Is Project Payday a Scam or Real? My Honest Review

Is Project Payday a Scam or Real? My Honest Review

Program: Project Payday
Price: Free
Owners: Monika St. John
Rating: 50 out of 100


Project Payday was launched by Monika St. John back in 2006 and its headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. Project Payday is an opportunity that guides you how to earn money from CPA offers. CPA stands for cost per action which means you earn money when somebody takes desired action. Action can be anything like provide Email address, generate lead, signup or other things.

Take the case of my blog, let’s suppose it is offering CPA opportunity and I will pay to PPD to send people to my blog and provide email address. For every people that provide email address I will pay to PPD.

The action here is provide email address, but it can be anything that lead to sale. The action is dependent on the advertiser request because he has to pay for this and in our case it is an email address.

How Project Payday (PPD) are earning money?

There are companies that pay Project Payday for getting people to do their trial offers. We also want to earn money and join that system like PPD but to become an affiliate with Project Payday, you need to complete one of the offer which is most likely going to cost you money.

PPD is just the middle man because we and advertisers are promoting the offers. They are only providing a platform to find new offers that you and we can promote.

The more people that join, the more likely people are going to participate in completing offers. As a result more money will be earned by PPD from sponsoring companies.

How to Earn Money Using Project Payday?

There are four methods that you can use to earn money using this system.

Method 1: Complete offers for others and getting paid

This is the fastest and coolest method to make money with IFWs (Incentivized Freebie Websites). Though this method will earn you small amount of money.

Method 2: Get paid cash directly from the IFWs (Incentivized Freebie Websites)

Using previous method you can earn petty amounts of money, but if you want to earn more and big then this method will teach you how to earn between $100 to $1000 range.

Method 3: Get free products to keep or sell on eBay

In this method instead of a cash, you will be receiving a free product. You can either keep this or can sell it for cash on eBay.

Method 4: Refer people to project payday

The last method you can use to earn money is referring other people to this program. Generally you can earn in the range of $1.50-$6 per referral. Your earnings also be contingent on the volume and quality of your traffic.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • You can easily earn some money by simply competing “trial offers” from different companies.
  • Some of the companies are well known and there is no risk of your billing information.
  • There are different options you can use to solicit people into completing your offers.
  • I also checked The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website and found that Project Payday has “A” grade. The site is also BBB accredited since 11-September-2010. It is very difficult for company to obtain “A” rating from BBB. This is a great achievement from the PPD. BBB also shows that there are 47 complaints registered, all of which have been resolved.


  • Program is claiming that it is 100% free to join, in reality its not. Either you have to pay $35 or following there alternative route like sign up for one offer, which is not really free. They will demand your personal information, including credit card. The offers require you to buy something in order to continue otherwise you are not allowed.
  • Very rare to find free offers in order to earn money you have to buy stuff.
  • While completing offers you are required to provide your personal and credit card information. It can be a minimum threat with large trusted companies but it is very risky with other companies. You don’t know what they will do with your information. So, it is always advisable to stay away from this type of offers.
  • When you open site it is directed to “Traffic Brokers”. It is very hard for newcomers to understand what is going on here. In fact one has to complete offer to access the product as I mentioned earlier.
  • If you want to earn some decent amount of money then, you must get a large number of leads (hundreds of leads), which makes the entire method impossible for newcomers. There is a difference between reaching people and signup. If you reach 100 people then hardly 1% to 3% is going to sign up. So for every 100 people you can send to an offer, you can reasonably expect to generate 1 to 3 sign ups, which might equate to $1.5 or $4.50 for you.

How Much Does it Cost to You?

In order to join the system there are two ways you can use. One way is you have to pay $35 fee for gaining a life membership or complete offers which is also not free and you have to spend money.

Is Project Payday a Scam or Real? My Conclusion:

To be honest Project Payday is not a scam and it is real because people are earning money from it. Project Payday is an average site where you can made some money by spending your money and lot of time. You cannot earn thousands of dollars as false claims spread around but if you work hard and generate hundreds of leads then you can earn some decent money. This is impossible for the newcomers.

Personally I am not a fan of this type of earning methods. Other than this due to unethical practices and providing of your confidential information to other people, I will not recommend this system to anyone or if anyone want to join then do care with above mentioned things in order to safe.

If you wanted to generate full time income then this program is not for you.  You can see my #1 recommendation here for full time income.

My #1 Recommendation vs Project Payday: