Is Team National a Scam or Pyramid Scheme? My Honest Review (2021)

Welcome to my Team National review 2021!

Team National (TN) claims that it offers various discount deals for its members. Along with this, members can use this platform as a business opportunity to make money online.

No matter what the Team National claims, the best way to confirm it's claim is either to join this site or to read honest reviews on the web.

I'm not associated with Team National in any form rather my sole purpose is to share my honest opinion with you.

Is it really that easy for Team National to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is Team National a scam, pyramid scheme or a legit MLM company?

That’s all I will be covering in this review.

So let’s start;

Team National Review 2021 Summary!

Product Name: Big N Team National

Founder: Richard "Dick" Loehr 

Product Type: Discounts/Rebates Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company

Price: $795 for two years or $2915 for a lifetime

Best For: People who love MLM business and those who are looking for discount deals

Is Team National a Scam

Summary: Team National is a leading company in the discounts and rebates industry, and it finds best deals from some of the prominent brands in the world.  Though this might be appealing to avail their deals but you need to pay a hefty amount of $795 for two years or $2915 for a lifetime. 

This makes this opportunity unattractive for most of the people. Even you can find best deals on the web using your due-diligence.

Rating: 55/100

Verdict: No

What is Team National?

Team National (TN) is an MLM Company that was launched in 1997. The mind behind this company was Richard “Dick” Loehr. Richard had a vast experience in the auto industry, but he died in 2008 due to cancer.

After his death, Angela Loehr Chrysler, who is the daughter of Richard, has been the CEO and president of the Company.

She has a vast experience in sales and marketing and in 2013; she was named as the most influential women in direct selling.

The Company offers various discounts to its members on different products and services. It is also known as leading company in discounts industry.

Team National provides its members discount and rebate deals.

You are thinking about how a company can provide discounts to its members or cheap deals on products and services.

The reason is simple; Team National is leveraging the power of group buying. Merchants give discounts to TN primarily because they are bringing them extra business that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

The more people that buy through TN, the greater the discounts become since TN will have greater bargaining power.

Recently, the Company has also hit the $1 billion sales mark. Other companies in the network marketing list that have achieved this mark are;

Is Team National a pyramid scheme

Team National Product Line

As stated above, their sole purpose is to save money for their members. They provide you discounted rates for things you use on a daily basis.

Unlike popular MLM companies which provide tangible products, here its products are a bit confusing for newbies.

The Company offers discounts in many areas;

  • Insurance
  • Travel
  • Vehicles
  • Business savings
  • Financial services
  • Products like furniture and jewelry
  • Household items

Now let’s look at the product categories;

1. Factory Direct

Mostly includes savings on physical items, up to 65%. It offers over 20,000 products in 7 different industries. For example;

  • Office furniture
  • Outdoor livings
  • Shaw floors and rugs
  • Home furnishings
  • K-12 school furniture
2. Group Buying Power

Having connections with many companies, TN secures exclusive discounts from wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. 

Members enjoy savings on vehicles, financial services, communication services, health care plans, travel, insurance and many more.

3. Business Exchange

The focus of business exchange discounts is for small local businesses. 

Examples that TN provides are in areas such as construction, real estate, home maintenance, insurance, personal care, automotive, travel and more.

4. E-Commerce

They have formulated their own private label consumables like kids, nutritional, and automotive care products.

It’s difficult to validate their claims unless you are a member. However, TN is claiming about up to 50% pricing discount as compared to standard industry pricing.

Do The Products Work?

The company provides discount to its members. But once you read people reviews on the internet, I feel pretty disappointed.

Because there are massive complaints from the people about not getting any discounts at all. Even some are complaining about their deals, and they are of the view that they can get such deals on their own so why pay for such high membership fees.

Nevertheless, there are people praising about getting good discounts on the products.

When I dig deeper, I found the people who are praising TN had used discounts in home furniture and household items. So, if you are looking for getting discounts on other areas, this may not be for you, but that’s just my opinion.

How to Make Money with Team National?

If you want to become a Team National Distributor, it is free to join. However, their memberships aren’t free. There are two options.

1. Standard Membership - $795

With this membership, you get two years of savings, and it also covers your household (parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren).

2. Premium Membership - $2,195

This is a lifetime membership that covers your household (parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren), and if you own a business, it can be shared with up to 5 employees.

The memberships come with the hefty prices, and I don’t think so people can convince others to join their downline after paying such a big sum.

The Team National Compensation Plan

Distributors of Team National are referred to as Independent Marketing Directors or IMD’s.

The site compensation plan revolves around selling memberships to other people. Let’s look around different rewards;

i. Commission and Bonus Qualification

As an affiliate, you should bring two more people every year to be eligible to qualify for commission and bonuses.

