming information. 


i). High Cost

Cost of the system is very very high. Let’s look at the elite package it will cost you $2500 yearly and $97 per month with no earning guarantee.

This shows the intent of the system to solely make enough money. 

My question is why pay such a high cost while there are other systems that are better than this with very less cost.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it costs me $47 per month with excellent training and tools.

ii). Forced Upgrade

After becoming introductory or basic members you are forced to upgrade to elite in order to access the full system.

If we look at both introductory and basic package the training you receive there is also not up to the mark. Real training you will get when you are in elite level but that is too expensive.

iii). Pay to Become an Affiliate

You have to pay if you want to become an affiliate. In real world this is very surprising because you are promoting their products and it benefits to the company but charging here is really very surprising.

iv). Over Promoting of The Six Figure Mentor

Too much emphasis on promoting The Six Figure Mentors.

First you join with such a high cost and now your task is to promote that product to other people. It is very difficult to get affiliate for such pricy product.

v). Upsells

Digital Experts Academy packages include Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black with Black cost you $20,000. 

vi). Negative Reviews

There are lot of complaints you can find about the system on the internet which is very obvious that most of the members are not happy with the system.

  Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam? I know this is the question that most of the people are interested about.

To be honest The Six Figure Mentors is not a scam and it is completely a legit product.

With the passage of time they have made certain improvements in the system. Trainings, tools and support you can find there are good and helps you to earn online income.

My issue with this system is its excessive cost and if its owners change its price to make it something comparable with the industry then it is worth investment but still I don’t recommend this system due to the above said fact.

The reason I also not recommend this because there are other programs that are even better than this and have a very affordable price. So why we spend money here which is not easy to earn.

  What's Next?

If you are looking for genuine system with very affordable system then see my #1 recommendation. I am not claiming that you can earn 6 figures here within months but I can easily claim that it is the best in the industry.

Give it a try for free and if you love this then become a premium member. With this system you only need hard work and dedication. 

You don’t need to worry about your previous skills and knowledge about internet marketing. All you need is to follow training and implement it.

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