Please note that membership renewal will be not counted as a new sale. The good thing is, cancellation of membership doesn’t affect this quota.

ii. Direct Discount Membership Commissions

If you sale either their Premium or Standard discount membership, TN pays the following commission:

  • Premium Membership (cash) = $100
  • Premium Membership (credit card) = $50
  • Standard Membership (cash) = $50
  • Standard Membership (credit card) = $25

If a member selects to pay its membership fees on finance (provided by TN), the company pays out either a $25 or $50 commission.

The commissions start on the third sale, and these are not paid out until an affiliate has sold two membership packages.

iii. Residual Discount Membership Commissions

You can earn residual commission via a binary compensation plan. In binary, your affiliates are placed under you in two legs. The below picture will best describe this structure.

BIGN binary plan

When a discount membership package is sold, a point is rewarded each time.

Points can be made on the personal sales of an affiliate or those of their downlines. Note that points do not carry forward and are flushed out at the end of each weekly pay cycle.

  • On a weekly basis, these points are tallied, and when an affiliate has five matching points on his/her right and left sides, he/she is paid $500.
  • If 10 points are matched on the left and right leg the affiliate earns $1500.

They have also introduced “hosting bonus” of $1000 which is rewarded if 10 points are matched.

But there is an extra condition for this, i.e., an affiliate must have two of their downlines qualified for commissions (simply, two new membership sales every 12 months).

iv. Presidential Bonuses

If a distributor has achieved and maintained hosting qualification, he/she also qualifies as a Presidential bonus.

After attaining this rank, the distributor can earn more points per membership sales with five levels of Presidential membership ranks.

  1. Presidential Director (generate three 10:10 matching bonuses in your binary) – generate an additional point per membership sold
  2. Bronze Presidential Director (have 2 recruits having Presidential rank) – generate 2 additional points per membership sold
  3. Silver Presidential Director (have 4 recruits having Presidential rank) – generate 3 additional points per membership sold
  4. Gold Presidential Director (have 6 recruits having Presidential rank) – generate 4 additional points per membership sold
  5. Platinum Presidential Director (have 10 recruits having Presidential rank) – generate 5 additional points per membership sold

Please note that only persons recruited by you count towards the above qualification criteria.

Presidential Directors and above-ranked affiliates also receive an additional bonus on the sale of discount membership made by themselves or their downlines:

  • Presidential Director – $10 Standard Membership discount and $20 Platinum Membership discount.
  • Bronze Presidential – $20 Standard Membership discount and $40 on Platinum Membership discount.
  • Silver Presidential – $30 Standard Membership discount and $50 on Platinum Membership discount.
  • Gold Presidential – $40 Standard Membership discount and $80 on Platinum Membership discount.
  • Platinum Presidential – $50 Standard Membership discount and $100 on Platinum Membership discount.

The override commission (sales made by an affiliate’s downline) is $5 on Standard Membership and $10 on Platinum Membership.

v. Product Bonus Points Commissions

Just like the discount membership binary points system, there is seemingly a product bonus point commission paid out as well.

This was extremely poorly presented in the compensation plan material, but I believe equates to a $150 commission paid out on the matching of 10 product points in affiliates left and right binary teams.

A $100 hosting bonus is also paid out, either to the affiliate if they are hosting qualified or to the first hosting qualified affiliates in their upline.

For qualifying for bonus point commissions, an affiliate must personally purchase $50 worth of products from TN.

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Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. You Can Save Money

That’s true! If you read people reviews, there are good numbers claiming about getting huge discounts through TN. 

Though they have a high membership fee, if you find high price discounts on intending purchase items it will cover your cost very easily and may enjoy you some savings as well.

They have links with many brands and TN give them customers in bulk, and as a result, the companies give its customers discounts.

Even TN can save up to 30% to 50% discounts on high price items.

2. Trusted Company

The company doesn’t deal with any tangible products, and very few people can understand its business. Nevertheless, the Company is legit and has been operating since 1997.

How many companies you have seen operating for more than 20 years and don’t get it shut by regulatory authorities? Very few!

The trust may also be developing from different memberships like;

Those memberships depict that its business complies with some of the leading bodies across the globe.

The Bad

1. High Membership Fee

When it comes to MLM businesses, they always have a high cost. That’s for sure.

But TN moves one step forward and sets a price of $795 for a standard membership which will renew after two years and if you opt for a lifetime membership you have to pay a hefty sum of $2,195.

How many people can afford to pay such amount? Very rare!

Even for earning money they also have to bring the people who need to pay such amount as well.

I know my times when I try to recruit people for only $50 product. It was a nightmare for me.

Please remember that you also need to incur the following cost as well;

  • Membership fee: $25
  • Independent Marketing Directors: $55 starter kit.
  • Success Club: $35.95/month
  • $10/ month.
  • Information on Demand (IoD) services for Genealogy or checking your downline: $99 a year or $9 a month
  • Personal Big N Marketplace website - $75 per year or $7 per month for members; $495 for non-members

2. Lack of Information

The website offers very little information regarding their products, membership, sales training, etc. 

Even after reading what seemed like a hundred or more comments and testimonials, specific details are hard to come by.

In today’s marketing world, every person wants to know the information by sitting at home. But they have restricted this info to the IMD’s only.

So, they aim to trap as many people as possible and then give them information. After that, if they don’t like, it would be harder for them to get a refund. But that is just my opinion.

3. Not BBB Accredited Business

That is surprising for me. Though they have set up the profile with the BBB and had a rating of A+, it is not accredited by BBB.

Also when you analyze their profile, you will see 29 complaints registered over the past three years. Though they are closed but still good enough to see what people are complaining.

4. You Can Get Those Discounts Anyway

If you do your due-diligence on this program, you will find that most of the "rebates/ discounts" are less or equal to what you can get for FREE from the brands (i.e., Target, Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max).

Also be wary of the travel discounts/rebates, read the fine print where you have to pay your entire hotel stay up front.

You can get better pricing and 'pay later' options just by being part of the hotel brand's rewards program FOR FREE!

Save your membership fee of $795 or $2195 and just be a smart shopper.

5. Limited Earning Potential

Despite the time and effort, you put in Team National, at the end you only have few bucks in your hand.

That’s true....

Though Team National is one of the trusted and legitimate MLM sites in the discounts industry, still this issue is with it.

If you look at their income disclosure statement of 2016, the results will really amaze you.

In 2016, 45,299 (93.5%) of the distributors made less than $500 for the ENTIRE YEAR! Even the majority didn’t earn $1 for the entire year.

But what about the rest of the distributors, i.e., 6.5%? Let’s look at,  the numbers;

  • 1.6% had earned $1,576 in year 2016
  • 3.6% had earned $2827
  • 0.7% had earned $10,953
  • 0.3% had earned $19,170
  • 0.2% had earned 37,947
  • 0.2% had earned $75,381
  • 0.1% had earned $272, 240

I would say that the levels that barely matched the minimum wage earnings would be Silver level to Double Platinum.

But how many people are enjoying 4 levels? They are less than 1% people. If you don’t trust me, just look at the picture below.

Is Team National a Scam?

Team National is not a scam because it is the most trusted and legitimate company out there in the MLM industry that deals in “discount” niche.

Like most MLM companies, they have their upsides and downsides.

The Company offers some good discount deals if you look at in the member’s area.

Team National also allows its members to take part in its business model and earn a commission for promoting its products to other people.

Though discussing all those legit aspects, I don’t recommend you to start this as an income opportunity.

However, if you are in a business that deals in selling and purchasing goods, you can find some good deals there at a cheap price. And further sell those items for a good profit.

However, if you aren't a business, do your due-diligence to see how you outweigh their high membership fee.

Can Team National become your cash cow and provide you with the lifestyle that you think? I wouldn't think so, but that's just my opinion.

There are much better and cheaper options out there when it comes to making money online.

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Is Team National a Pyramid Scheme?

Some network marketing companies operate as pyramid schemes, and shoppers often confuse legitimate MLM companies with pyramid schemes.

Before looking at whether Team National is a Pyramid Scheme or not, let’s first understand what a pyramid scheme is.

  1. Pyramid schemes don’t offer a real product to sell, and sometimes they purport to sell a product to hide their pyramid arrangement.
  2. Their sole purpose is on recruiting, and if the money you make isn’t based on your sales to the public, it is a pyramid scheme.

So, when you look at the Team National, they have a real product, i.e., discounts/rebates.

The product must not be tangible. Certain companies offer digital products while other focus on services as well.

Also, if the company is a scam, pyramid, or Ponzi scheme, it shouldn't be allowed to work even after 20 years. FTC, which is a regulatory authority, had already shut it down.

Final Verdict:

Though Team National is a legit MLM company, I recommend you to put your focus and energy on your own business rather than working for others.

If you are a big company, you can go for pricey monthly membership options, but for individuals, I recommend you to use your due-diligence to find discounts for free.

However, if you don’t have time and have money to step in, you may join and get a few deals to outweigh your upfront cost. 

From my experience, it would be difficult for you to sell these products to others and make money.

That’s where I recommend my favorite business model called, Affiliate marketing, which is the only method I recommend to make money online.

Let’s look at the reasons why I prefer affiliate marketing over MLM;

  • Unlike Team National, you don't have to recruit anyone to make money
  • It gives you control and ownership that Team National doesn’t
  • No involvement in face to face marketing
  • You have the choice to market any product you want and not being limited only to promote the products of one company
  • It's Free to get started

Don’t put so much effort on Team National and other similar MLM businesses as if they get closed by FTC, all of your energy and efforts get wasted.

There is only one way which I recommend you to make money, i.e., via affiliate marketing and you don’t need to be that much cautious in doing this.

So, if you are serious in making money online and looking for a way to avoid all those MLMs and scams, I recommend you to see my #1 recommendation, i.e., Wealthy Affiliate.

What's your thoughts on my BigN Team National review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.

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